• Start Date: 8-Nov-2020
  • End Date: 9-May-2021
  • Total Episodes: 27
  • Episode Duration: 40 minutes
  • Production Company: MD Productions, Promax Media
  • TV Channel: HUM TV
  • Tags: , , , ,

    Cast & Crew

    Rabab Hashim

    Fareeha (Maya's cousin)

    Waseem Abbas

    Siraj (Maya's father)

    Seemi Pasha

    Nadira (Maya's mother)

    Mikaal Zulfiqar

    Junaid (Ammar's brother)

    Sangeeta Rizvi

    Ammar's grandmother




    Shahzad Baloch

    Director of Photography


    Episode 1

    Air Date: 08-Nov-2020

    Maya proud of her beauty wants to get married to some rich and handsome. Fareeha, Siraj’s niece, being an orphan lives with them. She shares a great bond with her uncle Siraj which is hated by Nadira. Maya meets her college love Salman whereas Ammar, Fareeha’s colleague’s cousin is smitten by Maya’s beauty.

    Episode 2

    Air Date: 15-Nov-2020

    Ammar sends an instant proposal for Maya and she refuses it in the first place and the refusal is communicated to Ammar via Fareeha. As well as being in contact with her ex-class fellow Salman, Maya later consents for the marriage with Ammar. This belittles Fareeha in front of Ammar who turns against her. Maya discovers about Salman’s first marriage and furiously breaks ties with him.

    Episode 3

    Air Date: 22-Nov-2020

    As Salman lures Maya with his wealth, she is worried to see her alliance fixed with Ammar. She forces Fareeha to handle the situation who herself is confused as Ammar now hates her for trying to spoil his relation with Maya earlier.

    Episode 4

    Air Date: 29-Nov-2020

    Maya is now adamant to marry Salman but Siraj is against her decision. Ammar keeps annoying at Fareeha and behaves with her rudely as he thinks she is jealous of Maya and is trying to get her out of relation with him.

    Episode 5

    Air Date: 06-Dec-2020

    Maya refuses to marry Ammar whose grandmother then sends a proposal for Fareeha as she always liked her. Both agree for their families’ sake. Maya is married to Salman who warns her to keep it a secret at all costs. Nadira is scared as her husband demands for the jewelry of Fareeha’s mother which Nadira had given to Maya.

    Episode 6

    Air Date: 13-Dec-2020

    Nadira’s lies are exposed and Siraj is furious. Fareeha forgives Nadira but reminisces her mother’s belongings. Fareeha and Ammar are married but he keeps insulting her for ruining his life and forcing him for marriage. Fareeha promises to end relation soon once the family is satisfied.

    Episode 7

    Air Date: 20-Dec-2020

    Fareeha’s kind nature overturns Ammar’s thoughts about her and a romance between the two blooms. Maya, on the other hand, enjoys her lavish life until she has to hide from a man who without her knowledge pays a visit to her place.

    Episode 8

    Air Date: 27-Dec-2020

    The man turns out to be the brother of Salman’s first wife who had discovered about Salman’s second marriage. Maya visits her family and shows off her wealth to Fareeha. Ammar is delighted at her arrival but is shocked to hear her taunts and bickering.

    Episode 9

    Air Date: 03-Jan-2021

    Maya is not happy to see Fareeha and Ammar living peacefully. Nadira regrets having Maya married to Salman and starts to have a change of heart for Fareeha. Ammar also starts to enjoy Fareeha’s company and starts behaving himself. Maya then faces Salman’s first wife, Zebunnisa on the phone call.

    Episode 10

    Air Date: 10-Jan-2021

    Salman gets into a heated argument with Maya who accuses him of betraying her and then leaves for her parents’ house. Siraj rages at Maya when she calmly suggests the option of divorce if Salman refuses to take her back home.

    Episode 11

    Air Date: 17-Jan-2021

    Ammar worries for Fareeha as she goes to convince Salman to take Maya back home. Fareeha succeeds in sorting out the differences between the couple at which Siraj and Nadira are deeply moved. Maya asks Salman to divorce his first wife but she is shocked to find her along with her brother at their house.

    Episode 12

    Air Date: 24-Jan-2021

    Ammar expresses his disturbance as Fareeha went to meet Salman without informing him. Fareeha apologizes and Ammar tries to make her realize how important the relationship is becoming for him. Maya is angry at Salman and again leaves the house. The whole family is shocked to receive Maya’s divorce papers.

    Episode 13

    Air Date: 31-Jan-2021

    Maya has still not learned her lesson and badmouths about Fareeha having trapped Ammar which irritates Nadira. Junaid, Ammar’s well-settled elder brother makes an entry and is impressed with Fareeha. He meets her family and Nadira cooks up something in her mind.

    Episode 14

    Air Date: 07-Feb-2021

    Siraj is proud of Fareeha for the impressive abilities that have helped her in keeping everyone happy. Nadira can’t stop talking about Junaid and shares her thoughts with Fareeha about getting Maya and Junaid married. She shares the news with Ammar who is equally shocked.

    Episode 15

    Air Date: 14-Feb-2021

    Siraj faces ill health as his worries for Maya intensify at which Nadira pleads Fareeha to talk to Junaid. Junaid agrees to marry Maya putting his trust in Fareeha.

    Episode 16

    Air Date: 21-Feb-2021

    After the marriage, Naani asks Fareeha to let Maya share the household responsibilities. Naani’s health deteriorates as Maya misbehaves. Fareeha tries to talk to Maya but everything falls on her deaf ears. Maya instigates Junaid against the family as he talks back to his grandmother when she scolds Maya.

    Episode 17

    Air Date: 28-Feb-2021

    Naani unable to bear Maya’s instigations suffers a stroke and is hospitalized. Maya creates havoc and asks Ammar to pay half dues and Fareeha has to sell her jewelry. Junaid is embarrassed at his actions but Maya keeps brainwashing him. She forcefully takes Naani’s signatures on house papers for selling it ignoring her ill health.

    Episode 18

    Air Date: 07-Mar-2021

    Maya is pregnant and teases Fareeha for being childless for quite a long time since her marriage. She leaves no stone unturned in making Junaid believe how he is being distanced by his family. Maya speaks ill with Naani who suffers a second stroke and passes away.

    Episode 19

    Air Date: 14-Mar-2021

    Ammar speculates how Maya shrewdly has created distances in the family. Fareeha tries to investigate Naani’s death from the servant who stays tight-lipped. Salman tries to meet Maya through Fareeha who warns him to stay away from them.

    Episode 20

    Air Date: 21-Mar-2021

    Junaid expresses his anger at Ammar who then wonders at the recent misunderstandings. Nadira’s continuous and senseless support for Maya irritates Siraj who warns her of dire consequences. Salman contacts Maya and pleads her to meet him.

    Episode 21

    Air Date: 28-Mar-2021

    Salman meets Maya and lures her again with expensive gifts to get her back into his life. Junaid doubts as Maya hides her phone suddenly while talking on call. Fareeha is shocked to see Salman at their house who demands Maya to take divorce from Junaid and get back with him.

    Episode 22

    Air Date: 04-Apr-2021

    Fareeha takes Maya’s blame when she is questioned about a guy coming in late at night. Her silence angers her husband who breaks all ties with her. She is hospitalized due to depression. Maya is continuously pressurized by Salman for divorce and abortion. Ammar ‘s anger causes havoc at his office.

    Episode 23

    Air Date: 11-Apr-2021

    Ammar leaves his job and house after having a heated argument with his brother over Maya. He warns Maya of the dire consequences. Junaid discovers Maya and Salman’s relation but stays quiet. He starts noticing malpractices in the office too. Salman comes to meet Maya at her house and so does Fareeha.

    Episode 24

    Air Date: 18-Apr-2021

    Fareeha warns Maya of her actions regarding Salman. Jamila, the ex housemaid calls Ammar and exposes Maya’s previous threats to his grandmother in her last days. He struggles to find the truth behind the grandmother’s death. Junaid expresses his support to Fareeha about being clean. He confronts Maya for her betrayal who in turn asks for divorce.

    Episode 25

    Air Date: 25-Apr-2021

    Ammar meets with an accident and reunites with Fareeha. The company tiffs of Ammar are revealed to Junaid who discovers the mastermind to be Maya. Maya’s mother slaps and insults her for trying to re-establish relation with Salman who intentionally trips her to abort her baby.

    Episode 26

    Air Date: 02-May-2021

    Maya aborts the baby. Junaid informs Fareeha about his decision to divorce Maya. Ammar is frustrated at his situation and vents anger at Fareeha when he sees a cheque from Junaid in her bag. Maya moves to Salman’s house leaving her family worried.

    Episode 27 (Last episode)

    Air Date: 09-May-2021

    The drama ends with Ammar and Fareeha reuniting and Maya being thrown out of the house when berated by Zebunissa. Shockingly, Salman insults her for trying to trap him and Maya is left all alone shattered and thinking about her actions.

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