'Raqs-e-Bismil' is the story of Moosa and Zohra where one comes from a religious and respected family while the other belongs to the hated segment of the society. Yet this fact is not enough to stop them from loving each other.

  • Start Date: 25-Dec-2020
  • End Date: 9-Jul-2021
  • Total Episodes: 28
  • Episode Duration: 40 minutes
  • TV Channel: HUM TV

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Cast & Crew

Episode 1

Air Date: 25-Dec-2020

Moosa, a stubborn guy belonging to a venerated family, stops his cousin from her wilful marriage and then comes across a veiled beauty.

Episode 2

Air Date: 01-Jan-2021

Moosa is often found chasing the veiled girl, Zohra who turns out to be a professional dancer. Meanwhile, he is betrothed to Sitara, the daughter of the influential Pir Fazal.

Episode 3 

Air Date: 08-Jan-2021

Moosa expresses his passion before Zohra who then invites him to a party where Moosa is shocked to see her in a completely different look.

Episode 4

Air Date: 15-Jan-2021

Moosa bursts out at Zohra for her pretense who in turn shows him mirror complaining that he too judged her according to his own standards. He is sent to the police station for offending Zohra. Pir Qudrat Ullah is enraged to learn the matter. After his bail, Moosa finds himself again on the same street and finds the way to Zohra’s house where Anna jee advises him to come with sufficient money in order to meet Zohra.

Episode 5 

Air Date: 22-Jan-2021

Malik Shehryar, a wealthy industrialist catches a glimpse of Zohra at a party and offers her his friendship. Moosa arranges four lac rupees in lieu of two hours meeting with Zohra. He brings her to a house where he has made all the arrangements for their nikah.

Episode 6

Air Date: 29-Jan-2021

Zohra questions Moosa’s love and challenges him to prove the truth of his love instead of forcing her into the marriage. Anna jee files a complaint in the police station when Zohra does not return in time and Moosa’s friend Murad Ali is arrested as he had promised the safety of Zohra.
Moosa leaves Zohra at home unharmed. When Sakeena pleads for the same justice for Moosa as she had suffered, Pir Qudrat Ullah deprives Moosa of the family property while young Isa is made the successor.

Episode 7 

Air Date: 05-Feb-2021

Moosa is continuously snubbed as Pir Qudrat intentionally ignores him and consults all important matters with young Isa. Malik Shehryar is restive and searches for a clue about Zohra. When he gets one, then throws a magnificent party for the precious beauty.

Episode 8

Air Date: 12-Feb-2021

Zohra disapproves of Malik Shehryar’s behavior sensing his malicious intentions. Sitara is anxious to save her relationship with Moosa. Sakeena signals Kamran to return to the home since Moosa in no way is an obstacle to their love. Hajra plans to meet Zohra when Moosa implores her to do so.

Episode 9 

Air Date: 19-Feb-2021

Hajra reaches Anna Jee’s mansion to beg a favor for her son and Zohra agrees to meet Moosa for the one last time. Sitara arranges a meeting with Moosa to express her affection. Malik Shehryar plans a new way to win Zohra’s heart.

Episode 10 

Air Date: 26-Feb-2021

Moosa’s optimism fades when Zohra advises him to leave her way forever if he truly loves her. Her softened tone suggests that she probably has started acknowledging Moosa’s true love. Moosa accepts the challenge and promises to be never in her way again. Malik Shehryar sends a marriage proposal for Zohra in exchange for a lucrative deal. Anna Jee is impressed but Zohra refuses it stubbornly. Sakeena once again elopes but Kamran once again fails to reach in time which gives his friends an opportunity to exploit Sakeena. But Moosa is there at the very moment to rescue the poor soul.

Episode 11 

Air Date: 05-Mar-2021

Moosa shoots and injures all three boys who tried to take benefit of Sakeena. He once again is sent to the police station, but this time for more serious allegations. Pir Qudrat expels him from the family as well. Anna jee gets a legal notice to vacate her mansion, a move apparently designed by Malik Shehryar to pressurize Zohra. 

Episode 12 

Air Date: 12-Mar-2021

Finding no other way to save their mansion, Zohra succumbs to Malik Shehryar’s proposal. Pir Fazal returns the engagement ring to Pir Qudrat. Moosa is shifted to the jail where he meets new friends including the powerful Saranga who makes sure that the injured boys don’t testify against Moosa.

Episode 13

Air Date: 19-Mar-2021

Zohra faces a new test as Malik Sehryar wants to capitalize on his investment and wants his new wife to mix into his social circle. She meets Leyla an ex-superstar of the film industry and current producer. Moosa is released from jail and he starts living with Na Murad. Na Murad plans of restarting his old profession of writing film songs and meets Lelya along with Moosa.

Episode 14

Air Date: 26-Mar-2021

Moosa is appointed as Leyla’s bodyguard who faces threats from her clients as well as her husband Tauqeer who has evil plans of looting her money. Moosa wins Leyla’s confidence when he saves her from threatening clients. Isa goes in search of the girl responsible for putting Moosa behind the bars. Zohra slaps Shahbaz Gill, a womanizer friend of Malik Shehryar when he crosses his limits.

Episode 15

Air Date: 02-Apr-2021

Zohra gets a reality check when Malik Shehryar reveals his true intentions and forces her to ask forgiveness from Shahbaz Gill. She also learns about the marriage contract her husband had signed with Anna Jee that prohibits her from meeting with her family. Leyla faces danger as she wakes up at the night and suspects someone in the house.

Episode 16

Air Date: 09-Apr-2021

Moosa is investigated by the police for an attack on Leyla’s life. Tauqeer is revealed as the real culprit who is planning with Lelya’s manager to get her wealth. When Leyla goes to the Darbar for gratitude, Pir Qudrat spots Moosa with her and misunderstands their relationship. Malik Shehryar and Zohra attend Shahbaz Gill’s party where the latter tries to assault Zohra but Moosa is there to rescue her.

Episode 17

Air Date: 16-Apr-2021

Zohra confesses her misjudgment that resulted in her own turbulence. Taking advantage of Moosa and Zohra’s earlier conversation at the party, Shahbaz Gill tries to vindicate himself accusing the duo of malintent. Moosa leaves his job and Tauqeer finds it a perfect time to execute his malicious plan. Malik Shehryar is grilled by his elder brother and cousins who ask him to divorce Zohra or abrogate his property rights.

Episode 18

Air Date: 23-Apr-2021

Tauqeer executes his vicious plan against his wife by employing a killer while he engages himself in a party at the time of the crime. Na-Murad’s timely warning enables Moosa to save Leyla’s life. Tauqeer is sent behind the bars for the murder attempt. Moosa consoles a shattered Leyla who then offers Malik Shehryar a lucrative deal in order to divorce Zohra.

Episode 19

Air Date: 30-Apr-2021

Isa’s continuous suspension and surveillance bear fruit as he catches Kamran from the same house where Moosa had shot his three friends. The shocking revelations by Kamran infuriate him and he intends to shoot him as well as Sakeena. However, the timely arrival of Moosa saves Sakeena and Kamran from meeting their destiny. Moosa advises patience and Sakeena chooses to abandon Kamran for Isa. Malik Shehryar lets Zohra know of his plan to divorce her. Heartbroken, she meets Moosa and confesses her love for him but Malik Shehryar’s arrival at the spot jeopardizes her position.

Episode 20

Air Date: 07-May-2021

Tauqeer is sent to the jail where Saranga and his fellows welcome him in style. Shehryar finally divorces Zohra and orders her to leave the home as his first wife has to come soon. While wandering on the roads, she is hit and rescued by Faizi, who plans his own redemption. Anna Jee seeks Moosa’s help for Zohra’s recovery.

Episode 21

Air Date: 21-May-2021

Moosa goes insane searching for Zohra while she stays unconscious at Faizi’s house. Shehryar blackmails Leyla to send him money or he will expose her being involved in destroying Zohra’s married life. Tauqeer discovers Saranga’s power in the jail. Isa misses his brother terribly and Sakeena wishes for death to pay for her sins.

Episode 22

Air Date: 28-May-2021

Isa remains rude to Sakeena. Faizi, acting upon the orders of Tauqeer, calls Moosa to hear the conversation between Leyla and Shehryar. The truth is out and Moosa tries to kill Shehryar before Saranga intervenes. He consoles Moosa and asks him to be patient. Moosa’s mother reminisces about him badly. Leyla asks for his forgiveness and explains the whole truth about Shehryar and Zohra to him. Moosa is shocked and vows to make Sheryar pay for his sins. 

Episode 23

Air Date: 04-Jun-2021

Moosa illustrates the whole incident to his mates and they leave for Shehryar’s hometown. Faizi and his wife call Zohra to blackmail her to provide money in exchange for Zohra. She forwards the message to Na-Murad but they can’t contact Moosa. Saranga exposes Shehryar’s truth in front of his brothers and all his ties are broken. Leyla goes to take Zohra back who runs away from her car. 

Episode 24

Air Date: 11-Jun-2021

Zohra lands in the mosque where Pir Qudrat rescues and takes her into his custody. Na-Murad lands at Faizi’s house and forces him to speak the truth. Moosa is enraged and goes crazy searching for Zohra but in vain. Leyla explains to Na-Murad how badly she wants the lovers to unite. Moosa’s mother recognizes Zohra and asks her to stay as her husband’s guest when she tries to leave.

Episode 25

Air Date: 18-Jun-2021

Sakina shares her woes with Zohra who quietly blames herself for making Moosa’s life miserable. Leyla meets Tauqeer to end the relationship with him and berates him for his heinous acts. She is relieved as Moosa forgives him. Pir Qudrat seems to be impressed with Zohra. Hajra summons Chanda so that she could meet Zohra.

Episode 26

Air Date: 25-Jun-2021

Chanda and Zohra are glad to meet each other. Moosa finds Sitara, his ex-fiance in hospital and asks her to move on while she still waits for him. Pir Qudrat is impressed with Zohra and creates an image of her belonging to a respectable and religious family. Shehryar storms into Gill’s office to ask for his help but is thrown out. Sakina grows friendlier with Zohra but hears her talking to Anna Jee about Moosa.

Episode 27

Air Date: 02-Jul-2021

Sakina is surprised to discover Zohra’s truth but stays quiet. She talks to her about Moosa and Zohra asks her to find another girl for her brother, Ahmed. Isa returns and forgives Sakina when she reveals about Zohra. Moosa is elated to find her safe. Peer Sahab wants Zohra to marry Ahmed. Khadija is told about Zohra and ladies stand by Zohra but she agrees to marry Ahmed.

Episode 28 (Last Episode)

Air Date: 09-Jul-2021

Zohra agrees to marry Ahmad much to the agony of Moosa. Pir Qudrat is shocked to find the truth about Zohra who narrates her whole past to him. On the day of marriage, Pir Sahab forgives his son and unites the couple. They offer prayer and reminisce about their journey celebrating the success of their love.

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