The story of the drama 'Sang-e-Mah' addresses the evil of Ghaq that is predominant in some parts of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province of Pakistan. According to this tradition, any man can make a claim on any unmarried girl in the village to have a right over her. The drama takes place in a rural setting where Hilmand seeks revenge for the death of his father. The past holds a web of mysteries that will affect the lives of Laspiran residents.

  • Start Date: 9-Jan-2022
  • End Date: 3-Jul-2022
  • Total Episodes: 26
  • Episode Duration: 40 minutes
  • Production Company: MD Productions
  • TV Channel: HUM TV

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Cast & Crew

Episode 1

Air Date: 09-Jan-2022

The drama opens up with Mastaan Singh in a temple who is repenting over a sin committed some twenty years ago. Haji Marjaan Khan has two sons, Hilmand and Hikmat where the latter likes his cousin Gul Meena. Hikmat is in the fields while Gul Meena is hunting with her mother, Zarghuna and sees Hikmat’s shoe prints. Hikmat’s mother, Zarsanga spots a long, henna-applied hair on his shirt and finds out that Gul Meena and Hikmat have been secretly seeing each other.

Hikmat tries to convince his mother to talk for Gul Meena’s hand in marriage, but she is not convinced. Marjaan Khan stops his dancing, Hilmand and his rogued friends and insults his friend’s parents and grandparents. Hilmand doesn’t want to return to his home and refuses to go with his father. Gul Meena tries to pacify her mother who is still upset over her meeting with Hikmat and sternly forbids her from meeting Hikmat again. Mastaan Singh fails to take off a woman’s engagement ring of 20 years ago and leaves. Gul Meena tries to convince Hikmat that they can’t be together. Hikmat vows that he will ‘Ghag’ – a claim that a girl can only be his bride.

Episode 2

Air Date: 16-Jan-2022

Sabz Ali asks Hilmand to request his forgiveness but he turns him away. The Jirga gathers to give the verdict on Sabz Ali who had announced Samandar Khan’s daughter for Ghag. Jirga members believe that Sabz Ali is lying about his drunken state that night and they want to proceed to his punishment. Hilmand claims he has a lot of objections to the verdict. He questions that if Quran says prayer is not accepted in a drunken state then how people can accept Sabz Ali’s Ghag in a drunken state. The Jirga forgives Sabz Ali but he receives 120 lashes punishments for confessing about his intoxication.

Gul Meena clears that she will not let Hikmat make Ghag as it will be embarrassing and rubbish for her. Hikmat talks to his aunt, Zarghuna who agrees to show her consent if both of his parents come to ask for Gul Meena’s hand in marriage.  Hikmat’s mother, Zarsanga agrees to go and talk to her sister for Hikmat and Gul Meena. Mastaan Singh returns to the village.

Episode 3

Air Date: 23-Jan-2022

Zarghuna refuses to give Gul Meena’s hand but Zarsanga remains stubborn and gets upset with Hikmat for rushing her into going there. Hikmat doubts the elder’s character. Marjaan Khan hears him and is annoyed at Hikmat and Zarsanga for not consulting him. He clarifies to Hikmat that neither of them is characterless. In his fury, he remarks that he could have expected this from Hilmand but not from his own son.

Sheherzaad interviews Jannat Khan’s wife, who is suffering for seven years since her three daughters had Ghag on them by their relatives for the property. Mastaan Singh has brought gifts for Badam Gul, Gul Meena, and Zarghuna. Zarghuna asks Gul Meena to keep her gift veil with the rest of 19 others. The flashback scene reveals Marjaan swearing Zarsanga to take care of Hilmand despite being Nasrullah’s blood. Hilmand smartly discloses Sabz Ali’s lie of drinking in front of him. Marjaan Khan has nightmares of being beaten by Hilmand while Hilmand visits Guru Baksh.

Episode 4

Air Date: 30-Jan-2022

Sifat Ullah and his son, Naseeb Wali come to Laspiran to see Gul Meena. Gul Meena consoles Hikmat that she believes in aunty Zarsanga. She acknowledges that Hikmat doesn’t dare to do Ghag because he is not a rascal. Badam Gul advises Zarghuna to marry Gul Meena in the village and not far away. Marjaan Khan visits Zarghuna and tries to convince her for Gul Meena and Hikmat’s marriage, but Zarghuna does not agree and wishes that her late husband would also have witnessed his daughter’s happiness before being murdered.

Hilmand thinks about how to bring Guru Baksh to the council, who would give testimony of the martyrdom of his father. Sheherzaad asks Hilmand about the way to Laspiran. She meets Marjaan Khan, who tells her the deadly Ghag was 30 years ago. Hikmat sets off to do Ghag at Zarghuna’s house but Zarsanga stops him. Hilmand plays his move by making Ghag on Zarghuna’s house and challenges Marjaan Khan that if he turns this game around, he will accept him as a father.

Episode 5

Air Date: 06-Feb-2022

Hilmand is talking to his father’s grave that he alone will take revenge from Marjaan Khan. Hikmat tells Hilmand that he and Gul Meena love each other and Hilmand has usurped his right. Hilmand considers it a lie. Hawal Khan drops off Sheherzaad till the highway but she returns to Laspiran. Zarghuna feels that the destruction of Marjaan Khan’s family is ordered by Allah. Villagers believe that Hilmand took Sabz Ali’s revenge.

Sheherzaad goes to Zarghuna’s house to help them give a voice but they refuse her, saying they don’t need their voice to be heard. Marjaan Khan advises Sheherzaad not to publish anything about Ghag. She insists on publishing the truth until Marjaan Khan tells her that Hilmand is his stepson. Hilmand ponders over whether Hikmat was telling the truth. Mastaan Singh recalls his promise to Gul Meena and sharpens his blade. Sabz Ali learns that Hikmat had an affair with Gul Meena and requests Hikmat he is not responsible for the Ghag.

Episode 6

Air Date: 13-Feb-2022

Harshaali, a twenty years old fiance of Mastaan, asks him to meet his father, Hakeem Guru Baksh, who is on his deathbed. Guru Baksh takes a vow from him that Mastaan will marry Harshaali before Guru Baksh passes away. Sheherzaad seeks Marjaan’s nod for a longer stay in Laspiran. Villagers discuss how the issue will be resolved. Hikmat tells Sheherzaad that he wants Zarsanga to go and talk to Hilmand. Hilmand learns about the death of Guru Baksh who was his biggest proof.

The tribal leaders recall how Zarghuna had threatened them at Asad Ullah’s council, by keeping her head uncovered, until she gets justice. Marjaan recalls asking for a deadly poison from Guru Baksh. Zarghuna doesn’t allow Gul Meena to go to Guru Baksh’s funeral and reminds her that Mastaan is the murderer of Asad Ullah. Gul Meena argues that Mastaan is still serving his punishment. Hilmand vows to punish Marjaan for his father’s murder. While Marjaan decides to call the council regarding Hilmand’s accusations.

Episode 7

Air Date: 20-Feb-2022

Marjaan Khan recalls the incident when he fooled Guru Baksh into handing him a deadly poison. One of his men advises him to kill Hilmand but he refuses to do so. Gul Meena despairs at her lover Hikmat’s cowardice and lack of decisiveness. She ends her relationship with him and leaves. Zarghuna interrogates her regarding her whereabouts and is finally satisfied after knowing that her daughter has parted ways with that soft-hearted Hikmat. Sabz Ali swears to be Hilmand’s dog and gathers news for him.

Sheherzaad recounts her miserable life story to Zarsanga. She had become an orphan at a very young age and then received harsh treatment from her relatives. She finally had enough when one of her cousins made an attempt to sexually assault her. Sheherzaad abandoned her aunt’s home to enroll in a hostel. She worked hard to live a life of freedom. Zarsanga is moved by the girl’s pitiful experience. Mastaan Khan finally opens up to Harshaali by revealing the reason he killed Asad Ullah. All he did was to save Harshaali from being defamed by Asad Ullah. Harshaali is moved to tears and once again claims how she would rather die than marry somebody else. 

Episode 8

Air Date: 27-Feb-2022

Sheherzaad plans to head back to her office for a couple of days. She also wishes to meet Hilmand and possibly convince him to end his bout of ‘craziness’. Haji allows her to meet his adopted son. He then instructs his lapdog, Hawal Khan, to stir trouble and possibly assassinate Hilmand in the mess. Sheharzaad becomes stupefied after knowing how Hilmand is actually the mysterious stranger she met previously. Hilmand’s words of wisdom further evaporate her prejudice toward the ‘mad psycho’. Finally, the shivering Sheherzaad is left in thrall after Hilmand covers her with his veil. Hilmand’s gentlemanly act leaves Hawal Khan with zero opening to kill him.

Badam Khan recounts the story of Mastaan Khan’s council. He tells her how Mastaan chose to be Zarghuna’s slave for eternity despite having won the case. He later reveals the reason for him staying single his entire life. It had in fact been to take care of Zarghuna and her daughter Gul Meena. This had been the only option through which he could repay his sworn brother Asad Ullah’s favors. Sheherzaad’s boss tries seducing her with his bait of fame, power, and wealth. She reminds the wretched bastard of his worth and leaves.

Episode 9

Air Date: 06-Mar-2022

Zarghuna calls Hilmand for a meetup at the site of Asad Ullah’s murder. Hilmand recounts the true story of his father’s death upon Zarghuna’s inquiry. As it happens, Hilmand had coincidentally eavesdropped upon the now deceased Guru Baksh and Haji Marjaan. During the conversation, Guru Baksh revealed proof of Nasrullah’s murder by Haji’s hand. He then goes on to explain the reason for doing Ghag on Gul Meena. In fact, he knew Zarghuna would never agree to marry her daughter to himself. All this out of hatred for his step-father Haji and her own sister Zarsanga. A council shall be formed from the chaos. Hilmand planned to confront Haji regarding his sin during that council.

Gul Meena tries persuading her mother to let go of her hatred. Zarghuna in turn challenges Gul Meena to abandon her hatred toward Hilmand. Hikmat is slapped after suggesting the idea of killing his own brother to Zarsanga. Hilmand severely insults Sabz Ali in his fury. Sheherzaad’s boss makes a correct guess about her having fallen in love.

Episode 10

Air Date: 13-Mar-2022

Zarghuna pays a visit to Shah Jee and seeks advice regarding her lifelong enmity with Zarsanga. Harshaali’s parents beg Zarghuna to either free Mastaan or take Harshaali into slavery as well. That way, both Mastaan and Harshali can serve her while also getting married. Zarghuna finally agrees to let Mastaan live his freedom once more. Later, she pays a visit to her sister Zarsanga. Both sisters manage to let bygones be bygones at last and forgive each other. Zarghuna then agrees to marry her daughter Gul Meena to Hikmat. Meanwhile, Gul Meena becomes instantly cheerful to know that her mother has finally been freed from her past. However, anxiety soon takes over her senses as she learns of her marriage with Hikmat. Hilmand’s eccentric personality really puts her in worry. Haji Marjaan appoints armed bodyguards for his son Hikmat. Respectable old men from the village head off to Hilmand’s place under Hikmat’s incentive. Hilmand is amazed to know of Zarghuna’s decision to marry her daughter to Hikmat.

Episode 11

Air Date: 20-Mar-2022

Zarsanga complains to Sheherzaad regarding her sister’s vengeful behavior. She’s very clear on the outcomes of Zarghuna’s acceptance of Hikmat’s marriage with her daughter. She’s then reminded of how the two sisters drifted apart from each other after Zarghuna became widowed. Zarsanga reveals the particularly shocking news of Hawal Khan being Zarghuna’s ex-husband. That is, she got married to Asad Ullah after being divorced by him. Gul Meena is entrapped in illusions of Hikmat and feels anxious after waking up from her daydreaming session. Haji Marjaan reprimands the village seniors for having gone to Hilmand for reconciliation. He also berates his son Hikmat who in turn retaliates and turns a rebel. Sheherzaad learns about Zarghuna’s awful experience of staying with Hawal Khan. He had beaten her 24/7 until she finally sought a divorce. Asad Ullah, also Hawal Khan’s younger brother, married her afterward. Sabz Ali’s mother criticizes Haji and other old critics for being unfair. Hilmand is left in a trance to know of Haji’s conflict with Hikmat because of him. Hikmat declares his resolution of exterminating Hilmand should the latter continue being stubborn.

Episode 12

Air Date: 27-Mar-2022

Hikmat once again summons the village’s elders for a meeting. He then interrogates them regarding their reluctance to hold a council on Hilmand’s matter. The village elders point out that Hilmand won’t come. All because Zarghuna has already appointed Hikmat as her future son-in-law. Hikmat then firms his belief in shedding blood and restoring the village’s peace. Sheherzaad makes an attempt at convincing Gul Meena to restrict Hikmat from bloodshed. Otherwise, the murder of his elder brother will forever alter her lover. Gul Meena refuses to marry Hikmat unless his family members give their consent as well. Mastaan Singh stabs Hilmand with a knife and sneaks away. He then reveals his crime to Gul Meena. Her and Badam Gul’s mouths remain agape at Mastaan’s daring. Soon, the village falls into turmoil as the news of Hilmand’s assassination spreads. Marjaan Singh slaps his insolent son Hikmat for having ‘executed’ his own brother.

Episode 13

Air Date: 03-Apr-2022

Haji and his men rush to carry Hilmand to the city’s hospital. Hilmand’s lackeys are stuck to him like leeches and won’t abandon their leader no matter what. However, Haji’s dominating stare alone is enough to let them slip away like rabbits. The whole village is slandering Hikmat for committing murder. Meanwhile, his mother Zarsanga is still unaware of her eldest son’s peril. She’s become an addict to opium under the constant pressure from her sons’ actions. Sheherzaad overhears Hilmand blabbering in his sleep. She’s shocked to hear him prattle on about his father’s death under Haji’s hand. Mastaan is praying to his Guru for Hilmand’s immediate death. Badam Gul investigates the site of the murder and discovers a man’s bracelet there. Mastaan arrives just then and confiscates the bracelet without saying a word. Hilmand wakes up and blames Haji for the murder attempt against him. He then further points out how Haji had killed his father Nasrullah.

Episode 14

Air Date: 10-Apr-2022

Zarsanga regains consciousness the next day. She feels devastated to know of her son Hilmand’s perilous condition. What further aggravates her is Hilmand being ‘stabbed’ by his own brother. Meanwhile, Sheherzaad confirms the credibility of Hilmand’s sleep-induced words from him. Hilmand readily supports his belief of Haji being Nasrullah’s killer. Sheherzaad’s cousin Haider arrives unexpectedly. He’s the one who used to assault the then-helpless Sheherzaad 12 years ago. Sheherzaad’s mind is soon eclipsed by terrible nightmares from back then. Haider once again crosses the limit and gets slapped by her in turn. He then threatens to harm the unconscious Hilmand as a sign of his power. Sabz Ali informs the police of Hilmand’s case. This is a sort of revenge for the insult he faced at Hilmand’s hands. The police forcefully enter Haider’s hospital. Unfortunately for them, Sheherzaad has long slipped away with the unconscious Hilmand in tow.

Episode 15

Air Date: 17-Apr-2022

Haider is fuming over Sheherzaad and Hilmand’s sudden disappearance. What annoys him, even more, is how they slipped away without paying the bill. In reality though, the christian nurse helps Sheherzaad sneak out with the unconscious Hilmand. She then brings her guests over to her home for a brief stay. Mastaan reminds Badam Gul to keep his mouth shut or chaos shall befall Laspiran. Badam Gul is heartbroken after bearing witness to Mastaan’s lack of trust in him. Sheherzaad feels entertained while hearing Hilmand’s depressing poetry. Soon Hilmand reveals the news of his knowledge about her dark past with Haider. Shame overtakes Sheherzaad as her heart once again plunges into the abyss of hate and sorrow. Hilmand’s next act blows away her capacity for bearing surprises though. Simply put, the bold and eccentric Pathan puts his ring on Sheherzaad’s finger; thus claiming her as his woman for eternity. Hawal Khan is haunted by thoughts of Zarghuna; his previously mild and lovely wife.

Episode 16

Air Date: 24-Apr-2022

Zarsanga is adamant upon meeting her son. Haji attempts to divert her attention from the topic but she persists. Haji later pays a visit to Shah Sahb who confronts him directly on the matter of Nasrullah’s death. Haji comments on Hilmand’s deteriorating senses, for slandering him like that. He then starts spilling tears while offering prayers. Hilmand pretends to be asleep in order to avoid a confrontation with his mother. Meanwhile, Haji interrogates Sheherzaad for the cause behind her abrupt escape from the hospital. She recounts the story of Haider’s blackmailing her with Hilmand’s life under his absolute control. Haji starts reminiscing about his childhood after a while. Zarsanga comes back in disappointment since her son is still ‘unconscious’. She eyes the ring on Sheherzaad’s finger with great interest and instructs her future daughter-in-law to keep it safe.

Episode 17

Air Date: 01-May-2022

Haji pays a visit to Haider’s villa. The perverted doctor is gone for good but his wife, however, is still at home. Haji sheds light on Haider’s evil nature in front of her who refuses to believe her ears as well as Haji’s words at first. To diagnose the truth, she demands to meet Sheharzaad, who’s the helpless victim of Haider’s wretchedness from times long past. Sheharzaad’s words are equipped with excruciating memories of her nightmares of almost a decade ago. The woman feels immense confusion after learning of her husband’s reality. Haider returns just in time to see Haji finishing prayers in his yard. The village head threatens the despicable doctor in a dominating manner. Hikmat swears upon the Quran as the last resort to prove his innocence. Zarghuna immediately becomes suspicious of Mastaan’s involvement in the assassination attempt after witnessing Hikmat’s testimony.

Episode 18

Air Date: 08-May-2022

Haji Marjaan handles Sheherzaad’s dispute with Haider like a pro. Even Haider’s mother abandons her monstrous son at the last moment. The selfish doctor is kicked out of his wife’s home. She even bans him from wandering around her hospital. In the end, the arrogant snob is arrested by police and put behind iron bars. Sabz Ali brings Hilmand back to his turf at the village. Hilmand’s lackeys are overjoyed at their leader’s return. Things turn ugly when one of them suggests moving Hilmand around in a stretcher. Hilmand denies their support and moves about on his own. Haji is finally convinced of Hikmat’s innocence after a heart-to-heart chat. He then tasks Hawal Khan with the investigation of the real criminal. Zarghuna interrogates Mastaan on the matter of Hilmand’s assassination attempt. However, Mastaan soon convinces her of his ‘innocence’. Both Badam Gul and Gul Meena are relieved after witnessing Zarghuna’s suspicions being erased.

Episode 19

Air Date: 15-May-2022

Sheherzaad comes to meet Hilmand at his graveyard turf. Hilmand seems upset at her since his ‘fiance’ had revealed her secrets to Haji Marjaan. Moreover, Haji Marjaan had even helped her resolve the situation. Sheherzaad explains how Haji speculated about her situation from the way she snuck away from the hospital. Hilmand finally manages to convince the village elders for a judicial meeting. He claims to have proof against Hikmat’s attempt to murder him. All this is a ploy to let the meeting commence. Hilmand’s real target is Haji Marjaan, not his own brother. Zarsanga is adamant about not allowing Haji to be disgraced by Hilmand. Sheherzaad tries to talk Hilmand out of his desire for revenge. Her attempt backfires as Hilmand uses his witty words to throttle her opinions. Sabz Ali boasts about how loyal and brave he had been; the way he broke through prison and even rescued Hilmand later on.

Episode 20

Air Date: 22-May-2022

Zarghuna orders Mastaan Singh to marry as soon as possible. He complies with his lady’s command dutifully and agrees immediately. Hilmand pays a visit to Mastaan and congratulates him on the upcoming marriage. He then grabs his assailant by the throat and reveals his knowledge of Mastaan being the attacker from that night. He then points out two separate ways for Mastaan. He can either get dragged into the jirga along with Zarghuna and Gul Meena. All three of them shall be defamed in that case. On the flip side, all he has to do is declare Haji as the killer of Nasrullah. Hawal Khan overhears Badam Gul chatting with Mastaan about the murder attempt previously. Hence, Haji’s lackey finally learns the key truth as well as the true murderer’s identity. Gul Meena is anxious to meet Hikmat but her mother disapproves of her desire to do so. Haji pleads with Hilmand not to destroy his repute and let him leave forever. Hilmand is elated by his victory and postpones the final choice between peace or revenge.

Episode 21

Air Date: 29-May-2022

Hilmand tasks Sabz Ali to deliver his message to Haji Marjaan. The message entails how his father visited him in his dream and forbade him from forgiving Haji Marjaan. Haji Marjaan leaves the matter on faith since both his hands are tied at the moment and there’s nothing he can do to reverse the situation. Zarghuna comes over to her sister’s home together with Gul Meena. Hikmat reunites with Gul Meena and both lovers make amends. Hilmand wishes for Peer Yousaf Shah to supervise his jirga. However, the said peer refuses his request to do so. Mastaan confesses to Harshaali how Hilmand has been blackmailing him lately. He has to testify against Haji Marjaan for being Nasrullah’s assassin. Otherwise, Hilmand will reveal proof of him being the assassin.

Episode 22

Air Date: 05-Jun-2022

Hilmand promises Peer Yousaf Shah to forgive Haji in case his step-father admits his crime in front of the jirga. On the day of jirga, Hawal Khan apologizes to Haji for hiding news regarding the assassination attempt against Hilmand. Haji forgives him by saying that no one is criminal but that they’re all bound by helplessness. Haji Marjaan also pays a visit to Zarghuna and apologizes for what he has done. Mastaan is halfway through when Badam Gul informs him about Haji’s decision in the jirga. Mastaan then immediately leaves for the jirga as well. The issue regarding the attack on Hilmand is settled on a peaceful note since Hilmand readily forgives his brother. Hilmand then questions Haji Marjaan for being the murderer of his father. He pulls the curtain from Haji’s intentions behind the murder of Nasrullah. He even presents Mastaan Singh as his witness against Haji. Instead of slandering Haji, Mastaan chooses to knock over the entire chessboard and thus, skips being manipulated by Hilmand. He even admits being the person behind the assassination attempt; the reason being to protect Gul Meena’s honor. Meanwhile, Zarsanga is ready to venture towards the jirga and reveal some mysterious truth.

Episode 23

Air Date: 12-Jun-2022

The tribal elders declare Hilmand a liar in the jirga and look to punish him for making a claim on Gul Meena. Hilmand demands Haji to swear on Peer Shah’s hand that he has not murdered Nasrullah. Zarsanga comes to the spot and confesses murdering his husband in front of the jirga. She portrays a negative image of her late husband as how he had made a claim (Ghaq) on her before marriage. This revelation stuns the jirga as well as Hilmand. The person Hilmand considered sinful was the one who safeguarded his mother back then and is still ready to protect her prestige even today. The confession however agonizes Haji Marjaan as he becomes concerned for the lost and broken Hilmand. Later, Haji Marjaan reveals his love story to Sheherzaad that how he got in love with Zarsanga at first sight. He wanted to marry her but when he was on hunting break, Nasrullah got married to her forcefully.

Episode 24

Air Date: 19-Jun-2022

Hilmand goes to his grandfather, Mashallah Khan who reveals the past of his parents. He verifies that Nasrullah had made a Ghaq on Zarsanga but he hated Zarsanga as she belonged to an inferior family. Hilmand leaves dejected before his uncles doubt his arrival. Mashallah affirms that there is nothing for Hilmand as he had allowed Zarsanga for second marriage only after her surrender to inheritance claims. He asks his sons to investigate the matter as why Hilmand returned to him after a long time. Sheherzaad and Hawal search for Hilmand and urge his lackeys to do the same instead of wasting time aimlessly. Sheherzaad spots Hilmand at last and wishes a happy life for both of them in the city. He fears his past and possible reaction from the people. He remains doubtful as he had heard Guru Baksh confessing about poisoning Nasrullah.
Hilmand’s uncles return home to inform Mashallah that Nasrullah was indeed murdered by Zarsanga as revenge for his Ghaq. Mashallah arrives in Laspiran to take revenge for his son and asks to summon a jirga. However, Haji Marjaan recognizes his true intentions of gaining financial benefits behind all this.

Episode 25

Air Date: 26-Jun-2022

The village elders ponder on the possible steps to avert the coming trouble. Zarghuna suspects the involvement of Haji in the murder of Nasrullah. She assures Zarsanga of her full support and wants to know the whole truth. Hilmand remains submerged in the trauma and is restive to find the truth. Haji confesses before Sheherzaad that he was the one who had brought poison to Zarsanga. Sheherzaad asks his permission to appear in the jirga to exonerate him. She along with Gul Meena inspire the village women who had ever been victims of Ghaq to participate in the jirga. Haji Marjaan entrusts Hikmat with the responsibility to appear in the jirga on his behalf. The jirga starts at last where Zarghuna emerges with a group of all victim women.

Episode 26 (Last Episode)

Air Date: 03-Jul-2022

Mashallah Khan objects to the presence of women in the jirga and demands the decision of his case. Seeing the seriousness of the situation, the jirga elders contemplate the possible solution. They retort to giving the right of speaking to the women first. Zarghuna demands an immediate end to the evil of Ghaq while Mashallah seeks revenge for the murder of his son. A flashback scene of the previous night shows Haji Marjaan regretting his act of giving poison to Nasrullah and not killing him manly. Hilmand arrives in the jirga unannounced. He produces the record of all the properties of his dead father and demands his share from Mashallah. Mashallah feels trapped and leaves the scene abandoning his case. For his Ghaq on Gul Meena, Hilmand asks for punishment to set a precedent. Zarghuna however forgives him. The jirga declares the punishment of exile from the village and destruction of the house for any future offender of Ghaq. The jirga also vows to bring justice to all the victim girls. Hilmand and Sheherzaad happily return home only to find Marjaan and Zarsanga dead. Indeed, both had committed suicide to avoid any disgrace and to pay for their sin. A future scene shows  Hilmand setting off to punish one of his cousins for Ghaq.

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