• Start Date: 22-Jun-2022
  • End Date: 4-Jan-2023
  • Total Episodes: 29
  • Episode Duration: 40 minutes
  • Production Company: Moomal Entertainment
  • TV Channel: HUM TV

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Cast & Crew

Babar Ali

Khawar (Eshal's father)

Tara Mahmood

Sabahat (Eshal's mother)

Shamim Hilaly

Amman Bi (Eshal's grandmother)

Fawad Jalal

Anwar (Junaid's father & Khawar's elder brother)

Savera Nadeem

Rukhsana (Junaid's mother)

Hurriya Mansoor

Saira (Fareed's wife)




Naveed Malik

Director of Photography


Eshal is the only beloved daughter of her wealthy parents Khawar and Sabahat. She is head over heels for her paternal cousin Junaid who also loves her equally. Junaid’s father, Anwar left for abroad when he was a kid and has not returned back ever since. Rukhsana is Junaid’s mother who runs a home-based makeup studio to make ends meet. Since she was never in favor of her husband leaving, she has become bitter and slightly evil to her mother-in-law, Amma Bi.

It turns out that Amma Bi compulsively sent Anwar abroad so he can earn money to achieve success like his younger brother Khawar. After he left, she mistreated Rukhsana, accusing her of having wrong relations with strangers. Now that Rukhsana has gained authority by becoming independent, she takes revenge on Amma Bi by making her realize that she has a false illness of hallucinating and has labeled her as “wehemi”. She also abhors her brother-in-law Khawar, claiming that he failed to bring Anwar back. Apparently, the two of them are keeping a secret which has strained both families’ relations. Rukhsana also has an adopted elder son Fareed who is married to Saira despite being jobless. Although Fareed is capable enough to work a job, Rukhsana does not allow it only so she can recount her favors to her sons.

When Eshal starts becoming weak in her studies, her parents request Rukhsana to allow Junaid to tutor their daughter. At first, Rukhsana bluntly refuses but after Sabahat’s constant insistence, she agrees. However, she gives Junaid a long list of restrictions to keep him detached from his uncle’s family. The restrictions turn out to be of no good as Junaid and Eshal grow closer to each other. Soon, Rukhsana finds out about the love affair after she infiltrates Junaid’s privacy by listening to Eshal’s voice messages in which she confessed her love to Junaid. Scared and angry, she asks Junaid to stop the tutoring lessons and sever all ties with Eshal and her family.

Junaid complies after which Eshal becomes restless when she gets ignored by the love of her life. Perplexed, she reveals her love interest to her parents. Although Sabahat expresses favor for it, Khawar condemns it strictly, considering Junaid a poor and unstable guy for his daughter. Eshal does not handle her father’s rejection well and gets into a car accident deliberately. On the other hand, Junaid starts ignoring his mother and spends most of his time away from home. Finally, both Khawar and Rukhsana give in to their children’s wishes and agree to tie the knot. Will Rukhsana accept Eshal as her daughter-in-law and let her lead a happy life with Junaid? Let us know in the comments below!

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