Wabaal Episode 04 Story

Below is the story of episode 04 of the dramaWabaal that was aired on 24 September 2022 on Hum TV.

Shagufta shows up at Shakir’s house to add insult to injury. Shakir’s mother (Sabiha Hashmi) kicks her out of the house, turning down her offer to get Anum released on bail. Amber arrives at the police station with her newly married husband, clarifying Anum’s name and requesting the officer to release her. When Anum returns home, Rahat bursts onto her for defaming the family’s name.

Guilty, Anum begs her father to forgive her but he refuses to speak to her. Shagufta gets enraged when Naveed informs her that Anum got bail without the help of their money. She keeps mistreating innocent and helpless people, earning their curses.

Rahat asks Maham to keep an eye on Anum’s every action and keep her updated. Faraz fights with every individual in the neighborhood who tries to gossip about Anum’s actions. After careful consideration, Shakir restricts Anum and Maham from continuing their studies to keep them out of all sorts of troubles.

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