Wabaal Episode 08 Story

Wabaal – Episode 08 Story

Below is the story of episode 08 of the dramaWabaal that was aired on 22 October 2022 on Hum TV.

Shagufta unknowingly goes to a corrupt sorcerer in hopes to get rid of the nightmares. The sorcerer demands a heavy amount of cash in exchange for helping her. Maham gets a job in school as a teacher to help her father financially. Within a month, she applies for a loan but her request gets rejected.

Her colleague Hammad, who likes her, finds out about her rejected request and tries to help Maham indirectly to avoid hurting her ego. Shagufta and Naveed burn with jealousy upon finding out that Anum is getting married. Furious, Naveed tries to pick a fight with Faraz to back him off from the wedding but ends up getting beaten.

Faraz goes beyond his capacity to buy a wedding dress for Anum and decorate the room in her honor. However, Anum does not like anything, and on the wedding night, she points out errors in everything.

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