Webtoon adapted into Korean Series Tomorrow

Most awaited Webtoon adapted into Korean Series: Tomorrow

Action and drama in one series are a genre that everyone loves, despite the origin of the drama. Netizens from all around the world are anticipating the new Korean series that is soon to be released on Netflix. The release date is set to be 25th March 2022. With the phenomenal cast and the exciting plot, everyone is looking forward to ‘Tomorrow’.

The first look was eye-catching

The poster of the series was released, which was quick to attract Korean drama lovers; the aura and the vibe of the poster were deep and dark as it perfectly represented the whole concept of the drama.

The vibe created by four persons staring down from a rooftop at someone is palpable. They appear to be staring at something urgent based on their faces, piquing interest in the drama that will develop in the future.

And if the four people are good-looking, then what else does a viewer want?

The Plot of ‘Tomorrow’

The plot of this series indicates how the audience will be sitting on the edge the whole time while they watch this rollercoaster-like drama.

‘Tomorrow’ is a drama based on RaMa’s webtoon of the same name, and it tells the narrative of Choi JunWoong and his work with the underworld’s Special Crisis Management Team.

Choi JoonWoong, who has been jobless for three years, decides to end his life by jumping from a bridge. However, he comes upon someone else who is also about to jump from the bridge and engages in a struggle with them in order to save them. During the struggle, the two of them tumble over the bridge by mistake. A crisis management team led by grim reapers comes late, and Choi Joon Woong finds up in a 3-year coma; his soul had departed his body owing to an error made by the dismal reapers. As a half-alive, half-dead soul, he is immediately assigned to the crisis management team of the most powerful firm of grim reapers in the underworld. His role on the team is taking special care of those who are at risk of suicide and assisting them in their desire to stay alive.

The Cast of ‘Tomorrow’

Introducing the cast of ‘Tomorrow’ was one of the main reasons why there was an increase in the fans of this series that has not even been released yet, as the very eye-pleasing cast with all of the hottest actors in the k-town is being cast in ‘Tomorrow’. According to the webtoon, the cast that has been assigned for the series matches the characters perfectly well, doing justice to the webtoon lovers of this series.

GuRyun, the charming Grim Reaper with a dark history, is played by Kim HeeSun. She leads Choi JunWoong and Lim LyungKu, the Crisis Management Team, in saving the lives of persons who are contemplating suicide.

RoWoon from SF9 portrays Choi JunWoong. A long-term job seeker who transforms into a half-human, half-spirit hybrid and gets hired as the youngest member of the Special Crises Management Team. With GuRyun, the Grim Reaper, he meets and assists individuals in need.

Choi JoongGil, Head of the Humanitarian Management Team at the spirit management headquarters, is played by Lee SooHyuk. He has a poker face that gives him a frigid demeanor.

Lim RyungKu, played by Yoon JiOn, is a member of the underworld’s Special Crisis Management squad, where he collaborates with GuRyun.

Teasers that will take your breath away

Two teasers have been released by MBC channel, where the drama will originally air. Both of the teasers are full of thrill, anticipation, and action, everything that would catch your full attention.

The first teaser shows RoWoon, the main lead standing on a bridge, who is worried about how hard everything is getting for him. We also see a girl with blonde hair sitting inside the car, as there is many other car’s point of view shots that left us questioning what is really happening there in the first place when suddenly the car comes crashing into him. The next shot shows him fallen in the river, unconscious, and right then that same girl, the lead GuRyun, also known as the Grim Reaper saves him from drowning in the deep river and does not let him die.

The second teaser of the series shows a man struggling with his life as he seems to jump off a cliff, and as the plot of the story depicts, RoWon also known as Choi JunWoong is seen running up the stairs just to save that guy from jumping off. At the same time, it is shown how he is unable to use the lift because a girl is inside it, creating an obstacle for RoWoon to save the guy on time. And the teaser ends with RoWoon finally reaching to the roof and staring off in thin air, that is where the viewers are left hanging over whether the guy was saved by Choi JunWoong or not.

And the last trailer of the series introduces to us the four members of the Special Crisis Management squad, with a little action of Choi JoongGil, the special tech talents of Yoon JiOn, the selflessness of Choi JunWoong, and lastly, a little background look of GuRyun.

More about the series

With over 195,810 viewers, the webtoon has already been loved by many all around the world. That is the reason why it was converted into a full-fledged tv series to be featured on Netflix. Despite the fact that Netflix has yet to release a teaser for ‘Tomorrow’, we know that it will launch on Netflix on Friday, March 25th, 2022.

‘Tomorrow’ will feature sixteen episodes, as is customary. Until the series conclusion on Saturday, May 14th, 2022, all sixteen episodes will be published over the course of eight weeks, with new episodes available every Friday and Saturday.

Each episode has a running length of about 60 minutes.

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