Wehshi Episode 09_10 Story

Below is the story of episodes 09 & 10 of the dramaWehshi that were aired on 26~27 September 2022 on Hum TV.

Episode 09 Story

Sobia loses her cool when Tahir talks to her about marriage. She strongly forbids him from thinking this way and starts pushing him away. Majid deliberately tries to make Asif feel jealous by showering extra love and care on Amir. Asif’s heart breaks, seeing his parents preparing to send Amir abroad. Both Majid and Muneera tear up after Amir leaves.

Sobia gets admission in a top medical university close to Majid’s house. When Majid finds out about it, he insists Sobia lives at his house during her five years of study. Salma happily sends Sobia to Majid’s house without any fear.

Asif turns into a despicable, angry young man who can’t forget his disturbing childhood. The day Sobia arrives, Asif practices brutal behavior in front of her. This reminds Sobia of her abusive father who always treated her mercilessly.

Episode 10 Story

Sobia tries to befriend Asif, considering the fact that they will have to live together for a while. However, Asif despises her for taking his place in the house and keeps brushing her off. To accumulate funds for his university fee, he starts looking for a job. When Sobia sees Muneera bewildered about Asif’s irrational attitude, she consoles her.

Asif finally lands a job based on his spectacular grades. Instead of going to his mother with the good news, he goes to his friend’s house to celebrate. Every night, he returns home late and creates a spectacle, earning his parents’ curses.

When Muneera finds out about his job, she fears it might affect his studies. She requests Majid to help Asif pay his tuition fee but he straightaway refuses. Concerned about Asif’s rebellious behavior, Sobia asks Muneera the reason behind it and figures out that the lack of attention and love negatively affected Asif’s personality.

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