Wehshi Episode 13_14 Story

Wehshi – Episode 13~14 Story

Below is the story of episodes 13 & 14 of the dramaWehshi that were aired on 10~11 October 2022 on Hum TV.

Episode 13 Story

Asif can’t stop thinking about Sobia and as a result, he messes up his office work. Frustrated, he vents his anger on his mother. When Majid sees him misbehaving with Muneera, he keeps calling him a brute. Rebellious, Asif acts like one, smashing all the vases in the house. 

Salma mentions marrying Sobia to Tahir. Sobia loses her mind and refuses to marry until her studies are completed. She misses Asif immensely, wishing he approaches her. Unexpectedly, she bumps into him in a mall and he helps drop her home. 

She gets disheartened when Asif does not apologize to her for his harsh words. However, following his friend’s advice, Asif later apologizes to her and the two initiate a friendship. Within no time, Asif starts flirting with her and takes her on a date to a street-side cafe, expressing his likeness for her.

Episode 14 Story

Tahir starts preparing for CSS exams to make himself compatible with Sobia. On the other hand, Sobia falls deeply in love with Asif and can’t imagine spending the rest of her life without him. The lovebirds secretly flutter in the house, keeping their affair hidden from elders. 

Asif is infuriated after Sobia asks him the reason for his brutal habits. Soon, his mood gets better when he gets a bike from his office. Delighted, he takes Sobia for a spin and asks her if she is serious about their relationship. Sobia assures him that she is into him and won’t leave his side ever. 

When Asif receives his first paycheck, he takes Sobia to shopping. Sobia motivates him to buy something for his mother. Muneera swells with happiness after receiving the gift and feels content to see Asif’s improving behavior. 

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