Below is the Episode 3 story of the drama ‘Yargı‘ in English that was aired on 03 October 2021.

Ilgaz rushes home to question his father who was the officer when Ceylin’s father, Zafer was falsely detained in a case. He was helping İnci’s family out of guilt.

A new criminal, Serdar is put to jail and warns Çınar to keep mum and not spill the beans. At the first trial, Çınar again denies the blame and Ceylin supports him. Still, he is put behind the bars. Upon Çınar’s information, Ilgaz and Ceylin visit Ozan and Nurjan, İnci’s professor. Ceylin steals their toothbrushes for a DNA test. She secretly takes officer Eren’s help and DNA matches İnci’s nails and scars on the body. Meanwhile, the culprits attempt to flee from the country.

Engin and Ilgaz feel uneasy about each other whenever Ceylin is with each of them. Ceylin finally cries her heart out and Ilgaz pacifies her. Pars finds evidence that shows İnci being beaten by Zafer. He becomes a new suspect while Ilgaz deduces it to be a drug case that is forcing Çınar to be silent.

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