Yargı Episode 4 Story

Below is the Episode 4 story of the drama ‘Yargı‘ in English that was aired on 10 October 2021.

Ceylin questions her father about his behavior towards İnci. He gives his explanations to which she gives an emotional reply of her being the head of the family when he was away.

Ilgaz is shattered to find drugs in Defne’s toy placed by Çınar. Çınar begs Ceylin to stop Ilgaz from complaining about drugs to the police in return for information about İnci. Ceylin tries her best but Ilgaz and his father stick to their honesty. She lies to Çınar about handling the situation to which he reveals more information. He cries for not being able to save İnci and Ceylin consoles him.

Zafer beats İnci’s teacher for having an affair with a student. Ceylin searches for İnci’s missing earring to find the killer. Engin’s mother angrily hands over the earring to her husband. Ceylin is slapped by her mother for supporting Çınar. Her father throws her out the house and she sits devastatingly as Ilgaz watches her helplessly.

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