Below is the Episode 6 story of the dramaYargıin English that was aired on 24 October 2021.

Ceylin is enraged and wants to attack Engin but Ilgaz stops her. She hits Ilgaz and he helplessly takes her into custody till she calms down. Ceylin is shattered and Ilgaz promises to protect her.

As per the plan, Ceylin is forced to stay normal beside Engin but feels terribly sick. Ilgaz helps her. He takes help from his criminal grandfather to gather clues and finally Çınar is proven innocent.

Yekta manipulates Zafer’s mind and takes steps to protect Engin. Zafer has held a chief bureau captive to find out the man who falsely blamed him. Zafer leaves the house to take revenge from Çınar.

Neva is upset to see Ceylin and Ilgaz together. Pars files a case against Ceylin for barging into Ozan’s house and stealing the toothbrushes. The only witness to the case is Ilgaz who refuses to lie, putting Ceylin’s job at risk. When investigated, he refuses to make a statement using his right of being related to Ceylin. When asked how, Ilgaz and Ceylin shock Pars by presenting their marriage certificate.

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