Dramas Planet is an endeavor to create an online library of Pakistani television dramas and recommend to our audience the best programs on TV. We are also trying to create a similar library for Turkish dramas. 

At Dramas Planet, you will find:

  • A library of more than 1100 Pakistani and 250 Turkish dramas with their cast & crew details. Most of the recent dramas also contain episode wise storylines
  • Profiles and dramas lists of more than 2000 Pakistani actors and actresses, scriptwriters, directors & producers
  • Featured lists to guide you through what to watch on TV
  • Additionally, we are planning to start writing great content about the KDrama industry.

Our Team

Our team includes a mix of drama enthusiasts and tech-savvy individuals who are devoting a considerable time of their lives to deliver you the best user experience.

1. Shehzeen Anamil 

Shehzeen mostly writes about drama reviews and sometimes, their summaries.

2. Umer Akhter

Umer is a young and energetic drama enthusiast who mainly writes about summaries of on-air dramas.

3. Aila Amir

Aila has written summaries of various dramas. She is currently focusing on her Master’s degree in literature.

4. Simran Shoaib

Simran wrote for a brief period and her writings consisted of drama reviews.

5. Saeed Imran

Saeed is a graphic designer who takes care of all the images related work.