Dramas Planet is an endeavor to create an online library of Pakistani television dramas and recommend to our audience the best programs on TV. We are also trying to create a similar library for Turkish dramas. 

At Dramas Planet, you will find:

  • A library of more than 1150 Pakistani and 290 Turkish dramas with their cast & crew details. Most of the recent dramas also contain episode wise storylines
  • Profiles and dramas lists of more than 2000 Pakistani actors and actresses, scriptwriters, directors & producers
  • Featured lists to guide you through what to watch on TV
  • Additionally, we are planning to start writing great content about the KDrama industry.

Our Team

Our team includes a mix of drama enthusiasts and tech-savvy individuals who are devoting a considerable time of their lives to deliver you the best user experience.

1. Shehzeen Anamil 

Shehzeen mostly writes about drama reviews and sometimes focuses on their summaries.

2. Rabiya Nadeem

Rabiya summarizes the recent episodes of ongoing dramas.

3. Saeed Imran

Saeed is a graphic designer who takes care of all the image-related work.

Previous Contributors

1. Umer Akhter

2. Aila Amir

3. Simran Shoaib