Story of the Drama

Below is the episode-wise story of the drama ‘Mor Moharan’. First, let’s look at the characters played by the cast:

Mor Moharan – Cast & Characters

Episode 1

Air Date: 10-May-2022

Rohi lives together with her parents in the deserts of Cholistan. Her father Malook Shah is a wealthy magnate. One who dearly loves his daughter and can’t bear to let her down anytime. Rohi’s mother is saddened at her daughter’s departure for higher studies. However, her daughter soon consoles as well as reassures her mother. Time passes by and finally, it’s the day of Rohi’s return after completion of studies. Meanwhile, another landlady Almas is also awaiting her son Sikander’s arrival. She shares her worries regarding Sikander’s possible attitude with her right-hand adviser, Sher Alam. As it happens, Sikander was separated from his parents in early childhood and was brought up in a boarding school instead. All because of some dire conflicts between his mother Almas and his father Nawab Feroz. Both Rohi and Sikander share a brief interaction while at the station. Sikander is still upset at his mother for having ‘abandoned’ him. Meanwhile, he looks at Sher Alam with a derogatory stare while acting high and lofty like a prince. In the end, Gardezi is shown cheering the success of his care race with his supporters.

Episode 2

Air Date: 17-May-2022

Rohi is saddened to witness the miserable conditions in which her village’s commoners live. She requests her father to help her address the water collection issue. Malook Shah readily grants his darling daughter’s wish. Sikander remains doubtful of his mother’s love for him. His heart remains unsatisfied for having become the victim of his parents’ war. Almas apologizes to Sher Alam for Sikander’s condescending behavior. Later, Sikander gets involved in a currently postponed project. The site of concern is none but Rohi, which is Malook Shah’s turf. Almas explains how Malook Shah demands thrice the amount necessary for the project’s continual. Malook Shah celebrates the return of his daughter with great fervor. He even humbly invites another youthful politician dude to attend the ceremony. The celebration goes as planned and all parties feel greatly entertained. Sikander once again confronts Rohi and participates in the traditional dancing events together with her. Malook Shah commemorates Sher Alam for being immensely loyal to Almas.

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  1. Anonymous August 5, 2021

    teasers kab aen ga

  2. Kanchan Kumar May 14, 2022

    After a long await it was a pleasure to see my favorite main characters. It is a visual delight and foremost thankgod u have chosen a very important subject which we as humanbeings are taking it for granted . There won't be top soil left nor water everything will die a slow death after some years. Beautifully and very tastefully executed in this episode . I was born in Pindi and I do not remember since I was a baby then . My heart cries for my birthplace how I pray thaT these two countries seperated which were initially one to get back together.