Story of the Drama

Below is the episode-wise story of the drama ‘Berukhi’. First, let’s look at the characters played by the cast:

Berukhi – Cast & Characters

Episode 1

Air Date: 15-Sep-2021

Kamran, a womanizer and Maira’s uncle, turns to be the reason for his employee, Saba’s suicide. Maira and Sabeen are cousins but Sabeen hails from a poor background that irks Maira when they are invited to her lavish birthday party. Kamran gets attracted to Sabeen at the party. 

Maira’s mother, Nazia, asks Sabeen’s hand for Kamran, leaving everyone shocked. Sabeen’s father refuses Kamran’s proposal at which Nazia insults and taunts him about his poverty. Irtiza’s father, Agha sahib, fainted when he was about to reveal a truth.

Episode 2

Air Date: 22-Sep-2021

Sabeen’s father, hurt by Nazia’s words, gets a heart attack and dies. The doctor reveals that the heart attack was caused by medicine overdose that means he committed suicide. Nazia doesn’t tell anyone about the refusal. Irtiza is afraid to marry again due to his first wife who cheated on him. 

Nabeel decides to refuse the proposal himself but they can’t find the bangles that Nazia gave them with the proposal. Due to the harsh conditions, Sabeen’s family moves to their uncle, Maira’s father’s house. Irtiza’s car is attacked but no harm is done. Sabeen’s mother hears Nazia backbiting about them.

Episode 3

Air Date: 29-Sep-2021

Nazia asks her friend Sami to find a nice rishta for Maira, who suggests that they should get rid of Sabeen’s family. Nazia locks Sabeen’s mother secretly, out of the house. She gets a stroke and is paralyzed. Maira was misbehaving with Sabeen, when Kamran slaps Maira.

Nazia talks to Sabeen’s mother about Kamran and Sabeen’s relationship. After recovery, Maira takes a promise from Kamran to marry Sabeen and divorce her as well. Sabeen succumbs to pressure and agrees to marry Kamran. Maira’s father, Mansoor asks for Nabeel and Sana’s marriage to be fixed as well.

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