Episode 1 (20-Feb-2021)

As Hafsa’s wedding approaches, Shakeela and her daughters; Zaba and Farah are summoned to Nadia’s house for domestic help. Hafsa gets insecure with her fiancé, Samad who earlier gave Zeba books for her upcoming exams. Nadia’s mentally challenged son Sahil becomes friends with Zeba. Hashim, Zeba’s fiancé gets furious at her for going away without her permission and later calls her to meet at an abandoned building.

Episode 2 (27-Feb-2021)

Zeba gets raped and is taken to the hospital. Siraj instructs the police to cover up the whole incident and the doctor examining Zeba and the police succumb to Siraj’s pressure. Hashim reaches home and acts nervously. Hafsa accuses Samad of the crime and breaks the engagement with him leaving everybody shocked.

Episode 3 (06-March-2021)

Hashim gets accused of raping Zeba but she claims that Sahil ruined her life. Sahil gets a terrible fit and is admitted to the hospital. Zeba and her family get trapped in Nadia’s house while nobody believes Zeba.

Episode 4 (13-March-2021)

Shakeela asks for forgiveness from Nadia, but Zeba threatens her. Siraj conspires to get rid of Zeba who slits her wrist out of frustration. Hafsa tries to rectify her relation with Samad who refuses to marry her. Hashim asks his mother to break ties with Zeba.

Episode 5 (20-March-2021)

Zeba confronts her mother for doubting her who vows to help her out. Samad questions Sahil about going out the night Zeba got raped. Sahil comes to Zeba’s house and gets beaten up by her. Shakeela files a police complaint against Sahil.

Episode 6 (27-March-2021)

Sahil visits Samad to ask forgiveness for his sister who refuses to do so. Siraj sends goons to threaten Shakeela. Zeba goes to Nadia’s house and threatens them. Later on, she tells Samad about Sahil’s act. The police arrest Hashim for the alleged crime.

Episode 7 (03-Apr-2021)

Hashim gets arrested in Zeba’s rape case and his mother seeks help from Siraj to get him out of jail. Samad questions Hashim about that night. The police asks Zeba to produce medical records as proof who then goes to the doctor but finds no proof. She soon discovers the grim fact that she is pregnant.

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