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  1. Mohammed Muzaffar Thakur from America August 26, 2022

    I like your drama. The acting of each actor is mind boggling. The story is perfect and there is no scope of criticism. The role of Ahsan Hayat, Sara and zaheen is appreciable. I am watching this drama in America with all members of the family. The Indian dramas have lost their place in Muslim homes because of nudity and obscene traits. The houses are better than the houses of West. God bless you.

    1. Mohammed August 31, 2022

      I’ve recently started watching Pakistani dramas and always wondered why people from the South Asian communities never progress in terms of family values and ethics…theses dramas are the reason why, lies, deceit, revenge, hate, hurt, egotistic behaviour, serious and hurtful domestic violence are all on open display and very rarely challenged openly in these dramas apart from 30 seconds of the last episode where everyone forgives each other. The story lines are always all the same… Wouldn’t it be refreshing if theses behaviours were immediately clamped down on, frowned upon, the perpetrator admonished and those affected seen to live a happy life together rather than those affected be mentally tortured …

    2. Ahsen Sahab September 2, 2022

      Then what are you doing in the land of liberty with such shitty conservative mindset of yours! Why don't you go back to the land of corruption, dishonesty, theft, extremism, intolerance, violence?

      1. Ahsen Sahab September 2, 2022

        My comment was meant for Muzaffar Thakur.

  2. Anonymous September 18, 2022

    So cute

  3. Rana Jhanzaib September 21, 2022

    Shittest storyline and DRAG drama i have ever seen. Pathetic Storyline Pathetic acting. Pathetic direction DRAG FOR NO REASON.

  4. nouman September 26, 2022

    i want Showbiz industries join krna i like acting

  5. Isha prayer September 27, 2022

    Masha Allah this series is just awesome! I love watching Pakistani series as it's decent. One can enjoy watching with family without any hesitation.