• Start Date: 21-Sep-2021
  • End Date: 26-Apr-2022
  • Total Episodes: 32
  • Episode Duration: 40 minutes
  • Production Company: Next Level Entertainment, Six Sigma Plus
  • TV Channel: ARY Digital
  • Tags: , , , ,

    Cast & Crew

    Haroon Shahid

    Junaid (Zarrar's brother) 

    Srha Asghar

    Samra (Zarrar's sister) 

    Shehryar Zaidi

    Safeer (Zarrar's father) 

    Saba Hamid

    Firdous (Zarrar's mother)

    Salman Saeed

    Raheel (Zoonie's brother)

    Raja Haider

    Abid (Zoonie's father)

    Tara Mahmood

    Salma (Zoonie's mother)

    Babar Ali

    Malik Furqan (Qaiser's father)

    Saima Qureshi

    Saeeda (Furqan's wife)



    Khalil Ahmed

    Director of Photography


    Episode 1 

    Air Date: 21-Sep-2021 

    Wedding preparations for Zarrar’s marriage to Zoonie and Zoonie’s brother’s marriage to Zarrar’s sister, Samra are going on. Zarrar leaves for Islamabad on a business trip and plans to return on his wedding day. Malik Furqan, a man of power, enforces his orphan niece, Meher to marry his disabled son, Qaiser. But his wife gets Meher secretly nikkafied to her nephew, Fawad.

    Malik Furqan searches for Meher in the whole city. Zarrar’s younger brother, Junaid, accidentally breaks Zoonie’s vase, at which she overreacts. This matter goes so out of hand that Zoonie warns Zarrar to finish their relationship. 

    Episode 2

    Air Date: 28-Sep-2021 

    Zarrar turns out to be Fawad’s friend. Junaid apologizes to Zoonie and settles things up. Fawad and Meher take shelter at Zarrar’s place in Islamabad. Fawad goes out to run some errands and gets killed. Mr. Malik doubts Fawad being involved in Meher running away, he threatens his wife to spill the truth.

    Zarrar and Meher are unable to find Fawad. Zarrar takes Meher with him to Karachi. He doesn’t tell anyone the truth, just introduces her as a friend’s wife, here to attend the wedding. Zoonie finds out that Meher is here without her husband and suspects the whole situation is mysterious.

    Episode 3

    Air Date: 05-Oct-2021

    Zoonie asks Zarrar about Meher. He clears her suspicions but she is still not satisfied. Malik wants to admit Qaiser to a hospital. Zarrar tells Meher about Fawwad’s death and she is hospitalized. Junaid clicks pictures of them together and sends them to Zoonie secretly who is devastated to see the two close together.

    Episode 4

    Air Date: 12-Oct-2021

    Mr. Malik attends Zarrar’s wedding and sees Meher. He is about to kill Meher when Zarrar stops him by revealing himself as her husband. Meher gets shot. Raheel threatens to divorce Samra, due to which Junaid offers to marry Zoonie. Zoonie nodes and they get married immediately.

    Episode 5

    Air Date: 26-Oct-2021

    Zoonie gets nikkah-fied to Junaid. Malik is still adamant to kill Meher and threatens Zarrar. Samra’s baraat gets looted on its way back. Zoonie regrets her decision to marry Junaid. Her mother pushes her to take revenge through Junaid. Everyone blames Zarrar and refuses to help him with Meher’s case. 

    Episode 6

    Air Date: 02-Nov-2021

    Samra is blamed for being bad luck for Raheel. Malik Feroze threatens to make Zarrar’s life hell, due to which Zarrar and Meher are allowed to stay in the house. Junaid considers his nikkah with Zoonie a victory over Zarrar. Safeer catches Meher trying to run away from the house.

    Episode 7

    Air Date: 09-Nov-2021

    Zoonie kicks Zarrar out of his room as it was her dowry’s furniture in it. Firdous insults Meher, and Zoonie threatens her as well. Safeer overhears his and Meher’s conversation and plans to get them married immediately. Zoonie pretends to like Juniad in order to get his help for her revenge.

    Episode 8

    Air Date: 16-Nov-2021

    Zarrar’s mother treats Meher like a maid while he is forced to give his car to Junaid who gets into an accident. Junaid is not hurt but is insulted by Zarrar. Zoonie gives her jewelry to Zarrar to cover the cost. Raheel and Samra fight relentlessly over petty matters.

    Episode 9

    Air Date: 23-Nov-2021

    Zarrar’s mother makes Meher do all the cooking for the get-together. Zoonie informs Samra and the whole family about Zarrar’s nikkah held secretly. Zarrar’s father tells everyone the whole story but they still blame Zarrar. Zoonie insults Meher but Zarrar stops her and takes Meher to shopping.

    Episode 10

    Air Date: 30-Nov-2021

    While Raheel and Samra are out for lunch, Zoonie finds her mother fainted and creates a scene. Zarrar leaves for Islamabad to attend a meeting. Meher goes with him which upsets Zoonie and she causes a fight between Samra and her mother-in-law.

    Episode 11

    Air Date: 07-Dec-2021

    Zarrar gets into a minor accident but informs no one at home. Junaid is unable to buy some dresses for Zoonie which results in a scuffle between the two. Samra gets pregnant. Meher takes care of Zarrar. Everyone finds out about Zarrar’s accident and his mother blames it on Meher. Zarrar gets upset about his mother’s behavior with Meher. 

    Episode 12

    Air Date: 14-Dec-2021

    Everyone is at Zarrar’s home to celebrate Zunaira’s birthday except for Junaid who has no idea how it’s his wife’s birthday today and is out having dinner with his friends. Later on, he and Zunaira have a dispute where Junaid almost slaps her. Not satisfied with the result, Zunaira fakes how Junaid slapped her and leaves for her mother’s home. Her mother forces Raheel to drop Samra at his in-laws’ home as well to avenge her daughter. Zarrar, Junaid, and their father Safeer come to pick up Zunaira where, despite not wanting to, Junaid apologizes to his wife and convinces her to come back. Through much effort, Junaid buys an expensive watch for Zunaira to make up to her but she smashes it on the ground after getting jealous of Zarrar and Meher heading out for an event together.

    Episode 13

    Air Date: 21-Dec-2021

    Junaid is sick in the morning and plans to take a nap to recover. Zunaira hides his mobile so he won’t be receiving any calls and then plays an act where her car starts malfunctioning on a deserted road. Without a phone, Junaid has no idea what’s up with his wife and so Zarrar comes to rescue Zunaira who’s acting like a damsel in distress. Zunaira reveals Meher’s past in the presence of guests which makes her parents-in-law disagree with her upon which she counterattacks by saying how badly she’s been treated in their house. She considers it her duty to mock Junaid and Meher whenever there’s a chance to do so, especially after Junaid leaves his job again. Junaid gets suspicious of Zunaira’s motives to drive a wedge between the two brothers and gets irritated at his brother for intervening between the couple.

    Episode 14

    Air Date: 28-Dec-2021

    Samra’s mother visits her while also wanting to bring her daughter back for a few days. This irritates Raheel’s mother who thinks her daughter-in-law has been backbiting about her. Zunaira resumes her pitiful act in front of Zarrar who rejects her, telling her to share her worries with Junaid. She then apologizes to Meher for her previous misconduct, not from the heart obviously. Raheel buys Samra a bracelet upon which his mother criticizes him for never being this nice to his mother and sister. After getting a fever, Zunaira offers to take Meher to a friend doctor where she directs her friend to give anti-pregnancy medicines. Later on, Junaid hears her plans while on the phone and stops Meher from consuming the medicine but doesn’t reveal the truth yet. Meanwhile, Zunaira’s father comes back from abroad where he and Zarrar’s family decide to convene for dinner together.

    Episode 15

    Air Date: 04-Jan-2022

    Zunaira keeps criticizing Junaid and Meher for being overly intimate each time they’re both having a normal conversation. Malik Furqan’s sole son’s mental health keeps getting worse upon which the doctor advises him to fulfill any stubborn desires in his son’s heart so as to relieve his mental pain. That desire of course is Meher. Zunaira and her father, Abid have a talk alone where they cook up some vigorous schemes. Zarrar’s mother keeps on treating Meher like a maid. Feeling ill and not in the mood, Meher talks back a bit which her mother-in-law minds a lot. Later, Abid agrees to collaborate with the CEO of Zarrar’s company on the condition that Zarrar is fired from his job. Junaid meets an old friend named Laiba who has just recently started work in the same place as him. Later, Firdous complains to her son about how his wife disrespected her. Zunaira sneaks into Meher’s room where she steals her bracelet. Later, she confuses Zarrar by posing how she found it in her room and makes him suspicious of his wife.

    Episode 16

    Air Date: 11-Jan-2022

    Zunaira mocks Junaid for being too caring of Meher at every chance she gets. Malik Furqan comes to apologize to Meher and her family but is insulted and given the get-lost call. Zunaira invites her family members to Junaid’s birthday and requests Meher to help her since she doesn’t know how to bake a cake. Once the cake is done, Zunaira begs Meher to deliver Junaid’s clothes to him since he’s taking a bath. Disagreeing at first, Meher finally agrees under Zunaira’s insistence. Once in the room, Zunaira frames them both for doing shameless stuff behind closed doors. Raheel, Samra, Zarrar, and his parents arrive as well. Enraged at the scene in front of him, Zarrar slaps his brother. Pitiful Junaid isn’t even given a chance to explain himself and leaves in fury. Meanwhile, Zarrar’s mother kicks Meher out of the house. Still pretending to be the wronged one, Zunaira finally leaves with her brother. Raheel abandons poor Samra at her parents’ house once again. Before leaving, Raheel and Zarrar criticize each other for whatever comes to mind. Meher comes across Zunaira’s doctor friend while walking aimlessly. Malik Furqan decides to marry his son to some other girl.

    Episode 17

    Air Date: 18-Jan-2022

    Zunaira’s doctor friend brings Meher to her home. From there, Meher finally reaches her uncle’s estate. Both her aunt and uncle become distressed after witnessing their niece’s miserable condition. She refuses to reveal the circumstances that led to her abandonment.. Malik Furqan plans to ruin Meher’s in-laws. Qaiser is overjoyed at her return and pesters her nonstop. Later, he accidentally knocks her out with a hardball. Zunaira plays a pitiful role in front of Zarrar and others. Junaid’s parents are upset about his whereabouts who sleeps in a hotel room. Zunaira’s parents decide to bring their daughter back and forbid Raheel’s wife from returning. Zarrar is haunted by Meher’s begging face before her departure. Not satisfied with the current level of chaos, Zunaira fakes a suicide attempt. Both Zarrar and Samra intervene in time and stop her ‘suicide’ attempt.

    Episode 18

    Air Date: 25-Jan-2022

    The female doctor reveals the news of Meher’s pregnancy to her aunt. Junaid is confessing his sorrows to his friend Laiba. His father sees them together and takes him back home. The whole family interrogates him about his whereabouts the previous night. Raheel barges in and demands for Junaid to divorce his sister. Junaid is on the verge of fulfilling Raheel’s wish when Samra intervenes. She pleads to her brother not to divorce his wife. Otherwise, her own marriage shall be ruined as well. Due to the depression, Samra falls unconscious and is moved to the hospital. Malik Furqan is bent on cutting all ties with Zarrar and his family. He’s also of the mind to throttle Meher’s child before birth. That way, he can marry her again while she’s still young. Laiba suggests Junaid to divorce Zunaira and end his suffering. She also tells him to move to the UK with her and let her father solve his every problem. Zunaira’s emotional dramas continue throughout the episode.

    Episode 19

    Air Date: 01-Feb-2022

    Samra is grasped by desperation as she shares her sorrows with her mother. Meher and her aunt come to meet Zarrar but bump into Zunaira first. She spares no effort in insulting them and drives the duo away. Junaid’s mother scolds him for ruining his sister’s marriage. Samra later begs Junaid to plead her case in front of her in-laws. Malik Furqan is irritated at Meher heading outside since he’d already arranged a doctor at home. Her aunt lies about having also visited a doctor. She then begs her husband not to throttle Meher’s child before birth. He agrees but only with a condition that how he’ll spare the child when Meher gets a divorce. Her aunt protests but Meher finally agrees. Zarrar is shocked as well as confused after Malik Furqan hands over the divorce agreement. He refuses to sign the document. Junaid and Laiba prepare to head abroad within a week. Zarrar shares Meher’s demand for divorce with his father. He then rejects his father’s suggestion to have a face-to-face talk with Malik Furqan.

    Episode 20

    Air Date: 08-Feb-2022

    Malik Furqan firms his belief in strangling his niece’s child before birth. He reveals his decision to his wife and later calls the lady doctor to get the job done. He even tries to bribe her into doing his bidding. The doctor refuses saying that it’s impossible to kill the child without letting Meher. Meher’s aunt advises her against her hasty decision of getting a divorce. Zunaira discovers the documents her husband has prepared for going abroad. She throws a tantrum which results in Junaid being criticized and condemned by his family members. Later, her parents arrive as well and chide Junaid. Raheel then calls his wife and blames her for the sins of her brother. Zarrar blocks Junaid and both get into a heated argument over Junaid’s decision. Meher hears her uncle concocting evil plans to fulfill her and Zarrar’s divorce agreement. She then tears the said documents apart.

    Episode 21

    Air Date: 15-Feb-2022

    Meher sneaks out of home but Malik Furqan manages to bring her back home. He and his wife berate their niece for her stupidity before locking her in her room. Meher implores her aunt to help her escape and reveals how her uncle created fake divorce papers through underhanded tactics. Zarrar couldn’t bear to see his sister in despair. He pays a visit to Raheel in his office only to be criticized and then leaves. Laiba reassures Junaid on how all his worries will vanish in thin air after reaching abroad. Meher and her aunt formulate a plan to let her escape. They play an act where Meher becomes sick all of a sudden and is in need of a doctor. Malik Furqan accompanies them but is forced to leave midway as his son Qaiser’s condition worsens. The doctors announce their inability to save Qaiser and so Malik Furqan becomes childless. He and his wife grieve for the loss of their only child. Meher consoles her aunt at this difficult moment. Junaid’s parents question him for abandoning his job. He gives a lengthy speech on having left the job only for a far better opportunity. Later, he proposes to Laiba and suggests marrying before heading abroad. Laiba’s face becomes blessed with a happy smile.

    Episode 22

    Air Date: 22-Feb-2022

    Zunaira’s parents suggest for their daughter to demand a divorce. Malik Furqan’s wife taunts him about how he is facing the karma he accumulated. She relates her son’s death to his wish of executing Mehr’s child. Malik Furqan defends himself by pointing out the amount of wealth he spent on his child’s treatment. His health deteriorates while giving thought to his wife’s words from a while back. Junaid reaches cloud nine after marrying Laiba. His newly-wed bride herself feels like walking on the pavement of seventh heaven. Junaid sends his wedding photos to his first-wife Zunaira. Zoonie’s disposition to create chaos accelerates after witnessing her husband cuddling next to another woman. Samra gives birth to a son. Raheel visits her only for the purpose of seeing his son. He then refuses Samra’s request to let her accompany him. Junaid divorces Zunaira and runs off to London.

    Episode 23

    Air Date: 01-Mar-2022

    Raheel pays a visit to his wife and son in the hospital. He leaves soon after spending some time with his son. Samra is once again left alone to fend for herself. Junaid is sort of a devil incarnate for both Zunaira’s as well as his own family. He grows weary from explaining himself time and time again. His newlywed wife consoles him. Meher’s day of delivery finally arrives. Her aunt invites Zarrar to pay a visit but the latter declines her wish. Malik Furqan is beyond happy to take his niece’s child into his arms. Samra and her parents manage to convince Zarrar to marry Zunaira. Both Samra, as well as Zunaira’s difficulties, will be resolved that way. Zoonie’s father rejects the incoming proposal all of a sudden. His wife later bickers with him regarding the benefits of marrying Zoonie to Zarrar. 

    Episode 24

    Air Date: 08-Mar-2022

    Zunaira makes a half-hearted suicide attempt. The doctors refuse to offer treatment since it’s a police case. Zarrar’s father, who’s also a doctor, helps Zunaira receive timely treatment. Abid agrees to marry his daughter to Zarrar. Raheel brings his wife and child back home. Samra’s parents feel ecstatic to see their two children starting new lives. Malik Furqan comes to convince Zarrar to accept Meher. He even mentions Meher bearing Zarrar’s child but the latter refuses to believe a word from him. Zarrar and Zunaira are successfully married. The newlywed Zoonie is a bit distressed to see Zarrar still thinking of Meher. Meher’s uncle transfers a chunk of his property as well as his huge bungalow to her name. He then accompanies her to Zarrar’s home once again. Zarrar’s family members taunt Meher for flaunting somebody else’s child in front of them. Zunaira pressurizes her husband to divorce Meher then and there.

    Episode 25

    Air Date: 15-Mar-2022

    Meher and her uncle decide to head toward Zarrar’s house one last time. All in the hope that Zarrar’s heart will melt finally and he shall accept his wife and son. Zunaira kicks both of them out ruthlessly. Later, she even requests her mother-in-law to convince Zarrar into divorcing Meher. Meher falls into despair and finally agrees to seek divorce. Her aunt tries to talk her out of her decision but Meher refuses to budge. Junaid and his wife, Laiba are disgusted after knowing of Zunaira’s immediate marriage with his brother. Malik Furqan feels like a mountain of guilt is pressing down upon his chest. His sole purpose now is to seek redemption for his previous sins from Allah Almighty. Zarrar accidentally bumps across the pregnancy reports of Meher. He later verifies the document’s authenticity from Zunaira’s doctor friend. He then confronts Zunaira in a rage and demands an explanation for her insidious behavior.

    Episode 26

    Air Date: 22-Mar-2022

    Zarrar questions Zunaira regarding the reason she concealed news of Meher’s pregnancy. The wretched woman is still trying to spin tales and splash dirty water upon Meher. Raheel’s father suffers from a severe heart attack after a failed business endeavor. He dies soon after. All of Raheel’s family members, particularly Zunaira, feel devastated upon Abid’s death. Interestingly, Abid had transferred half of his property in his dear daughter’s name before his death. Zunaira’s mother warns her to tread lightly now that the pillar supporting all her wishes is no more! Zarrar learns the truth of Zunaira’s treachery as well as Meher’s innocence from the lady doctor. Junaid is bombarded with a ton of curses after the poor fellow contacts his mother. He questions her stupidity at having married his brother to the poisonous witch, Zunaira. In the meanwhile, Malik Furqan delivers yet another divorce-seeking letter to Zarrar. The latter’s brain cells get screwed and so he rushes to confront his first wife.

    Episode 27

    Air Date: 29-Mar-2022

    Zarrar barges into Malik Furqan’s house despite being blocked. He then takes away his son by resorting to brute force. Meher’s uncle is furious after knowing of his grandson’s ‘kidnapping’. He pulls a few strings and thus, the area’s DSP supports him in getting Salaar back. Zunaira continues pestering Zarrar with her lies and deceit. Her condition worsens while she’s busy bickering with Zarrar. The reports confirm the news of her pregnancy. Zarrar resorts to cheap tricks by throwing dirty water on Meher’s character in court. However, there’s no proof of Meher’s ‘clandestine activities’ and ‘betrayals’. Hence, no outcome is delivered. However, the court allows Zarrar to visit his son once a week. Raheel is enraged to witness his sister’s ‘misery’. He suggests taking her away but Zunaira declines his request. Back at his home, Raheel’s mother is fretting over the injustice against her daughter. She demands to meet Zarrar and settle the issue once and for all.

    Episode 28

    Air Date: 30-Mar-2022

    Zarrar has an ominous dream regarding his son Salaar. He immediately heads off to pay his son a visit. Coincidentally, Salaar’s situation has worsened in reality as well. Zarrar then accompanies Meher to the hospital. Meher’s aunt spends some effort convincing Zarrar to let Meher re-enter his life. Unfortunately, Zarrar is in no way willing to compromise on the matter. Junaid comes back home along with Laiba. His mother denies letting her son in. He then gets involved in a car accident soon after; while still in a chaotic state of mind. His parents get freaked out and later bring the couple back home. Both Zarrar as well as his wife, Zunaira are disgusted to see him coming back into their lives. Of course, Zunaira won’t let such a good opportunity to curse others slip by. Meher is thoroughly disappointed after knowing of the allegations put on her by Zarrar. Raheel is planning to head off abroad and settle his business there permanently.

    Episode 29

    Air Date: 05-Apr-2022

    Laiba is disgusted by Zunaira’s sharp tongue. Zarrar’s mother is also enraged but feels helpless because of her daughter Samra’s situation. Malik Furqan has gathered undeniable proof and is on the winning side in court. Zunaira tries manipulating Zarrar into telling his brother to buzz off but to no avail. She then calls her mother to announce her arrival. Zunaira finally reveals the news of her planning and vile strategies to her mother. Unfortunately for her, Raheel and Samra overhear her talking as well. Raheel then kicks his sister out of his home in anger. Later, he requests Samra to keep quiet out of sympathy for his sister. Zunaira blackmails her doctor friend and threatens to reveal the proof of her lack of work ethic. Zarrar’s mother is baffled after learning the truth from Samra. She then begs her son for forgiveness. She also reaches out to Meher’s aunt and advocates for peace.

    Episode 30

    Air Date: 12-Apr-2022

    Meher finally yields to her aunts’ persistent requests and heads back home with Firdous. Zarrar and Zoonie erupt like volcanoes at the sight of Meher. Both are in favor of letting her buzz off in the blink of an eye. Firdous defends her daughter-in-law and refuses to give into Zarrar’s demands. Laiba and Meher get along perfectly and have a nice heart-to-heart conversation with each other. Samra also apologizes to her brother Junaid over her past mistrust of him. Salaar becomes ill due to Zarrar’s negligence. Later, Zunaira feeds him with a medicinal overdose which worsens his condition even more. His parents then rush to the hospital with their child in a hurry. The doctor reveals the matter of medicinal overdose to them. Both Zarrar and Zunaira are troubled by the matter but have no clue who did it.

    Episode 31

    Air Date: 19-Apr-2022

    Firdous blames Zunaira for attempting to kill her grandson. Zunaira refutes her accusations and defends herself in a panic. Laiba’s wall of patience soon collapses and she sheds light on the truth in Zarrar’s presence. The man is significantly shocked at Zunaira’s chess game. He soon kicks her out of his home. Zarrar apologizes to his aggrieved brother with teary eyes and a heart full of remorse. The wicked witch from the east makes quite a fuss back at her brother’s house. She attempts to force Samra out first and later tries to commit suicide. Raheel grants her the long-due slap; which effectively brings her back to her senses. Zarrar soon delivers divorce papers to Zunaira, willing to have none of her bullshit anymore. Meher is adamant about leaving once again, this time permanently. Zarrar and Firdous make continuous attempts to convince her against such a step but Meher refuses.

    Episode 32 (Last Episode) 

    Air Date: 26-Apr-2022

    Zunaira goes through a miscarriage and feels traumatized as well as regretful over her past misconduct. She then blames her parents for spoiling her since childhood. Raheel is bent on leaving for abroad where his entire business is established. He along with his mother fails to convince his sister to join them who decides to live alone. Laiba attempts to persuade Meher into staying behind but the latter remains unconvinced. In the same way, all of Zarrar’s advances are rejected by his wife. Finally, Zarrar gives a heartwarming speech on the day of Meher’s departure. Her heart finally melts and so she accepts her husband’s embrace yet again. Months later, Raheel has successfully settled his business abroad. On the contrary, his mother remains worried for her daughter. One day, Zunaira feels suffocated after chatting with her mother. She rushes out in a hurry and is hit by a speeding car because of her lack of awareness. Thus, the once insolent girl is reduced to a miserable state all because of her greed and narcissism. 

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