• Start Date: 2-Mar-2022
  • End Date: 4-Aug-2022
  • Total Episodes: 44
  • Episode Duration: 40 minutes
  • Production Company: 7th Sky Entertainment
  • TV Channel: GEO TV
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    Cast & Crew

    Episode 1

    Air Date: 02-Mar-2022

    The episode begins with Wali’s dramatic entry where he visits his childhood house. Since his childhood, he has been called a low-born as he was born to a dancer. Being abandoned by his mother who always chose money over him, Wali has become a violent monster. Bia is on her way to Karachi on a train. She is a naive girl who lives in a protected shell. Bia along with her mother, Mehrunnisa has come to attend the wedding of Wali’s cousin, Qandeel. Wali enters his home and is enraged to see his half-sister, Annie on a magazine cover. Just then, he has an unpleasant encounter with Bia. Annie wants to pursue an acting and modeling career and is ready to take a stand for herself. Wali allows her to fulfill her dreams while remaining within limits. Meanwhile, a spark of love has started to ignite in Wali’s heart towards Bia.

    Episode 2

    Air Date: 03-Mar-2022

    After being reprimanded by Wali, Bia is bound to go back to Nawabshah. Daniyal and her fiancé, Huda comfort her by taking her out shopping. Daniyal is a family-oriented guy who has taken responsibility for his sister, Qandeel’s wedding. Wali is cursed by his uncle and aunt for his mother, Laila’s character, reminding him of the defamation connected to her. Laila asks Annie not to challenge Wali as he is the one who provides their luxurious lifestyle. After his father’s death, Wali is only close to his foster mother who brought him up with utmost love and care. Meanwhile, wedding festivities have started in the house with everyone enjoying except Wali who has no interest in dance and music. Annie is infuriated as she is not allowed to leave her house due to Wali’s orders. Mehrunnisa becomes restless while thinking about Bia’s marriage as she hears Narmeen’s spiteful comments regarding class and status. Wali feels even more attracted towards Bia and feels pleasure in scaring her off.

    Episode 3

    Air Date: 09-Mar-2022

    Bia locks herself in a room and is petrified that Wali might kill her. Narmeen is worried about her daughter’s wedding which can be jeopardized by Wali’s mischiefs. Qandeel and Huda advise Bia to enjoy the wedding or else Wali will terrify her even more. Annie is offered a huge role in a film and she decides to sign it despite her mother’s refusal. Daniyal sees Wali apologizing to Bia and thinks as if he is harassing her. A heated argument ensues between the two. In his fury, Wali bursts onto his mother asking for her permission to let him leave the house once and forever. Wali finds Bia napping in the study room and is fascinated by her beauty. Narmeen convinces her husband, Akbar (Mehmood Aslam) to announce the engagement ceremony of Daniyal and Huda. Akbar refuses to do so until his niece, Huda is entitled to her father’s property. At Qandeel’s Mehndi ceremony, Bia stumbles upon Wali and he can’t stop staring at her. 

    Episode 4

    Air Date: 10-Mar-2022

    Wali informs his uncle, Akbar that he wants to gift a house to Qandeel at her wedding. Wali sees Bia dancing at the Mehndi ceremony and he can’t stop admiring her. Daniyal promises Huda that he will never leave her side no matter what. Annie plans a strategy to keep Wali out of the loop while she completes her shoot for the film abroad. Daniyal feels infatuated with Bia and tries to flirt with her. She gets uncomfortable and manages to escape from there. Huda feels slightly jealous seeing Daniyal film Bia while she’s dancing. Wali teasingly punishes Bia to wash and iron all his clothes as a result of splattering turmeric all over him during the Mehndi ceremony. Annie buys a new house for herself where she can live without Wali’s restrictions. Wali’s mother gets the idea that her son is in love with Bia.

    Episode 5

    Air Date: 16-Mar-2022

    Wali decides to gather the courage to inform his mother about his love for Bia. At the wedding ceremony, Daniyal sneakingly gazes at Bia as she looks breathtakingly gorgeous whilst ignoring his fiancé, Huda. Huda argues with Daniyal and asks him to keep a distance from Bia. Laila loses consciousness after being haunted by her loneliness. Just when Wali is about to tell his mother about the love of his life, he receives the news of Laila’s unconsciousness, so he rushes to her. Laila assures him that she will be fine and advises him to attend the wedding. As he leaves, she regretfully cries while thinking of her past where she ignored her son for the sake of her career. Daniyal expresses his liking for Bia to her. Wali encounters them and beats Daniyal for his evil intentions towards Bia. Daniyal conveniently tries to put the whole blame on Wali in front of the family. When Bia is asked to reveal the truth, she blackouts. 

    Episode 6

    Air Date: 17-Mar-2022

    Mehrunnisa is devastated as her daughter’s respect is tarnished. Akbar declares to marry Bia with Wali and asks Daniyal to call the Moulvi. Wali happily agrees but requests to ask Bia to expose the real culprit. Bia confesses to everyone that Daniyal is the real sinner. Daniyal denies accepting the blame and keeps cussing Wali. Akbar slaps Daniyal and announces his Nikah with Bia. Narmeen and Daniyal are in despair hearing this news. Wali is enraged with this decision and offers his help to Bia. Mehrunnisa refrains Bia from going with Wali. Wali tells his mother that he wants to marry Bia but she strictly prohibits him from doing so. He begs her to stop this mistreatment with Bia but to no avail. During this predicament, Bia is forced to marry Daniyal. Huda’s heart aches to see her fiancé marry another girl. Annie keeps rejecting her mother’s calls whilst enjoying her life abroad.

    Episode 7

    Air Date: 23-Mar-2022

    Daniyal enters Huda’s room to empathize with her but finds out that she has already left. Bia is in agony and can’t stop thinking about last night’s horrifying incident. Akbar and Narmeen are worried about Huda’s whereabouts. Wali’s mother asks them to stay patient during these tough times. She suggests keeping the news of Daniyal’s Nikah confidential at Qandeel’s reception. Narmeen gets offended and blames her for inviting lowlifes like Mehrunnisa and Bia to their house because of whom her son’s happiness is sacrificed. In her rage, she disparages Bia and asks her to get out of her house. Bia reprehends her mother for getting her Nikah done with Daniyal. Narmeen advocates Daniyal to keep Bia a prisoner instead of divorcing her. At Qandeel’s reception, Mehrunnisa breaks the news of Bia and Daniyal’s Nikah to Qandeel’s in-laws who get annoyed at Narmeen for keeping such important news under wraps.

    Episode 8

    Air Date: 24-Mar-2022

    Wali asks Daniyal to fix things with Qandeel’s husband, Kashif, and his family who suspect that something is fishy. Daniyal cajoles Kashif’s mother who lets go of all her complaints on a promise of a grand dinner. Wali can’t bear the sight of Bia with Daniyal and leaves the reception heartbroken. On his way home, he is astonished to see Annie with a guy in the same city contrary to what Laila said to him about Annie being in the northern areas. Akbar asks Narmeen that the news of Huda’s exit from their house shouldn’t reach her father at any cost. Bia tells Qandeel her side of the story and asks her to make Huda understand to take her out of this mess. Wali confronts his mother, Laila, and is fierce to know that Annie ran away from the house. Qandeel trusts Bia and asks her parents to accept things as they are. She requests Daniyal not to breach his Nikah with Bia.

    Episode 9

    Air Date: 30-Mar-2022

    Akbar finds Wali and Daniyal in the middle of a heated argument related to Bia. He asks Wali to mind his business and not to interfere in Daniyal’s married life. Bia enters Wali’s room to ask for his help but Mehreen does not allow her to speak to him. Daniyal records a video of Bia leaving Wali’s room to blackmail her. Wali digs out the address of Annie’s new house and arrives there. He begs her to return home but she remains firm in her refusal. Daniyal plays a facade of being a good son and apologizes to his father. Akbar decides to forgive him only if he accepts Bia as his wife and treats her with respect. Akbar asks Mehreen to request Mehrunnisa for Bia’s rukhsati. Mehrunnisa slaps Bia after she refuses. Qandeel speaks to Huda and advises her to give Daniyal a chance. Huda reveals to her about Daniyal’s previous history of sexual abuse and does not wish to be fooled once again.

    Episode 10

    Air Date: 31-Mar-2022

    Mehreen asks Wali not to be too strict with Annie and let her fulfill all her desires. Annie goes mad after finding out that she has been replaced for her role in the movie. Preparations for Daniyal and Bia’s wedding start and Wali is distressed to witness them. Daniyal being delusional blames Wali for his marriage with Bia. Parveen, the housemaid helps Bia run away from the house to avenge her younger sister, Nasreen’s death which was caused as a result of Daniyal’s sexual abuse. But before Bia could run away, he finds it out and sabotages her plan. Daniyal locks Bia in the servant quarter and molests her on their Mehendi night. Later, he aggressively beats up Parveen for helping Bia run. After Parveen reveals the truth to Wali, he boils with anger and runs to Bia’s room to rescue her but she rejects his help.

    Episode 11

    Air Date: 06-Apr-2022

    Wali is in despair after Bia rejects his help. Mehrunnisa tries to cheer Bia up for her wedding but she seems oddly distrait. After losing her role in the film, Annie drives recklessly and gets into a car crash. To displease Wali, Daniyal deliberately tries to involve him in his wedding customs. Qandeel asks Wali to pick up Bia from the salon and drive her to the venue. But since Bia’s burning up with fever, Wali takes her to a clinic first. Meanwhile, the wedding function has started and Daniyal is exasperated with Qandeel for leaving Bia with Wali. Thinking that Wali has eloped with Bia, Daniyal heads out to find them but just then, Wali arrives with Bia. Daniyal blames Wali for having evil intentions for his beautiful bride and calls him a “Badzaat” (of base origin).

    Episode 12

    Air Date: 07-Apr-2022

    Wali enviously glares at Daniyal and Bia while they are sitting on the stage as a couple. Seeing Bia’s dejection, Kashif suspects that she is being forced into this marriage but Daniyal elucidates his suspicions by acting all nice. All of a sudden, Huda makes her dramatic entry and Qandeel tries to stall Kashif to keep the truth under wraps. Huda thanks Bia for saving her from a lecherous man like Daniyal and clarifies that she has no sorrow about losing him. Annie gains consciousness and finds Wali in the hospital. Enraged by Huda’s ugly dialogues, Daniyal chokes Bia on their wedding night and sets the room on fire. Everyone in the house wakes up after the fire alarm goes off and Bia is rescued. Narmeen blames Bia for bringing bad vibes to the house while Daniyal continues with his pretense of being a nobleman. Wali returns from the hospital and finds out about the fire. He instantly understands that it must be Daniyal’s conspiracy to kill Bia and he warns his mother by telling her that Bia is not in safe hands.

    Episode 13

    Air Date: 13-Apr-2022

    Daniyal continues his facade of being all nice in front of Mehrunnisa. When Bia tries to blow his gaff, he threatens Bia to hurt her mother if she backfires. Feeling helpless, Bia bluntly asks Mehrunnisa to leave the house and never come back again. Narmeen goes on with slandering Bia and Mehrunnisa and wants to kick them out of the house. However, Akbar knows that Daniyal is the real crook and can’t be trusted. Parveen discovers the truth that Daniyal committed arson and goes straight to divulge Wali about it. While leaving the house, Mehrunnisa admits to Wali her mistake of choosing a wrongful partner for Bia and requests Wali to take care of her daughter while she is away. Daniyal terrorizes Parveen to cut her into pieces if she reveals to anyone that he attempted to kill Bia in the fire. 

    Episode 14

    Air Date: 14-Apr-2022

    Qandeel and Kashif plan a honeymoon trip for Daniyal and Bia but Narmeen refuses to send them off as she can’t bear the thought of Bia living a deluxe life. Daniyal eavesdrops on Wali’s conversation with his mother, Laila, and finds out that Annie is hospitalized after Wali got her replaced in the film. Taking benefit of this opportunity, he teams up with Annie and plans a new conspiracy against Wali. This ends up with Annie holding a press conference casting aspersions on Wali’s integrity. After seeing himself getting defamed on television, Wali raids the press conference and thwarts Annie’s malicious plans. Narmeen demands Qandeel to take forward Daniyal’s proposal for Huda once again and convince her parents to marry Huda to Daniyal. Meanwhile, Daniyal flirtatiously manipulates Annie to keep fighting against Wali.

    Episode 15

    Air Date: 20-Apr-2022

    Due to Daniyal’s instigation, Annie files a complaint against Wali at the police station. Daniyal applauds her courage and they decide to celebrate their victory over a dinner. He takes Annie to a well-furnished house owned by him and offers her to stay there after Annie got kicked out of her place. The police arrive to arrest Wali at his house but due to Akbar Hussain’s influential power in the political world, the officers back off. Akbar furiously orders Wali to refrain from Laila and Annie and grounds him in the house until things settle down. Annie flips out after knowing that Wali was not arrested. Daniyal calms her down and offers to take her on a vacation where she can relax. The next day, Akbar is shocked to see his family’s reputation getting tarnished in the media. Daniyal is enraged after Akbar stops him from going on his vacation until everything goes back to normal.

    Episode 16

    Air Date: 21-Apr-2022

    Daniyal goes on with humiliating Bia obnoxiously. He asks Narmeen to give the housemaids off as Bia will perform all of the household chores herself. Annie is frustrated with Daniyal for bailing out on her at the last moment before their flight. Daniyal is busy helping his father deal with the media and insists she take the flight alone but Annie refuses. Narmeen goes around the house treating Bia like a maid making her realize that she is unworthy of Daniyal. Mehreen is upset seeing Bia work all day long despite having a high fever and confronts Narmeen for mistreating Bia. Narmeen shuts her off by putting all the blame on Daniyal. Wali decides to take Bia to the hospital but he gets into a feud with Daniyal after he stops him from taking Bia anywhere. Annie is ecstatic to find out that Daniyal has set her up for an international brand shoot that is quite bold and outrageous.

    Episode 17

    Air Date: 27-Apr-2022

    Seeing Bia being maltreated by Daniyal, Wali urges Akbar to take some action and help her lead a peaceful life. Narmeen impoisons Daniyal against Wali so he once again hatches a plot to hurt Wali. When Akbar asks Daniyal to let Bia continue her studies, he requests Wali to get Bia admitted into a reputable college. Wali takes Bia to the college and on their way, a trio of goons attacks them, kidnapping Bia and shooting Wali in the process. Turns out that the goons were sent by Daniyal and he acts innocent in front of the family as well as Annie. In the hospital, Mehreen and Narmeen are worried about Bia’s absence and Daniyal despite knowing about Bia’s whereabouts, keeps pretending that he is unaware of it. Wali gains consciousness and informs Akbar about Bia’s abduction. Akbar becomes enraged thinking that Wali’s rivals have kidnapped Bia in his enmity. Meanwhile, Mehrunnisa is restless after having bad instincts about her daughter.

    Episode 18

    Air Date: 28-Apr-2022

    Akbar is determined to avenge the attack on Wali and Bia. Seeing his rage, Daniyal is scared that if the truth comes out, he be kicked out of the house. So, he keeps brainwashing Akbar against Wali by feeding malicious scenarios in his brain that Wali got Bia abducted. Laila flips out after finding out that Wali got shot and she rushes to the hospital to see him. Seeing her in the hospital, Mehreen badmouths her and does not allow her to meet Wali. Despite being in a miserable state, Wali sneaks out of the hospital to file a report for Bia’s abduction. In the station, the police officer is reluctant to file the complaint and keeps belittling Bia. Things don’t seem well for Qandeel at her in-laws after they find out that Bia got abducted and that Narmeen lied to them that Bia is at her mother’s house.

    Episode 19

    Air Date: 11-May-2022

    Narmeen is worried for Qandeel as she is facing a hard time with her in-laws. Daniyal goes on with indoctrinating Akbar by telling him that Wali exposed the news of Bia’s abduction all around. Parveen finds Bia in an unconscious state outside the house and informs everyone about it. Daniyal pretends to be devastated seeing Bia in a miserable state. Wali tries to meet Bia to inquire about the kidnappers but Daniyal restrains him from doing so. To make Wali’s life even more complicated, Daniyal shows him explicit pictures of Annie from a photoshoot campaign that she’s been doing for an international brand. Wali boils with anger seeing the photos and rushes to his mother’s house. He bursts onto Laila and declares to cut all his ties with her and Annie. Qandeel arrives at the house with Kashif where Kashif keeps interrogating Daniyal about Bia just so he spills the beans about the true incident of Bia’s abduction which Daniyal and his family have been trying to keep under wraps.

    Episode 20

    Air Date: 12-May-2022

    Akbar asks the police to investigate the case further to see whether or not Wali was involved in it. The police officer assures him that Wali was nowhere involved in the case. Daniyal is infuriated to hear this news and keeps telling Akbar that Wali got his name cleaned through the influential power of his mother. Akbar does not believe him and wants to take the case back to keep his family’s reputation intact. Worried for her daughter, Mehrunnisa travels all the way from Nawabshah to meet her. But before she could enter the house, Daniyal insults her and kicks her out. Bia eavesdrops on Daniyal’s evil plans against Wali to frame him for the abduction. Concerned for Wali, she quickly asks Wali to take her to the police station so that she can elucidate the details of her kidnapping. Akbar is furious to find out that Wali took Bia to the station despite knowing the fact that he wants to withdraw from the case. Daniyal continues playing the role of an abusive husband and slaps Bia for setting foot outside the house and that too with Wali. 

    Episode 21

    Air Date: 18-May-2022

    Daniyal’s persuasiveness to prove Wali the culprit annoys Akbar and he strictly tells Daniyal to work towards finding the real culprit instead of trying to prove Wali a criminal. Bia goes to Wali to apologize to him for causing him trouble by taking him to the police station. Seeing a bruise on Bia’s face, Wali boils with anger but Bia asks him not to interfere in her life. Narmeen sees Bia talking to Wali and goes straight to Mehreen asking her to get Wali’s marriage fixed. Mehreen finds a girl for Wali and shows him the photograph of her but Wali immediately refuses the proposal. Kashif’s nosiness to find out about his in-law’s secrets continues and he convincingly takes Qandeel to her house. Upon meeting Bia, Kashif curiously asks her the cause of the bruise on her face. Narmeen quickly covers up Daniyal’s brutal actions by lying that Bia hurt herself by falling in the bathroom. 

    Episode 22

    Air Date: 19-May-2022

    Daniyal blames Bia for Wali’s refusal to marry. As a result, she begs Wali to accept the proposal as she can no longer tolerate her character being assassinated by her husband. Seeing Bia’s misery, Wali decides to sacrifice himself and agrees to marry. Narmeen restrains Mehreen from inviting Mehrunnisa to Wali’s wedding ceremony. Akbar calls his secret agent Raju and asks him to find out about the person who attempted to murder Wali. Turns out that Raju is the same guy who abducted Bia. Daniyal and Wali rush Bia to the hospital after she falls unconscious only to find that she is expecting a baby. Narmeen and Daniyal are bummed to hear this news and want Bia to abort the baby. According to them, Bia is not worthy of bearing the heir of the family. Wali is heartbroken to find out that Bia is pregnant so Daniyal takes the opportunity to tease him even more.

    Episode 23

    Air Date: 25-May-2022

    Wali asks Bia to talk to her mother once as she is really worried and upset for her daughter. Daniyal informs Annie about Wali’s marriage and she flies back to Pakistan to instigate Laila against Wali who kept this news from her. When Akbar calls Raju to the house to discuss matters of their investigation, Bia identifies him and immediately informs Wali about it. Wali decides to keep quiet and not take any action until he gathers solid proof against the culprit. On Wali’s wedding day before leaving for the ceremony, Bia falls unconscious after she spots Raju secretly talking to Daniyal. In the hospital, the doctor informs Daniyal that Bia suffered a nervous breakdown due to which she had a miscarriage. Listening to this news, Narmeen and Daniyal take a sigh of relief as they eagerly wanted Bia to abort the baby. 

    Episode 24

    Air Date: 26-May-2022

    Wali’s in-laws are mad at Mehreen for not arriving at the venue on time. However, after Mehreen’s constant insistence, Wali finally arrives home from the hospital and together with his mother goes to the wedding venue only to find his prospective bride getting married to her cousin. Little does anyone know that Narmeen called Wali’s prospective in-laws before to empoison them against Wali and his tainted background as Narmeen could not bear the sight of Wali marrying a prosperous girl. The entire family is embarrassed and leaves the venue with gloomy faces. As always Qandeel’s mother-in-law does not miss the opportunity to poke her nose in the situation and taunt Qandeel and her family. Akbar suspects that someone instigated Wali’s prospective in-laws and is determined to find out who had this ulterior motive. On the other hand, Wali is concerned for Bia’s health and spends the night at the hospital waiting for her to gain consciousness.

    Episode 25

    Air Date: 01-Jun-2022

    Mehreen mistrusts Wali and is embarrassed because of his negligence toward himself and his family. Seeing the clash between Wali and his mother, Narmeen grabs the chance to impair their relationship even more. She instigates Wali against his mother but miserably fails after Wali gives her a shut-up call. In the hospital, Bia gains consciousness and confronts Daniyal for his involvement with the kidnappers. He denies Bia’s allegation and keeps signifying that she needs mental help. Unable to control her emotions, Bia manages to call her mother and begs her to come and take her back. Akbar suggests that Mehreen marry Wali with Huda but she instantly refuses as she wants to let Wali make the decision this time. Narmeen asks Mehreen to send Wali abroad for a while until things get settled in their family. 

    Episode 26

    Air Date: 02-Jun-2022

    Bia is discharged from the hospital and as soon as she steps foot in the house, she is brushed off by Narmeen. However, Bia decides not to play a puppet anymore and vaguely threatens the mother-son duo about her vengeful intentions. Wali is puzzled about the kidnapper, so he hires a police sketch artist. Bia instructs the sketcher who draws a portrait of Raju. Wali shows the sketch of Raju to Akbar who is shocked and wants to confront Raju. Daniyal calls Raju and threatens him that he will be killed if he reveals the truth. Bia eavesdrops on his conversation and rushes to Akbar to spill the truth but Akbar turns a blind eye to her. Akbar confronts Raju to clear things out but Raju relentlessly denies all the allegations. Mehrunnisa takes a bold step and goes to meet a lawyer to look for a solution to rid Bia of her accidental marriage.

    Episode 27

    Air Date: 08-Jun-2022

    Bia threatens to expose Daniyal but he pokes fun at her for bluffing without any proof. Seeing Wali comforting Bia, Daniyal lures Akbar to them, portraying them as characterless. He thus creates a misunderstanding in Akbar’s heart about Wali’s bad intentions for Bia. Akbar is enraged and asks Wali to leave the house once and for all. Narmeen doesn’t miss a chance to badmouth Wali and asks Mehreen not to favor him anymore. After leaving the house, Wali is worried that his family will curse Bia to death and regrets leaving her alone with Daniyal. Daniyal gets drunk and celebrates his win with Annie with whom he has developed an extramarital affair. Wali spots them and is puzzled to see them interacting informally. While leaving the lawyer’s office, Mehrunnisa is hit by a car and is rushed to a hospital by a couple of strangers.

    Episode 28

    Air Date: 09-Jun-2022

    Mehreen curses Bia for ruining Wali’s life, giving her an ultimatum to bring him back to the house or else she will be kicked out too. Narmeen pleads with Mehreen not to test the family’s patience anymore by attempting to bring Wali back into the house. Wali can’t stop thinking about Annie and soon realizes that Daniyal is using her to take revenge on him. He tries to knock sense into Annie but she is head over heels for Daniyal and not ready to hear anything incriminating against him. The hospital informs Wali about Mehrunnisa’s critical condition so he rushes to the house to take Bia with him. Meanwhile, Bia has already decided to leave the house and despite Narmeen’s refusal, she packs her stuff and leaves with Wali. Narmeen tells everyone that Bia eloped with Wali concealing the truth about Mehrunnisa’s accident. 

    Episode 29

    Air Date: 15-Jun-2022

    Bia arrives at the hospital with Wali and is devastated to see her mother in the ICU. Seeing her daughter after a long time, Mehrunnisa takes a sigh of relief and before taking her last breath, gives Bia’s hand to Wali. Wali conducts Mehrunnisa’s burial in Nawabshah which remains unbeknown to Daniyal and his family. Meanwhile, Daniyal is busy finding Bia and returns home empty-handed. Akbar is enraged and fears that he will be defamed if the news of his daughter-in-law eloping from the house comes out. Daniyal suggests looking for Bia at her mother’s house but Narmeen advises against it. Despite knowing the fact that Mehrunnisa had an accident, she lies to Daniyal and Akbar that she has already tried reaching Mehrunnisa but couldn’t connect with her. Bia desires to stay at her mother’s house but Wali advises her to return to her husband to prevent her from being labeled as characterless.

    Episode 30

    Air Date: 16-Jun-2022

    Following Wali’s advice, Bia decides to leave her childhood house and to go back to her in-laws. The duo sets out for the city but their car runs out of fuel in the middle of a secluded area. Meanwhile, Akbar sends Raju to Mehrunnisa’s house to look for Bia. Upon reaching there, Raju is surprised to learn from Mehrunnisa’s landlord that Bia left the house and that Mehrunnisa died. Wali goes to look for fuel leaving Bia at a roadside restaurant. Seeing Wali’s care and concern for her, Bia wishes that her fate was connected to him instead of Daniyal. Raju spots Wali and before he is about to pursue him, Wali flees away with Bia. Finally, both of them return home but are not allowed to enter the house premises. Akbar orders Daniyal to divorce Bia and Daniyal divorces Bia right there and then.

    Episode 31

    Air Date: 22-Jun-2022

    Narmeen is elated to have finally rid her son of the godforsaken girl, Bia. She suggests Daniyal find another girl for himself and get settled but Daniyal plays a façade of being heartbroken in front of her, turning down her wish. Wali takes Bia to Laila’s house so she can spend her mourning days (iddat) there. He requests his mother to look after Bia as he wants to keep the promise that he made to Mehrunnisa intact. Daniyal keeps dodging Annie’s phone calls, so she furiously barges into his house making Akbar and Narmeen suspicious. However, Daniyal cools her down by breaking the news of his divorce to her. Narmeen makes it clear to Daniyal that she will never accept Annie as her daughter-in-law since she belongs to a “characterless” family. Daniyal goes to meet his long-lost love, Huda and begs her to come back into his life so he can prove his faithfulness to her.

    Episode 32

    Air Date: 23-Jun-2022

    Narmeen informs Qandeel and Kashif about Daniyal’s divorce, portraying Bia and Wali as evil in the entire story. Kashif suggests Narmeen stop dwelling in the past and advises her to bring Huda back into Daniyal’s life. Wali becomes furious after he finds out that Akbar kicked him out of the office and that Daniyal hijacked his lifetime’s construction project. In his fury, he confronts Akbar, reminding him that he holds fifty percent shares of the company. After Wali leaves, Akbar experiences a cardiac arrest and is rushed to the hospital. Narmeen slates Mehreen for bringing up a disobedient son and blames Wali for Akbar’s condition. Huda arrives at the hospital to check on her uncle and Narmeen takes the opportunity to convince her to come back to Daniyal. Wali is shattered after Mehreen, the only person who always favored him calls him “characterless” for the first time.

    Episode 33

    Air Date: 29-Jun-2022

    The doctor instructs Narmeen and Daniyal to keep Akbar away from any kind of tension as he won’t be able to survive another heart attack. Narmeen curses Wali for making her life restless. Despite having an affair with Annie, Daniyal keeps manipulating Huda into marrying him. Unable to bear the news of Akbar’s condition, Wali heads to the hospital to check on him. Unfortunately, he has a less-than-friendly welcome from Daniyal and Narmeen who does not let him meet Akbar. Meanwhile, Laila and Bia grow close when Laila narrates her life story to Bia of how Wali’s father snatched Wali from her when he was a child. Daniyal impoisons Mehreen against Wali by making up false stories that Wali wants his share of the property. She agrees to stay distant from Wali for a while at Daniyal’s request.

    Episode 34

    Air Date: 30-Jun-2022

    Laila falls unconscious so Bia calls a doctor to check on her. Annie decides to quit the showbiz industry and get settled with Daniyal when he excitedly gives her an international modeling contract. Daniyal persuades her into accepting the contract which requires a bold and outrageous shoot and promises to marry her after the contract is completed. Wali walks in on them and warns Annie that Daniyal will deceive her but to no avail. To prove Wali wrong, Annie asks Daniyal to marry her immediately.  Narmeen tries to seclude Mehreen in the house, leaving her heartbroken. Wali suggests Bia resume her studies after her mourning days are complete. Daniyal announces in the office that he will be leading all the projects from now on but Wali intervenes and thwarts his evil plans. Narmeen asks Akbar to take Daniyal’s marriage proposal for Huda but refuses to take Mehreen along.

    Episode 35

    Air Date: 06-Jul-2022

    Annie warns Daniyal to speak to his parents about their marriage or else she will have no other choice but to speak to them herself. Upon finding out that Bia is planning to resume her studies, Laila tries to persuade her into joining the showbiz industry. Mehreen feels isolated when she sees the entire house preparing for Daniyal and Huda’s wedding. A television producer, Sarfaraz informs Laila that Annie owes him money and threatens to destroy Annie’s reputation if she does not recompense. Laila summons Annie to the house and upon entering, she is shocked to see Bia there. After realizing that Bia’s presence in Laila’s house can hinder her relationship with Daniyal, Annie asks her mother to kick Bia out. Daniyal hires an agent, Shahryar, and pays him a heavy amount to keep Annie occupied with work. Narmeen can’t wait to carry out Daniyal’s marriage ceremony but Mehreen asks her to wait till Qandeel’s delivery.

    Episode 36

    Air Date: 07-Jul-2022

    Shahryar goes to meet Annie and despite her reluctance, forces her to sign a contract to keep her bound. Annie boils with anger after she catches Daniyal having a date with Huda. In her fury, she blows Daniyal’s gaff by revealing to Huda that she and Daniyal are engaged and are about to get married. Huda feels sick after getting betrayed by the cheater Daniyal once again. However, Daniyal tries to clear his name by assuring Huda that this is all a conspiracy against him planned by Wali. Narmeen tells Mehreen that she wants to give the family’s heirloom necklace to Huda but Mehreen straightaway refuses, claiming that it belongs to Wali’s bride only. Daniyal wants his mother to fix his wedding date with Huda as soon as possible. When Bia’s mourning days come to an end, she asks Wali to let her go back to Nawabshah but he refuses.

    Episode 37

    Air Date: 13-Jul-2022

    Bia decides to get a job so as to become independent of Wali. On her way to the job interview, she crosses paths with Sarfaraz who is awestruck by her beauty. Sarfaraz confronts Laila about Bia and offers to clear all of Annie’s debts if Laila tames Bia to start her showbiz career. Bia receives an underwhelming response from the interviewer due to a lack of experience. She returns home dejected so Laila takes the opportunity to manipulate her into joining her profession. However, Bia does not budge and makes it clear that she is not made for acting. Narmeen steals the necklace from Mehreen and gives it to Qandeel for safekeeping. Wali takes Bia on a romantic date by the seaside and proposes to her for marriage. She refuses to marry as she has lost faith in the concept of marriage. Annie travels abroad for her photoshoot and sends Daniyal her photos from the photoshoot. 

    Episode 38

    Air Date: 14-Jul-2022

    Wali finds out that Laila has been in contact with Sarfaraz. He warns her to abstain from meeting him in the presence of Bia. After spotting Wali and Bia together, Mehreen asks Wali’s friend to convey the message to Wali to stop tarnishing the family’s name and marry Bia as soon as possible. Laila discreetly sets up a meeting for Sarfaraz with Bia. Sarfaraz tries to harass Bia but she gives him a shut-up call by slapping his face. Daniyal exploits Annie’s photos by getting them photoshopped. Wali feels restless as he craves Bia’s companionship. He decides to confess his feelings of love to her after his dream project is completed. However, his constructed building collapses, burying with it several laborers. While Wali is devastated by the loss, Daniyal is elated to see him getting bashed by the media. To celebrate his victory, Daniyal gets drunk and reveals to Wali that he is responsible for destroying Wali’s building.

    Episode 39

    Air Date: 20-Jul-2022

    Narmeen asks Akbar to disassociate himself from Wali in front of the media. While Mehreen begs Akbar to help Wali in his time of misery as the families who lost their loved ones are after him for blood. When Laila finds out that Bia slapped Sarfaraz, she admonishes her for misbehaving with a guest and demands an apology. Wali goes missing, leaving everyone worried. Bia suspects that Daniyal must have plotted a conspiracy against Wali. While everyone is worried about his whereabouts, Wali is in despair in his childhood house. Narmeen desperately waits for the day Wali gets handcuffed and together with Daniyal plans a conspiracy against him. Agitated with Bia, Laila forces her to marry Sarfaraz so she stops bothering Wali. Daniyal instructs a social media agent to spread Annie’s photoshopped photos on social media to ruin her career and further tarnish Wali’s reputation. 

    Episode 40

    Air Date: 21-Jul-2022

    The cops track down Wali and arrest him for scamming buyers who had invested in his project. Akbar proposes to bail Wali out of the jail to further prevent the family from getting defamed. However, Daniyal and Narmeen advise against it and stop Akbar from helping Wali. When Bia refuses to comply, Laila locks her up in a room and restrains her from contacting Wali. Annie daydreams about her wedding with Daniyal and can’t wait to return back to Pakistan. Soon, her pictures go viral and people start bashing her for being blinded by her greed for money. Mehreen finds out through Wali’s friend that Daniyal instigated the investors to report against Wali, leaving her stunned. Narmeen curses Annie and Wali for their wrongdoings. However, her jaw drops when Mehreen turns the tables on her by revealing to the family that Daniyal had an affair with Annie and had promised to marry her.

    Episode 41

    Air Date: 27-Jul-2022

    Mehreen confronts Narmeen after discovering that her heirloom necklace is missing. Narmeen refuses to take the blame and instead scolds Mehreen for accusing her of stealing. Qandeel warns her mother to return the necklace or else she will reveal the truth. Annie flies back to Pakistan and storms into Daniyal’s office to clarify the misunderstanding. He brushes her off by making it clear that he never intended to marry her. Annie returns home and cries her heart out to Laila after realizing that Wali was right about Daniyal. Meanwhile, Laila’s maid helps Bia escape Laila’s captivity by providing her with a cellphone. Narmeen returns the necklace and Mehreen is elated to see it. During Daniyal’s mehndi ceremony, Mehreen receives a call from Bia but before Bia could ask for help, Laila catches her and confiscates the phone. Annie seeks help from her colleagues to unravel the person responsible for photoshopping her pictures.

    Episode 42

    Air Date: 28-Jul-2022

    Wali’s friend bails him out of the jail. Despite Bia’s refusal, Annie forces her to get ready for the nuptial with Sarfaraz. Wali gets a feeling that Bia is in trouble and races to her after getting released. Fortuitously, he reaches in time and saves Bia from Laila’s torment. He goes into despair after Sarfaraz blows the gaff about Laila’s conspiracy against him and Bia. Disappointed, he severs his ties with Laila and leaves the house. Sarfaraz attacks him and stabs him in the stomach when Wali tries to retaliate. Wali is rushed to a hospital and admitted to ICU. The agent Shehryar calls Daniyal and demands to give him the payment. Wali gains consciousness and is delighted to see Bia by his side. He once again proposes her for marriage and she instantly agrees. Laila refuses to believe in Annie’s innocence and asks her to apologize publicly, earning her resentment. 

    Episode 43

    Air Date: 03-Aug-2022

    Mehreen decides to marry Wali to Bia as soon as possible. Without waiting for Wali to get discharged, she ties their knot in the hospital room, fulfilling Wali’s long-overdue desire. On Daniyal’s wedding day, Wali gets discharged and Mehreen takes him and Bia back to the house, leaving Narmeen and Daniyal astonished. She strictly forbids them from interfering in Wali’s life and threatens to take a strict decision otherwise. Daniyal feels agitated by the thought that his ex-wife will attend his wedding and asks Akbar to restrain her from coming to the event. Akbar tells Mehreen that Wali and Bia are uninvited to the wedding. Mehreen clarifies that she will not attend the wedding without her children. Fearful that the family’s unity will be jeopardized, Akbar relents and invites Wali and Bia to the wedding. Shehryar unexpectedly runs into Annie and blows Daniyal’s gaff in exchange for money. 

    Episode 44 (Last Episode)

    Air Date: 04-Aug-2022

    Annie urges to avenge Daniyal for his hideous crimes. She cunningly barges into his house with a gun and shoots him to death in front of his family, settling her score. Huda loses her mind after finding out that her groom died on the wedding day. Annie is charged with murder and taken into custody but she remains unapologetic about it. Narmeen goes crazy after the demise of her young son. Laila is unable to see Annie behind bars and realizes that she is being punished for her outrageous sins. Daniyal’s conspiracies against Wali start unraveling, freeing Wali from all the accusations. Akbar apologizes to Wali on behalf of Daniyal’s wrongdoings and pleads with him to never abandon him. Bia requests Wali to forgive Laila and bring her home. While everyone in the family remains distressed, Wali and Bia are at peace.

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