• Start Date: 8-Dec-2021
  • End Date: 18-Feb-2022
  • Total Episodes: 52
  • Episode Duration: 40 minutes
  • Production Company: Moomal Entertainment
  • TV Channel: HUM TV
  • Tags: , , ,

    Cast & Crew

    Ismat Zaidi

    Meesam's mother

    Faiq Khan

    Asad (Meesam's brother)

    Amna Malik

    Sunaina (Asad's wife)

    Adnan Shah Tipu

    Sharafat (Wafa's father)

    Laila Wasti

    Nafeesa (Wafa's mother)

    Zunairah Rafi

    Areeba (Wafa's sister)

    Jam Yasir

    Junaid (Wafa's brother)

    Raeed Alam

    Farhad (Wafa's husband)




    Adeel Khan

    Director of Photography

    Episode 1~3

    Air Date: 08-Dec-2021 ~ 10-Dec-2021

    Meesam lives with his mother, elder brother Asad, sister-in-law, and his niece. The family is prosperous where they live in harmony with each other. Meanwhile, Wafa lives with her father, Sharafat who gambles all day long while eating on the hard-earned money of his wife Nafeesa. Her brother, Junaid is a mechanic while the little sister Areeba has abandoned her studies due to family matters and stays at home. Wafa’s father once lost a bet with her as the stake and so married her off to Nafeesa’s nephew, Farhad as a solution. Wafa is a very mean and selfish girl who schemes deeply on how to use others as stepping stones in order to reach her goals. She goes to university on a study scholarship. At the university, she acts like a rich maiden and hides her family background. Her husband, Farhad is smitten in her love and foolish enough to be a running dog for her. Coincidentally, Farhad works as a driver under Asad, Meesam’s brother.

    Meesam falls in love with Wafa who’s dreaming of taking a shortcut to riches by marrying into a well-off family. Another girl, Shizza also loves Meesam but he considers her only a friend. Each day, Farhad does a pick and drop for Wafa at the university while driving cars from his boss’s garage. Junaid is irritated by Farhad living like a servant of his own wife which often leads the two siblings into a bickering session with each other. Sharafat, who lives and breathes for money, always stands on Wafa’s in everyday family matters as she often bribes him with money.

    Episode 4~8

    Air Date: 13-Dec-2021 ~ 17-Dec-2021

    Junaid forbids Farhad from dropping Wafa at the university and lets her go with him on his bike. Enraged, Wafa flatly refuses to travel on his shabby motorcycle and instead heads off alone. Stressed, Junaid loses consciousness and is taken to the hospital by the roadside passengers. The doctors diagnose him with a brain tumor. Shizza visits Meesam’s home where his mother assures her how only she can become her daughter-in-law. Meanwhile, Meesam and Wafa meet for lunch where he gifts her with expensive stuff. Farhad sees them both together when running inside to inform Wafa of Junaid’s illness.

    Meesam is continuously pestered by his family members about wanting to marry with his choice. Wafa hesitates whether to reveal the truth to Meesam but decides not to. Shizza and Wafa get into a fight but Meesam intervenes and later scolds Shizza not to interfere in his business. Farhad begs Wafa not to betray his trust. Wafa is continuously rude to her brother despite his illness. Later she acts in front of Meesam saying how her aunt’s only son is ill and she is gathering charity for him. With a generous heart, Meesam gives her a six lakh check. Nafeesa convinces her sister to let Wafa reach her in-laws’ home early. Sharafat catches Wafa on the phone at which she reveals her plans of marrying Meesam and convinces him to help her as well. Farhad is scolded by his mother for always playing a servant’s role beside Wafa. Meesam invites Wafa over to his family where she wins the hearts of everybody by her lies and treachery. Sharafat forces Junaid to sign on life insurance form so that they could get a cheque of fifty lakh rupees after his death. Wafa explains to Farhad how she cannot spend her life with him which breaks his heart.

    Episode 9~13

    Air Date: 20-Dec-2021 ~ 24-Dec-2021

    Shizza stalks Wafa all the way to her shabby house where Wafa’s poor background is revealed along with the identity of her father as a gambler. Shizza then apologizes to Meesam for her misconduct towards Wafa and so peace is restored in their friendship once again. Junaid wishes to remove all grudges and hug his little sister for one last time but Wafa blatantly refuses to do so. With much reluctance and heartbreak, Farhad finally manages to divorce Wafa and sets her free. Junaid passes away, making Farhad busy and unable to pick up Wafa. Meesam insists on giving Wafa a ride upon which she leads him to a shiny and fabulous home, which of course isn’t hers. Being stone-hearted, Wafa is unaffected by her brother’s death. Meanwhile, Sharafat handles the insurance fraud perfectly so as not to get caught and prisoned. Having zero self-respect, Farhad continues being a slave to Wafa even after divorce.

    Shizza convinces Meesam to visit Wafa and share her worries about her supposed cousin’s death (brother in truth). Agreeing with her, Meesam heads over with his sister-in-law where Wafa’s fake home lie is revealed. Later, Wafa and Sharafat are about to head off to Meesam’s home with Sharafat acting like a businessman from Dubai. Unfortunately, Shizza comes over and ruins their plans by revealing all the truths she knows about them. Meanwhile, Sharafat gets impatient and warns Wafa not to mess up or he won’t be merciful. Meesam is distressed over Wafa not coming with her father but she refuses to disclose even a word for now. Asad comes back from Dubai and becomes suspicious of Wafa. Meesam gets infuriated at it and yells back at his brother which makes Asad turn emotional. Later, Meesam catches Farhad and sees Wafa’s photo in his wallet after the latter is sent over to his house by Asad for some work.

    Episode 14~18

    Air Date: 27-Dec-2021 ~ 31-Dec-2021

    After the encounter with Farhad, Meesam is left with an unending river of questions which, of course, Shizza answers for him. Instead of heading straight to her home, Meesam decides to settle things in university. Later, he calls Wafa and admits his never-ending love for her. Next day, despite Farhad’s warning for her sake, Wafa arrives at the university where Meesam unravels her lies in front of everybody and insults her to his heart’s content. Sharafat forces Wafa to depart to her husband’s home permanently. Hiding the truth, Wafa begs Farhad not to tell others of their divorce and plans to stay a while with him while she comes up with a revenge plan for Meesam.

    Meanwhile, Shizza tries her best to cheer up Meesam who has been lost in his thoughts since the heartbreak received from Wafa. The entire family gets upset after knowing the webs of lies spun by Wafa. Farhad’s mother overhears Wafa convincing Meesam to meet her while on the phone and upon finally learning of the divorce, kicks her outside. She then also boycotts all sorts of contact with her sister’s family. Staying with her friend, Wafa meets Meesam for a supposedly last time where she once again traps him in layers upon layers of deceit and lies. While interviewing for a receptionist’s job, Wafa encounters her new boss who is also Meesam’s brother, Asad. The two are unaware of each other’s identities as of yet.

    Episode 19~23

    Air Date: 03-Jan-2022 ~ 07-Jan-2022

    Wafa’s mother is worried for her while Wafa is plotting the cruelest revenge against Meesam. Shizza is ready to leave for London but Meesam stops her and also agrees to marry her. Wafa continues to pester Meeaam with her calls and clusters of lies. During Meesam’s visit to the office, Wafa realizes that he is her boss’s brother. She promises in her heart to ruin Meesam’s wedding. Sharafat loses ten lakh rupees in gambling. At the wedding, Wafa sneaks into Meesam’s room, almost making him die of anxiety because of it. Once there, she refuses to leave no matter what. Finally, Meesam promises to meet her on a date tomorrow.

    Shizza is skeptical about the matter but finds no evidence regarding Wafa’s visit. Influenced by Wafa’s care, Asad starts getting into verbal fights with his wife, Sunaina. At home, Meesam gets irritated by Shizza’s suspicions. Wafa acts as if she’s sick and so Asad takes her to the hospital. Coincidentally, both come across Farhad in the hospital. Asad is enraged at seeing the liar while Wafa manages to hide the truth about her true identity somehow. Sharafat once again loses the bet against Sheikh Niaz. To compensate for the losses, Sharafat agrees to let Niaz marry his younger daughter, Areeba. Distressed, the mother and daughter duo try seeking refuge at Farhad’s home but his mother kicks them out of the house. Wafa plans to marry Asad for his wealth while keeping Meesam as her lover.

    Episode 24~28

    Air Date: 10-Jan-2022 ~ 14-Jan-2022

    Wafa keeps pestering Meesam late into the night. Shizza gets thoroughly suspicious of Meesam’s continuous absence in the middle of the night. Asad is enthralled by Wafa’s charm and her ‘good’ character. Farhad threatens Wafa to visit the office unless she agrees to meet him. After getting to know of Areeba’s worth of 50 lakh, Wafa brings her to her own place. At home, she consoles her sister while also blackmailing her father. In the end, she manages to bite 15 lakh out of him in trade for her sister. Areeba curses Wafa to live through hell on earth. With all hope gone, Areeba is married to a man of her father’s age.

    Asad continuously bickers with his wife under Wafa’s influence. He tries to promote Wafa but she refuses, saying she doesn’t deserve it. Meesam reveals the truth to Shizza who then arrives at the meeting place instead of Meesam. Wafa warns Shizza about ruining their family soon enough. Riaz’s son treats his newly-wed stepmother Areeba like a maid. Sharafat comes to inquire about Wafa. Wafa dares Asad to marry her who gets confused and leaves immediately. Later on, he deliberately crashes his car while on a call with Wafa’s friend. Wafa then sends him to the hospital, delighting him. After getting interrogated by his mother, Asad gets mad at his wife. Finally, he proposes to marry Wafa. Asad’s daughter, Laiba is running an affair with a university fellow. Farhad’s mother begs for her sister’s forgiveness. Wafa and her friend manage to exploit 10 crore from Asad’s pocket in haq mehr. Asad also turns Wafa into a 50% owner of his business. Back at home, he falsely swears on his daughter to pacify his family’s suspicions of himself. 

    Episode 29~33

    Air Date: 17-Jan-2022 ~ 21-Jan-2022

    Asad’s family members get suspicious of him running an affair. Sunaina prepares to leave but Shizza convinces her not to. Sharafat learns of Wafa’s marriage and blackmails his daughter. At the company, Meesam inquires about Seher (Wafa) and reaches her address. He then learns of Asad marrying Wafa and is ready to spill the truth. Sadly, Asad passes out before he can finish. To let him stay stress-free, his family members refrain from telling the truth.

    Farhad visits to plead Areeba for forgiveness. Sheikh Niaz and his son blame Areeba for disloyalty after seeing them together. Areeba is accidentally killed while trying to run away. Niaz puts the blame on her and threatens Sharafat to return his money. Wafa arrives at her sister’s funeral but is cursed by her own mother. Farhad requests her not to come again. She is a bit scared after witnessing her mother’s hatred for herself. Shizza spots Laiba with her boyfriend. After inquiring, she gets criticized for being a spy. Wafa gets appointed as the new boss after revealing her ownership of 50% shares. She also discovers Laiba with some guy and takes photos of them. Asad brings Wafa to his home. Sunaina is heartbroken while Shizza is suspicious and scared. Asad is tangled in the poisonous webs of lies spun by Wafa.

    Episode 34~38

    Air Date: 24-Jan-2022 ~ 28-Jan-2022

    Shizza announces the news of her pregnancy to her husband. Meesam is overjoyed and reveals the good news to his family. As expected, Wafa gets envious and turns Shizza mad by accompanying Meeaam to the company. Asad is wholly hypnotized by Wafa’s faked goodness of character. Shizza has had enough and is about to declare Wafa’s truth to Asad. However, she stops herself after seeing her father running a checkup on Asad. Sharafat divorces his wife after she fails at arranging 10 lakh rupees for him. Wafa shows the video clip of Laiba hanging out with her boyfriend to her. She then manipulates Laiba to do her bidding. Sunaina hires Nafeesa as a cook which scares Wafa. Sharafat later blackmails and forces Wafa to meet him. Laiba is forced to slander her mom because of Wafa.

    Shizza smells the scent of planning and interrogates Laiba. Laiba reveals everything to her and is sorry for her wrongdoings. Meesam delivers the 50 lakh amount to Sharafat after a few threats from Wafa. Sharafat agrees to reveal Wafa’s treachery after being bribed by Meesam. Sunaina learns of Nafeesa’s true identity as Wafa’s mother. During a celebration for Shizza’s pregnancy, Wafa forces Laiba to poison the sweets. Nafeesa replaces the poisoned sweets with the new ones. Wafa then irritates Shizza by whispering a few words. As Shizza tries revealing Wafa’s true identity, Meesam slaps her. Nomi blackmails Laiba after she refuses to meet him and she seeks Wafa’s help. Sharafat comes to visit Asad and later starts living in their house as a ‘cancer’ patient. Shizza’s father, Waqar shows undue interest in Wafa.

    Episode 39~42

    Air Date: 31-Jan-2022 ~ 04-Feb-2022

    Farhad’s mother suffers from a heart attack. He fails to arrange enough money for her checkup. Wafa’s greed is renewed after Asad reveals how filthy rich Shizza’s father Waqar is. Meesam’s mother is disgusted after she finds Milky (the dog) eating on the dining table. Asad gets irritated and to make things worse, Wafa decides to leave. Only after everybody else begs her, does she quits the drama and stays. Farhad begs Meesam to pay for his mother’s treatment. Meesam agrees but only if Farhad helps him ruin Wafa. Farhad finally agrees and is brought back home by Meesam. Asad freaks out but Meesam manages to convince his brother in Farhad’s favor. Wafa is irked at Farhad’s arrival and later warns him to buzz off as soon as possible.

    Nafeesa leaves the graveyard while Sharafat and Wafa are spilling tears over her ‘grave’. Asad becomes doubtful of her behavior. Later, he learns how Farhad is Nafeesa’s nephew thus making her Wafa’s mother. He fires her in anger and lets her leave. Wafa tries her best to change Waqar’s opinion of her while she visits him in the hospital. Asad tries interrogating Wafa’s whereabouts from Farhad and learns of her marriage with another guy named Asad. Waqar lies to Meesam about having only met Wafa to discuss Asad’s reports. Asad discovers Sharafat’s lie regarding cancer. Wafa manages to manipulate Nomi into deleting Laiba’s pictures. She then uses the same pictures to blackmail Laiba and Meesam. Meesam is forced to surrender after Wafa reveals her grip on Laiba’s photos. Shizza and Sunaina also become aware of the matter and severely rebuke Laiba for her behavior. Wafa manages to get Farhad and her father out of the house. Waqar admits his feelings to Wafa. Meanwhile, Meesam and Shizza witness Waqar having lunch with Wafa and so they leave with disappointment. Asad becomes suspicious of his wife ‘Seher’ and calls Sharafat for a meeting.

    Episode 43~47

    Air Date: 07-Feb-2022 ~ 11-Feb-2022

    Sharafat reveals Farhad’s address to Asad after receiving a bribe of 1.25 crore. Asad arrives at Farhad’s residence and learns of Wafa’s grand scheme from Nafeesa. Asad’s heart aches after realizing the injustices he committed against his family under Wafa’s charm. He witnesses Waqar assuring Wafa to marry her and therefore kicks him out of the house. Shizza slaps Wafa in fury but Asad doesn’t react. Asad threatens Wafa’s friend into revealing his wife’s revenge strategy to him. Later, he transfers the ownership of 70% of assets back to his own name secretly. Asad’s mother and Sunaina are relieved at Asad’s better attitude towards them. Asad fools Wafa into signing the documents for property transfer. Farhad reveals the incident of Asad becoming aware of the truth and pleads with Meesam to save Wafa.

    Sharafat warns his daughter to steer clear of Asad and make a run for it. Asad reveals how he strategically took everything away from Wafa. Wafa pushes Asad off the stairs in her rage. Asad is taken to the hospital while Wafa meets with Waqar to muster his sympathies. She also subtly hints for aid in securing the property in her name. She declares her right to see Asad as his wife and uses the police’s assistance in her cause. Asad becomes despair after listening to Wafa’s venomous words and also seeing his daughter’s forbidden photos. Waqar agrees to visit Asad upon his daughter’s request. Asad takes his last breath and leaves forever. Wafa celebrates in her heart while also playing the ‘heart-broken widow’ role in front of outsiders. Meesam fails to kick Wafa out of his house. Waqar prepares a diamond ring as a proposal gift for Wafa. Sharafat slanders Nafeesa for usurping his property. Meesam and his family bump into Waqar while he’s proposing to Wafa. Shizza is disgusted at her dad’s behavior and leaves. Meesam admits his defeat to Wafa. She then blackmails him into handing over the property files to her. Otherwise, she’ll upload Laiba’s photos on the internet.

    Episode 48~52 (Last Episode)

    Air Date: 14-Feb-2022 ~ 18-Feb-2022

    Meesam helplessly hands over the property files under Wafa’s threats. Waqar transfers $3M property to his future wife. Laiba is thoroughly depressed after witnessing the consequences of her stupidity. She thrashes her car while pondering over the doom that awaits her. Meesam is forced to beg Wafa for her O negative blood to save Laiba’s life. Afterward, the wedding is held and Waqar takes away his bride. Meesam goes to Wafa’s wedding celebration upon her invitation and gifts her with a ring. Shizza is disgusted at Meesam’s awakening love for Wafa and makes a big fuss. Waqar shoos away his daughter. Meesam finally admits his never-ending love for Wafa. The stone-hearted woman becomes emotional and plans to abandon everything for him.

    Sharafat pays a visit to Waqar and manages to empty his newest son-in-law’s wallet. Wafa finally hands over Laiba’s videos to Meesam. Shizza’s friend witnesses Meesam being close to Wafa and takes a few photos as proof. Waqar also becomes suspicious after seeing Meesam holding his wife’s hand and later hints at their dishonesty. Sharafat snatches money from Nafeesa’s hands and is cursed by her. Soon after, he becomes the victim of an accident and wails like a chicken. Both of his legs are paralyzed and he himself is reduced to a lowly beggar. Waqar confronts Wafa regarding her treachery but the latter is fearless. She has already confiscated his $3M and has no need to act cute any longer. Meesam threatens to divorce Shizza unless Waqar frees Wafa from the marriage. The two lovers meet again and Wafa signs the documents regarding Waqar’s $3M as well as Asad’s house. Meesam announces his grand scheme of ruining Wafa by resorting to her own tactics of lying and betrayal. Wafa faints and is later diagnosed with a brain tumor just like her deceased brother, Junaid. Meesam and his family celebrate their freedom after getting rid of her venom. A year later, Wafa requests to meet Meesam while on her deathbed. Meesam and his family refuse to forgive Wafa’s crimes. The despairing girl finally takes her last breath. Before dying, she records her regrets and the lessons she learned in a video that goes viral.

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