The story of the drama ‘Bhool’ is all about protagonist Aiman’s mistake and its harsh consequences for her.

  • Start Date: 12-Jun-2019
  • End Date: 16-Oct-2019
  • Total Episodes: 32
  • Production Company: iDream Entertainment
  • TV Channel: ARY Digital
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    Cast & Crew

    Aiman falls in love with Owais while studying in college. But her parents engage her with someone else. The situation gets dramatic when on the day of her wedding, Aiman reveals her love but her mother refuses to accept it. In desperation, she flees home and secretly marries Owais who then keeps the poor girl in a hotel since he is afraid to introduce her to his family. When doing so, Owais’s mother refuses to accept the newlywed bride and demands Owais to divorce her. This situation puts Owais in restlessness who too is not happy about the recent developments. Owais obeys his mother and kicks Aiman out from the house divorcing her.
    In her absence, not able to endure the shame inflicted by his daughter, Aiman’s father passes away. Aiman then returns home to find her father’s death. Since her father had wished to forgive Aiman, both her mother and brother Rashid pardon Aiman giving her a chance to restart her life. On the other hand, Owais too gets married to another woman; Raniya.
    After some time, Aiman gives birth to a daughter named Aisha. Rashid’s efforts go in vain when Owais refuses to accept her daughter. However, knowing the truth about Aiman and Owais’s nature, Raniya too gets a divorce from him. After the death of her mother, Aiman’s misery aggravates as her bhabhi; Shabana maltreats her though Rashid’s attitude towards her is fair. As a result, she leaves home and starts living separately with her daughter.
    Time lapses and Aisha is young now. In the absence of a father, she has to endure a bitter societal attitude. However, she does not pay heed to it acting upon her mother’s advice. Meanwhile, Owais becomes a victim of the growing repentance and comes to meet his daughter in the university. After that, Aiman reveals the truth to distraught Aisha about her father. Rashid’s children; Murad and Nimra are young too. Aisha becomes the love interest of her university mate; Imran but she hesitates to respond to him knowing the bitter truth about her mother. Aiman, too, fears the same ill-fate for her dear daughter. Aisha’s cousin, Nimra is jealous to know the love affair between the two and starts plotting against Aisha in order to marry Imran herself.
    In the meantime, Aiman gets the realization that she has got cancer and is rushed to the hospital. Rashid too dies sometime after knowing his sister’s illness. Aiman entrusts Owais with the responsibility of taking care of Aisha. Aisha and Imran get married in the hospital. Nimra makes a successful suicidal attempt in desperation knowing Aisha’s Nikah. In the end, Aiman too dies due to the fatal disease.

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