Dhoop Ki Deewar

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Cast & Crew

Episode 1 & 2

Air Date: 25-June-2021

Vishal, son of Colonel Vijay Malhotra, resides in a basic Indian household with his widowed grandmother, mother, and two young sisters. Similarly, Sara is the daughter of Colonel Sher Ali and lives with her grandparents, mother, and two younger siblings in Pakistan. As the two lead characters enjoy the rush of a cricket match between Pakistan and India, with their families, both families get grieving news from their respective armies. Vishal and Sara both put on proud faces for having a martyred father and are offering their respects at their burials when the media asks for their input. Loaded questions from the media incite responses from the mourning families. Sara tells the Pakistani media that she is proud to be the daughter of a brave martyr and Vishal does the same. However, later on, Sara finds a video of Vishal through social media and witnesses his statement. She gets aggressive upon hearing Vishal calling his deceased father“a fearless Indian army officer that taught a lesson to the Pakistani army”.

Sara then contacts Vishal and posts her own statements against the deceased Colonel Vijay Malhotra and calls her father, the deceased Colonel Sher Ali, the true hero. This quarrel attracts much media attention and before they know it, they become a trending topic on national and international media. During the time of simultaneous coverage of the two, deceased Colonel Vijay Malhotra’s sister and brother-in-law visit India from Canada. As Colonel Vijay Malhotra passes away, his sister asks her mother for a share in the property. Vishal’s grandmother tells her daughter that she wishes to keep the property and land for Vijay’s children, but her daughter counters that Vishal’s family will get a lot of fringe benefits.

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