• Start Date: 12-Nov-2021
  • End Date: 30-Apr-2022
  • Total Episodes: 49
  • Episode Duration: 40 minutes
  • Production Company: 7th Sky Entertainment
  • TV Channel: GEO TV
  • Tags: , , ,

    Cast & Crew

    Episode 1~2

    Air Date: 12-Nov-2021 ~ 13-Nov-2021

    Momin is a quite religious person and a lecturer at a university who loves his cousin, Aashi. Their families are aware of their love as well. However, Aashi’s father, Jameel doesn’t like Momin and his family. Maya and Gohar are students at the same university. Gohar is in love with Maya but Maya considers him only a friend. Maya faces Momin’s rebuke for coming late in the class. Momin’s sister, Fari and Waleed are engaged to each other.

    Maya feels attracted towards Momin and throws a welcome party. She lies about inviting all teachers of the department. Momin doesn’t show up as Gohar accuses him of trying to win a student and he also finds out about Maya’s lie. Aashi is worried about her father’s attitude towards Momin’s family. She also feels insecure by seeing girls around Momin all the time. Momin is shocked as Maya expresses her liking towards him. 

    Episode 3~4

    Air Date: 19-Nov-2021 ~ 20-Nov-2021

    Fari’s marriage date is decided. Aashi’s mother gets upset as Jameel doesn’t inform her about the invitation to Fari’s proposal. Momin’s parents wish to fix Momin’s alliance with Aashi. Maya doesn’t like her father who left his family seven years ago. She expresses her love again for Momin but he ignores her. She keeps texting him but Momin doesn’t respond. Thinking of Maya as Aashi, Momin accidentally expresses his feelings to Maya.

    Maya is happy to think that Momin returned her feelings and shares the news with her friends. The news spreads rapidly enraging Gohar who questions Maya about the whole situation but she taunts and sends him away. He informs the same to Maya’s mother who worries for her. Jameel has one more reason to dislike Momin after Momin helps a man who took a loan from Jameel. Gohar finds Momin’s address to meet him. 

    Episode 5~6

    Air Date: 26-Nov-2021 ~ 27-Nov-2021

    Gohar reaches Momin’s house, runs into his parents in the street, and asks him if he is getting married willingly. Momin’s proposal gets rejected by Aashi’s father as he has fixed her wedding somewhere else. After hearing about the refusal, Momin reaches Aashi’s home where Jameel blames him for shaming him by sending money through Shakir. Momin is quite upset and doesn’t return home as well. Seeing everyone tense, he buckles up and asks everyone to have faith in Allah.

    Gohar mocks Momin about flirting with Maya. Maya presents a rose to Momin and gets scolded by him. He clears up the whole misunderstanding to her and Maya leaves angrily. Molana Sahab tries to convince Jameel regarding Momin’s proposal but gets insulted in return. Out of fury, Jameel decides to get Aashi married to her cousin. Gohar and Maya argue over loving someone. Maya curses Momin to suffer in love. 

    Episode 7~8

    Air Date: 03-Dec-2021 ~ 04-Dec-2021

    Aashi reminisces about her moments with Momin who is unable to forget Maya’s curse. Zehra revisits Aashi’s house to convince her father but is shocked to see Aashi getting engaged. Momin gives it a try and Aashi asks him to take her away but he refuses. She scolds him but her mother makes her understand Momin’s helplessness who is a brother of two young girls. Maya stays upset over Momin and doesn’t share her concerns with her mother. 

    Maya takes leaves from her institute as she is still upset over Momin. Momin gets upset as Maya’s friends inquire about Maya. Waleed takes out Fari and Zehra for shopping with his mother. He spots a man teasing a girl and Zehra is shocked to recognize him as Aashi’s fiance, Fakhar. She shares it with Shahzad who allows her to talk to Ansa. As Zehra is to tell the truth about Fakhar, Jamil misbehaves. Momin cries in front of Imam Sahb about being affected by the curse.

    Episode 9~10

    Air Date: 10-Dec-2021 ~ 11-Dec-2021

    Aashi is irritated by the continuous calls of Fakhar and complains to his mother. Fakhar thinks it to be Zehra’s fault and talks to Jameel who insults Momin’s parents. Maya is elated as Momin visits her house, apologizes for the whole confusion, and requests her to focus on her studies by joining back the institute. Maya’s mother talks about Momin to Gohar who decides to handle the matter on his own and follows Momin to Ainee’s institute. 

    Gohar asks his men to kidnap Momin while Ainee keeps waiting for him. Out of fear, she walks alone and Gohar blocks her way. He threatens her about Momin’s actions regarding Maya. Momin is released and takes his sister back home who stays traumatized but doesn’t say anything. Maya keeps dreaming about Momin and thinks that he is serious about her. Ansa is worried as Fakhar is a loafer but Jameel doesn’t budge. She tries to inquire from Zehra who requests her to save Aashi. Momin scolds Maya for spreading the news of his visit in the university after receiving Gohar’s taunts.

    Episode 11~12

    Air Date: 17-Dec-2021 ~ 18-Dec-2021

    Annie reveals to Fari how Gohar blocked her on the way back home and instigated her against her brother. Fari mistakenly thinks of Fakhar to be the culprit rather than Gohar. Meanwhile, Momin also accidentally blames Maya to be the one spreading rumors about him visiting her at home. After getting to know how Gohar was spreading those rumors behind the scenes, Maya severely rebukes him. Fakhar pays a visit to Aashi’s home where he misbehaves with her and later on lies to his uncle about how the mother and daughter mistreated him. Ansa begs Momin to save her daughter from the fate that awaits her.

    Depressed from seeing Aashi and Ansa’s helplessness, Momin hesitates over whether to marry Aashi without Jameel’s consent. Seeing his son so desperate, Momin’s father, Shahzad decides on the last peace talk with Jameel. Contrary to his hopes, Jameel still bears many grudges in his heart and so he turns down Shahzad’s plea. Truly disappointed, Shahzad threatens to gather the locals to reach a consensus regarding Momin and Aashi’s matter. Waleed warns Fakhar to stay away from his in-laws while mistaking him for the one who harassed Annie. Imam Sahb promises Shahzad to shed light on the topic of daughter’s rights in Islam in the Friday prayer hoping for Jameel to come and get enlightened.

    Episode 13~14

    Air Date: 24-Dec-2021 ~ 25-Dec-2021

    Fakhar narrates to Jameel and Ansa the incident where Waleed threatened him over Annie’s matter. Ansa remains suspicious of Fakhar which irritates her husband and so he almost gives her divorce. Fortunately, Aashi intervenes and stops Jameel from divorcing her mother. On the occasion of Friday prayers, the Imam Sahb gives a sermon regarding the rights of daughters in the matters of marriage which puts Jameel into thinking. Later, the dignified members of the neighborhood have a chat with Jameel regarding his daughter’s marriage and request him to abandon his stubbornness. However, he guarantees how his daughter has already agreed to marry Fakhar which puts Shahzad in a dilemma. Afterward, Aashi reinforces Jameel’s statement under the threat of her mother getting divorced. Momin confronts Aashi and demands the reason behind her giving up on them but all she says is that it’s too late now. Annie and Fari get a glimpse of Gohar while outside and so acknowledge the fact that it wasn’t Fakhar who blocked Annie on the way back home previously. Momin gets ill and skips university which makes Maya worried for him. She keeps dialing his number all day but Momin doesn’t receive a single one except for the time when his mother answers the phone and listens to Maya’s complaints. Maya’s mother wishes to marry her cousin, Saif after her daughter gets married. Meanwhile, she allows Maya to invite Momin for dinner to give him a chance and cheer up her daughter. Momin however, sees it as an insult and refuses to go.

    Episode 15~16

    Air Date: 31-Dec-2021 ~ 01-Jan-2022

    Fari apologizes to Waleed for having wrongly blamed Fakhar and getting Waleed involved as well. Fakhar invites Aashi’s family to his home while he himself sneaks off to her house at the same moment, precisely when she’s all alone. There, he tries to harass her but Aashi manages to run away, and later, Shahzad, Jameel, and Ansa come along as well. Infuriated, Jameel beats the hell out of Fakhar and kicks him out of his house. Fakhar’s mother is utterly disappointed at her son’s lecherous deeds. Jameel reestablishes the marriage agreement between Aashi and Momin. Meanwhile, butterflies are fluttering in Aashi’s stomach at the thought of marrying Momin while Momin himself isn’t any better off after hearing the good news. Soon after, both get engaged. After Momin decides on giving a treat to his colleagues, Gohar also discovers about the engagement which immediately refreshes his mood. Maya, however, is still skeptical of the matter’s truth after listening to the news from Gohar’s mouth.

    Episode 17

    Air Date: 08-Jan-2022

    Fari and Aashi come across Fakhar while out at shopping. While Fakhar is blocking Aashi’s way, Momin arrives as well. He gets enraged after listening to Fakhar’s cheap talk and gets into a scuffle with him. The security team separates them both. Back at home, Aashi is worried about Momin’s opinion of her. So, she sends over her mother to clear things up. However, Momin is irritated by Aashi’s move as he has never doubted her. Maya’s mother is confused at her daughter’s persistence despite Momin getting engaged already. Maya, however, is in no mood to talk about it. Instead, she’s angry at Gohar for sending updates to her mother. At that moment, Momin passes by and so Gohar confirms the news of engagement from him. Maya still disagrees to believe it, saying that Momin is doing it all to get rid of her.

    Episode 18~19

    Air Date: 14-Jan-2022 ~ 15-Jan-2022

    Momin stumbles upon Maya in the shopping mall. Coincidentally, Jameel is there as well and witnesses Maya taking selfies with Momin. Can’t stay at home, he shares his concern with Ansa. Despite refuting her husband’s doubts, Ansa still visits her sister’s home for confirmation. Momin’s mother is irritated by the subtle interrogation. However, she is put in thought when reminded of Maya’s previous call that she received. Annie also accompanies Ansa to her home. There, she hears over Jameel’s suspicions of Momin when talking to his wife. Later, she gets reminded of Gohar’s accusations against her brother as well. Jameel states all his suspicions straightforwardly during Shahzad’s visit. Maya shows off her selfie along with Momin to her friends. While on a call, Aashi hears Maya talking to Momin and gets infuriated. Momin visits her later and after an emotional episode, Aashi gets convinced of his love for her. Momin goes looking for Maya at her home in order to settle things. Unfortunately, Maya is absent while her mother refuses to let him enter the house. Meanwhile, Maya is deep in thoughts regarding all her previous engagements with Momin.

    Episode 20~21

    Air Date: 21-Jan-2022 ~ 22-Jan-2022

    Momin warns Maya to steer clear of his family members as well as himself. Later, he gets into an argument against an elderly person who points out how Momin has become arrogant about his faith in Allah. Momin claims to be a strong person but the old man refutes him. He states how Momin has yet to see the worst. Only then will his faith truly be tested. At the university, Momin calls Maya to his office. He reveals the news of his marriage to her. Maya is flabbergasted as well as shocked. She begs Momin for his love but he refuses her. Being stubborn, Maya refuses to leave. People outside the office witness the quarrel between them both. Becoming suspicious, they barge in and demand what’s happening. Maya blames Momin for harassing her. Gohar then beats the hell out of Momin. He is then sent to jail while news of his deeds becomes viral. Maya’s mother abandons the option of suing Momin in court. She tells Gohar how she’s not in favor of exploding this matter any further. Momin is released from jail. The people that come for praying in his neighborhood mosque curse him for his ‘shameful deeds’. However, the Imam Sahb lets Momin pray in the mosque as usual. Back at home, Momin is confronted by his family members. Maya’s mother arrives as well and reveals Momin’s interactions with her daughter. Shahzad is heartbroken and slaps his own son.

    Episode 22~23

    Air Date: 28-Jan-2022 ~ 29-Jan-2022

    Maya is irritated after hearing about her mother’s visit to Momin’s home. Aashi is heartbroken while her father feels sad for her. Back at home, Fari receives Waleed’s call who is angry at Momin for committing ‘sins’ only a day before his sister’s marriage. Annie reveals the matter of Gohar blocking her on the way back home. None in the family believes Momin despite his pleas. Gohar persistently tries to contact Maya but she avoids him. The students at the university start a campaign to show support for Maya. Waleed’s mother disrupts his marriage with Fari. He feels sorry for hurting her and apologizes to Fari. Momin then tries begging Waleed to resume the marriage but to no avail. Shahzad comes across Jameel and begs for forgiveness. Jameel refuses and is later gleeful at the interruption of Fari’s marriage. He becomes angry after his wife, Ansa shows her sympathy for Fari’s family. Shahzad falls unconscious because of depression. Later, Waleed receives the news of Shahzad’s death and relays the news to Momin as well. 

    Episode 24~25

    Air Date: 04-Feb-2022 ~ 05-Feb-2022

    Maya forbids Gohar from harassing Momin any longer. Gohar’s parents plan to propose for Maya in a while. Momin sobs like a child at his father’s funeral. Jameel and the other neighbors taunt him for having killed his own father. Maya sneaks out to beg Momin for forgiveness. She’s flabbergasted after seeing Shahzad’s dead body. Waleed is convinced of Momin’s seamless character after Maya apologizes. The visitors taunt Maya for being shameless enough to come here and so she runs away. Waleed is regretful for being impatient and breaking all ties with Fari’s family. Momin reminds Aashi of the time when Fakhar slandered her but he still believed her without the need for explanations. Maya stops her friends from cursing Momin. Imam Sahb points out Momin’s pride over his good deeds. Momin then recalls his rudeness towards an old man not long ago and leaves in a hurry. Waleed comes to visit and advocates for Momin’s innocence in front of Momin’s mother. Annie doesn’t feel like giving exams but her mother convinces her not to abandon all the hard work. Fakhar is gloating upon Aashi’s breakup and wishes to marry her instead.

    Episode 26~27

    Air Date: 11-Feb-2022 ~ 12-Feb-2022

    Momin fails in his search for the strange old man. He then admits having committed the sin of pride in front of Imam Sahb. Fari drops Annie at the center for her test since the latter refuses to go with Momin. Momin’s mother is worried for her son who’s increasingly becoming an introvert. Momin requests her to pray for his peace. Annie is burdened by the taunts of her fellow students and faints. Waleed bumps across Fari and both take Annie to the hospital. Annie’s failure in the exam falls upon Momin’s shoulders. Fakhar convinces Jameel of his repentance. Despite Ansa’s refusal, Jameel insists on marrying his daughter to Fakhar. Gohar’s parents come to propose for Maya but are disheartened after Maya admits her love for somebody else. Her mother finally learns the truth of Momin’s ‘sin’ from her and reprimands her daughter. Rani overhears them both talking and is disgusted by Maya’s so-called love. Annie starts preparing for the next exam out of her strong willpower. Waleed bumps across Maya in the shopping mall and manages to spill the truth from her. He is utterly shocked after confirming his suspicions of Momin’s innocence. He suggests Maya to at least admit her stupidity to Momin’s family. Maya seeks Rani’s opinion on what to do when the loved one is ignorant of your love.

    Episode 28~29

    Air Date: 18-Feb-2022 ~ 19-Feb-2022

    Waleed reveals Maya’s lies to his mother. Momin finally succeeds in his search for the strange old man. The two have a heart-to-heart talk where Momin finally asks for the old man’s forgiveness. The old man complies to his wish as well and forgives him. Gohar demands the reason why Maya lied to his parents. She simply attributes it to her still-thriving love for Momin. Rani prepares to go back to her village for marriage. Jameel speculates how Momin will marry Maya after seeing her at his door. Maya admits her mistake to Momin’s family. Fari asks Maya to buzz off and later the mother and sisters lament over their behavior towards Momin. Gohar deliberately bumps his car into Momin and sneaks away immediately. Imam Sahb is relieved after learning of Momin’s truth from his mother. Fari continues giving a cold shoulder to the guilty Waleed. Maya learns of Momin’s accident through her friend and rushes to visit him in the hospital. Her mother is worried sick as well as enraged after her daughter spends the entire night tending to Momin. Momin’s family is flabbergasted after learning of Aashi’s immediate wedding. Fari quickly ventures to explain everything but Jameel shoos her away. The matter ends when the still hopeful Ansa witnesses the ‘innocent’ Momin being dropped at his home in Maya’s car.

    Episode 30~31

    Air Date: 25-Feb-2022 ~ 26-Feb-2022

    Maya contemplates over the condemnation she received from Momin, his family members and her own mother. She then decisively publicizes the shameless slanders she made against the innocent Momin. Momin is disgusted at Maya’s varying colors and mood swings. Meanwhile, his family members are convinced of Maya’s love for him. Chaos ensues as the news goes viral. Maya’s mother dies out of worry for her daughter. Aashi is married to Fakhar. Jameel and Ansa are helpless after knowing the truth. A storm rages within Momin’s heart as his woman flies into the arms of another. Jameel is worried about Momin making things difficult for Aashi and Fakhar. Ansa goes to convince Momin into forgetting Aashi. Momin’s mother is disgusted at Ansa’s request. Gohar comes to console Maya during these tough times. Fakhar reminds Aashi of her worth and then leaves for abroad on their wedding night. His mother is really ashamed at her son’s behavior and asks for forgiveness. Aashi swears never to utter a single complaint. Momin prays for Aashi’s well-being. Everybody at the mosque gives Momin his due respect after knowing the truth. Maya remains broken after her mother’s death. Rani does her best to console her.

    Episode 32~33

    Air Date: 04-Mar-2022 ~ 05-Mar-2022

    Aashi’s mother-in-law is shocked after learning of her son’s departure. Fakhar reveals his plans of letting Aashi know her worth upon his mother’s inquiry. He plans to remarry abroad while delegating Aashi to tend to his mother’s needs. Aashi keeps on lying to her parents about how happy she is in her new home. Fakhar’s mother can’t bear to see her daughter-in-law in distress. However, Aashi pleads with her not to let her parents know the truth. Gohar does his best to console Maya but to no avail. Momin considers it to be karma after learning about the death of Maya’s mother. The university’s staff apologizes to Momin and requests him to rejoin the institute. Momin is hesitant about going back to the place where he was insulted. His mother manages to convince him to go despite his insecurities. The university’s management takes good care of Momin and even compensates him for his broken motorcycle. Maya spends all night pleading to Almighty Allah for Momin’s love. Rani can’t bear to see Maya suffering. She begs Momin’s mother to convince her son to forgive Maya. Fari plans to have a meetup with Maya.

    Episode 34~35

    Air Date: 11-Mar-2022 ~ 12-Mar-2022

    Aashi’s parents pay a surprise visit to her new home. Their suspicions grow after being unable to contact Fakhar once again. Fari acts upon her decision to meet Maya. Soon she’s convinced of Maya’s remorse as well as her unending love for Momin. She bestows Maya with the gift of hope and then leaves. Momin’s mother requests him to marry Maya. Momin is baffled at the unexpected and even a bit strange request. He can’t even dream of ever marrying the person whom he considers to be his arch-enemy. Fari and her mother fail to convince him. Stray boys keep pestering Maya the ‘wretched girl’ time and time again. Gohar admits his love for Maya another time and faces rejection this time well. He’s finally had enough and shows his true face. Maya is disgusted as well as deeply hurt by his arrogant appearance. The scorn within his words forces Maya to spill tears of despair and regret.

    Jameel becomes aware of Fakhar’s treachery about having left on the wedding night. Fari finally yields under Waleed’s constant assault of apologies and agrees to marry him. Maya prepares to leave for abroad once and for all. She plans to donate her house to a charity. Maya chooses Momin’s hand for finishing the good deed out of her trust for him.

    Episode 36~37

    Air Date: 18-Mar-2022 ~ 19-Mar-2022

    Aashi’s parents barge into her new home and confirm the truth of Fakhar’s treachery. They then forcefully take Aashi away despite her protest. Momin’s ego finally bends under the pressure of his mother’s pleas. He soon marries Maya and brings her back to his home. His family members are ecstatic to witness Maya’s permanent arrival. Maya herself has butterflies blooming in her heart. Momin returns files regarding Maya’s house to her as her wedding gift. Jameel and Ansa are hoping to beg Momin into giving Aashi his name. Unfortunately, news of Momin’s marriage pours chill upon their unsuspecting hearts. Fakhar agrees to divorce Aashi and free her forever. Momin’s heart remains steadfast as always in his hatred towards Maya. However, Maya is confident in her love’s ability to melt his heart. Waleed’s mother pays a visit at last. Both parties make amends for the previous incidents with open hearts. They then decide to marry Waleed and Fari with simplicity and in a quick manner. Aashi spills tears of regret after waking up to Momin’s call for prayers. Momin is a bit surprised to see Maya praying in the middle of the night.

    Episode 38~39

    Air Date: 25-Mar-2022 ~ 26-Mar-2022

    Momin remains antagonistic towards his newlywed wife. Meanwhile, Maya diligently polishes her faith in Allah and takes part in religious activities. She then donates her home to charity with the help of Imam Sahb. Imam Sahb and his family members take turns in reminding Momin of Maya’s sincerity. Fakhar finally delivers divorce papers to Aashi. The divorcee’s parents are burdened by the consequences of their past mistakes. Momin’s mother arranges a celebration for Fari’s wedding as well as Momin’s walima. He feels a bit reluctant to see Maya wearing the dress meant for Aashi. Coincidentally, Aashi comes across Momin while heading toward a local store. He offers to give her a ride but she refuses. He then taunts her for having got accustomed to cars and thus not preferring his shabby motorcycle. The walima ceremony is concluded with peace and Fari moves to her new home. Ansa is of the mind that Momin will abandon his newfound happiness after hearing about Aashi’s perils. Meanwhile, Momin is finally guilty of his past behavior towards Maya. He seeks to amend his past errors and thus changes his attitude towards Maya. His wife is utterly baffled at Momin’s gentleness and care for her. 

    Episode 40~41

    Air Date: 01-Apr-2022 ~ 02-Apr-2022

    Momin’s attitude towards Maya improves with each passing day. But good times don’t last long for Maya. Momin comes across Fakhar’s mother while outside. She reveals to him news of Aashi’s peril and the treachery of her own son. Momin immediately rushes to Aashi’s house in a flabbergasted manner. He berates her for suffering in silence and reminds her of his never-ending love for her. Jameel becomes hopeful to see Momin returning to his daughter. Momin declares his resolution for never abandoning Aashi to his family members. Maya remains steadfast whereas the rest are panicked. Momin then buys garlands for Aashi just like the old times. However, Aashi disrupts his advancements and reiterates the impossibility of a reunion. Fari pays a visit to Aashi and reminds her of her unworthiness as Momin’s life partner. Meanwhile, Waleed is of the mind to let Momin decide for himself. Maya firmly realizes that Momin can’t do without Aashi. She then pays a visit to her ‘competitor’ and suggests that Aashi marry Momin. What’s more unbelievable is that Maya is willing to abandon Momin for his happiness’s sake! Aashi keeps standing with her mouth agape after hearing of Maya’s willingness to sacrifice.

    Episode 42~43

    Air Date: 08-Apr-2022 ~ 09-Apr-2022

    Aashi is thoroughly convinced by Maya’s kindness of heart. On the contrary, her parents are against Maya. Jameel refuses to give Maya any credit for facilitating Aashi’s marriage with Momin. Soon, the wedding celebration is held peacefully; and the two lovers are finally united after all the perils they suffered. Maya moves out of her room willingly and allows Aashi to replace her instead. Later, she accidentally burns Aashi’s scarf while lighting the stove. None in her home, including Aashi herself, blame her for the accident. However, as expected, Aashi’s parents are freaked out and consider it to be Maya’s willfulness. Jameel invites Momin for a meetup and complains about Maya. Momin becomes irritated and leaves immediately. Jameel then heads off to Momin’s home after not being satisfied with the current status quo. He blames Maya for being a troublemaker and provokes her to abandon Momin’s life for good. Maya becomes upset at Jameel’s remarks but remains quiet. Gohar barges into the house while Annie and Maya are the only ones present. The flabbergasted Annie makes a run for it. Meanwhile, Maya is baffled to see her lifelong ‘suitor’ standing at the doorstep.

    Episode 44~45

    Air Date: 15-Apr-2022 ~ 16-Apr-2022

    Annie is distraught upon Gohar’s arrival. She soon dials her brother’s number and requests his aid. Gohar hands over his wedding card to Maya, just to ignite her jealousy. Momin overhears him congratulating Maya on her successful endeavors. He once again becomes suspicious of her motives and considers everything so far to be a well-laid trap of hers. He disregards her prayers and such to be nothing but hypocrisy. Maya’s heart of patience finally splinters after that; just like shards of glass. She departs from Momin’s life forever under the night’s cover. Momin remains unperturbed by his wife’s abrupt departure. Meanwhile, the rest of his family members, including Aashi, are worried about Maya. On the contrary, Aashi’s parents are gloating at Maya’s end. Momin is finally shaken after recalling Maya’s heartfelt words in her defense. Even his other wife is berating him for disrupting an innocent’s peace. Waleed and Fari fail to locate Maya, despite visiting every location possible.

    Episode 46~47

    Air Date: 22-Apr-2022 ~ 23-Apr-2022

    Aashi and the rest continue contradicting Momin for his stone-heartedness. He’s finally had enough and pulls the curtain from Maya’s ‘sins’ in front of his family. The others still remain in favor of Maya despite hearing his accusations. In the coming days, Momin feels depressed because of Maya’s matter and often fails to offer prayers in the congregation. Jameel’s ego gets hurt after Momin bypasses him without any greetings in his confused state of mind. The grumpy old retard sends his wife to spy on Aashi’s new home for any ques. In the end though, Ansa feels refreshed after witnessing her daughter’s face blooming with happiness. Gohar confronts Momin at the university and advocates for Maya’s pure-heartedness while admitting his own crimes. As it happens, he had bumped across Maya on the night of her departure. Maya’s lifelong friend finally had a guilty conscience after bearing witness to her suffering. Momin’s entire existence is shaken after coming face-to-face with his own stupidity. Soon after, Momin is found wandering around the city in search of his beloved. Unfortunately, Maya has apparently become a ghost and literally forsaken all ties with them. Aashi feels neglected and complains about Momin’s lacking sense of responsibility. In return, he threatens to divorce her in a very calm and composed manner. 

    Episode 48~49 (Last Episode)

    Air Date: 29-Apr-2022 ~ 30-Apr-2022

    Momin wanders all around the city in hopes of Maya’s traces. Back at home, Aashi vacates the house after feeling hurt at Momin’s attitude. He convinces her to accompany him back home after some fuss. Momin finally abandons his hunt for Maya after realizing that Allah shall let them reunite when the time is ripe. Months pass and Aashi continues living happily with her husband. The family feels blessed after the news of her pregnancy is confirmed. Unfortunately, a calamity strikes their home once Aashi’s health starts deteriorating. Jameel feels remorse for having instigated the innocent Maya to leave. Momin finally learns about Rani’s village. He succeeds in tracing his wife in the village. Maya reveals how she herself became doubtful of her prayers after Momin’s accusations. Momin pleads with her to accompany him back home but she declines. The disheartened guy passes out at the station. Maya rushes over and thus, agrees to stay by his side. Aashi passes away due to excessive blood loss. She leaves her son under Momin as well as Maya’s protection before her departure.

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