Dobara is the story of Mehrunnisa who, after becoming a widow, dares to marry a young man and faces societal pressure.

  • Start Date: 20-Oct-2021
  • End Date: 15-Jun-2022
  • Total Episodes: 33
  • Episode Duration: 40 minutes
  • Production Company: MD Productions
  • TV Channel: HUM TV

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Cast & Crew

Episode 1

Air Date: 20-Oct-2021

Mehrunnisa’s husband, Hidayatullah is dead and his death ceremony is going on in the house. His sister, Durdana comes to see his brother for one last time. Mahir’s parents separated when he was a kid. He is jobless right now. He visits his mother and steals money out of his step-father’s wallet whenever he gets the chance due to which his step-father humiliates him.

Mehrunnisa has a son, Affan and a daughter, Minal who is married to Zameer while Affan is interested in a girl named Seher.  Mahir’s girlfriend, Narmeen asks him to get a steady job. He lives at his father’s house, where his stepmother is sick of him. Mehrunnisa remembers how she was married at a young age to a man much older than her. Durdana asks Mehrunnisa to tie her hair, cover her head and refrain from smiling, which she opposes but in vain.

Episode 2

Air Date: 27-Oct-2021

Mahir’s mother inquires about his stealing. At his rude behavior, she slaps him and he is verbally disowned. Mahir is really hurt and leaves the house with teary eyes. According to the lawyer, Hidayatullah left all his property to Mehrunnisa. All the family members are quite shocked as there is no penny for children but Hidayatullah’s sister covers this up by saying that whatever is of mother belongs to the children. Mehrunnisa remembers how Hidayatullah stole her childhood away, how he forced her to dress according to his will, stopped her from meeting her friends, and didn’t even let her go out. Hidayatullah’s sister tries to take charge of the business till Mehrunnisa’s iddat but Mehrunnisa gives that responsibility to Zameer. Mahir is desperate to get a job. Mehrunnisa tries to live her childhood by bringing back tennis into her life. Mahir’s stepmother locks the fridge to prevent him from eating anything as a punishment. 

Episode 3

Air Date: 03-Nov-2021

Mahir is unsuccessful in getting the job. Narmeen’s mother is planning to get her marriage fixed with another boy, so she requests Mahir to bring his proposal. Durdana is angry at Mehrunnisa playing football with the servant’s children and asks Minal to stop her.  Despite his previous insult, Mahir goes to his mother’s house and requests her to ask for Narmeen’s hand. Mehrunnisa’s iddah is over. She goes for a morning walk without telling anyone. Affan and Durdana are quite angry at the way she is dressed and acts despite being a widow. Durdana asks Affan to talk Mehrunnisa out of her co-curricular activities and remind her of her status. Zameer has started handling the office. Mehrunnisa goes shopping with Minal where Affan sees her acting like a child and gets irritated. Mahir is planning on stealing his grandmother’s jewelry which is right now under his stepmother’s custody.

Episode 4

Air Date: 17-Nov-2021

Mehrunnisa gives a shut-up call to Affan when he inquires her about her childish act at the mall. She and Mahir go to the same park for jogging and become friends. Mehrunnisa gets all dressed up to attend a kitty party. When she reaches there, women make fun of her for how she is acting absolutely the opposite of a widow and it doesn’t suit her age. She leaves the party immediately. She gets upset during the morning walk and Mahir lightens her mood and asks her to pray for his proposal acceptance. Mahir steals some jewelry from his stepmother’s cupboard. Affan asks Mehrunnisa to take his proposal to Seher’s house at which she is reluctant but agrees due to his aunt’s insistence. Mahir’s stepmother learns about his proposal. She also finds out about her jewelry and rushes to Narmeen’s house thus ruining the chance of their marriage. 

Episode 5

Air Date: 24-Nov-2021

Narmeen breaks every relation with Mahir and declares him a thief. Mahir’s stepmother doesn’t let him come inside the house and throws his stuff out as well. Mehrunnisa sees Mahir sleeping in the park and finds out that he spent the whole night there. She asks him about his proposal and he narrates the whole story to her. She takes him out on breakfast where Zameer sees them together. Mehrunnisa advises Mahir to not cut ties with his parents. Mahir stays at his friend’s house. Affan and Seher’s engagement date is fixed. Upon Mehru’s invitation, Mahir comes to her house. Affan’s auntie sees him and advises Mehrunnisa that it’s not good to be friends with boys in their culture. Zameer is facing difficulty in handling such widespread business and comes up with a plan. While shopping for the engagement, Mehrunnisa buys a bright color despite everyone’s objection.

Episode 6

Air Date: 01-Dec-2021

Mahir’s friends ask him to perform house chores if he wants to live with him. Seher chooses a light pink dress for four and a half lakhs. Her mother wants to accompany her to jewelry shopping. Mahir’s father is quite depressed and misses him. Mahir asks Mehrunnisa for a job. Zameer gets dishonest in the business. Durdana asks Affan to stop her mother from wearing such bright colors. Mehrunnisa becomes Mahir’s student in tennis and invites him to Affan’s engagement where both dance together. Zameer asks Minal to stop them but she refuses. Seher’s mother also becomes a bit uncomfortable. Affan fumes at Mehrunnisa after Mahir leaves. He misbehaves with her regarding her clothes and questions her closeness with Mahir at which she scolds him and asks everyone to be within their limits.

Episode 7

Air Date: 08-Dec-2021

Mehrunnisa is disturbed by Affan’s misbehavior. Minal asks Affan to control his temper while Durdana keeps taking his side. Mahir calls Mehrunnisa, suspecting she is sad and she shares her agonies with him. Zameer asks Minal if there is an affair between Mehrunnisa and Mahir and Minal gets upset with him. Mahir finds out about Narmeen’s marriage to Zamaan and shares his despair with Mehrunnisa. His stepfather sees them together. Durdana asks Minal to talk to Mehrunnisa about Mahir. Minal defends her in front of Durdana and Affan. Mehrunnisa starts learning driving from Mahir and invites him to the house. Affan misbehaves with Mehrunnisa and Mahir and Mahir decides to leave. She stops him but Affan threatens to leave the house. Mahir’s stepfather informs his wife about Mahir’s affair with Mehrunnisa who then shares it with Mahir’s father. Mehrunnisa decides to leave everything for her children.

Episode 8

Air Date: 15-Dec-2021

Mahir decides to distance himself from Mehrunnisa so as not to get her into trouble. For this purpose, he also abandons his coaching job. Durdana invites her brother-in-law Ibtisam to live at Mehrunnisa’s home with the intention to let him marry Mehrunnisa and get rid of Mahir. Mahir’s parents question him about his relationship with Mehrunnisa. Although he’d already decided to stop contacting her, Mahir gets irritated by his parent’s trial and blatantly announces how he intends to marry Mehrunnisa. Afterward, Mahir gets hit by a car while aimlessly wandering around. Babar gets summoned by the nurse and is asked to pay the bill for treatment. Being short of money himself, he dials both parents of Mahir one by one and tries asking them for money. Angered by Mahir’s disobedience, and also thinking how this is another plot to swindle money, both of them refuse Babar’s request. Distressed, Babar calls Mehrunnisa for help who readily agrees to it.

Episode 9

Air Date: 22-Dec-2021

Mahir wakes up at the hospital where Babar tells him how his parents have shunned him and wouldn’t even want to see his face despite the accident. Mehrunnisa comes to visit Mahir in the hospital while Ibtisam drags along with her as well for a checkup. As a good friend, Mehrunnisa bears all expenses at the hospital while aiming to let Mahir get the best treatment. On the way back, Ibtisam who’s become afraid of Mehrunnisa’s driving volunteers to drive himself and smashes the car in the process. Affan gets quite irritated at Ibtisam for ruining his car. Having become impressed by Mehrunnisa’s generosity towards Mahir, Babar advises his friend to grasp the opportunity and marry her. Mehrunnisa’s son-in-law, Zameer is still up to his old tricks on the business side.

Episode 10

Air Date: 29-Dec-2021

Coincidentally, it is both Mahir and Mehrunnisa’s birthday today. Sadly though, there’s no one to keep them company. Mahir’s parents are still upset with him while Mehrunnisa’s children are busy in their own lives. Babar informs Mehrunnisa of Mahir’s birthday after his friend calls him out of loneliness. Narmeen coincidentally comes into Mahir’s hospital room where she mocks him for being a liar as well as penniless. Just then, Mehrunnisa arrives and later celebrates both of their birthdays together with Mahir. While mentally reminded of Babar’s advice regarding Mehrunnisa as well as Narmeen’s mockery of him, Mahir finally makes up his mind and confesses his love to Mehru and proposes to her. Being flabbergasted at the unexpected turn of events, Mehru is at first confused and then curses Mahir for plotting to marry a rich widow and then leaves. Ibtisam also proposes to Mehru while at a dinner with her which again, she refuses.

Episode 11

Air Date: 05-Jan-2022

Babar is shocked at his friend’s stupidity by having prematurely proposed to Mehrunnisa. Later on, he asks Mahir to pack up and look for shelter elsewhere within a month. Mahir is quite confident that Mehrunnisa will come back to him. Seher’s mother pushes Affan to marry her daughter within a couple of months and start looking after his father’s business as well. Affan feels quite pressurized and leaves. Upon Seher’s inquiry, her mother reveals her concerns about Affan being the sole heir to his father’s property and that they can’t let any mistakes happen. Mehrunnisa seeks the counsel of her old friend Nayyara who, after much thought, suggests Mehrunnisa to make her own decisions regarding marriage and her life as it is well within the boundaries of Islam. Meanwhile, Durdana inquires the driver about Mehrunnisa’s meetings with Mahir at the hospital and also lets Affan know of it. Enraged, Affan has a bickering round with his mother where Ibtisam also intervenes, in compliance with Durdana’s instructions, and announces the matter of his proposal to Mehrunnisa. Finally, Affan leaves home in a fit of fury.

Episode 12

Air Date: 12-Jan-2022

Minal is worried about people gossiping in case her mother remarries. This saddens her mother and so she asks Minal to leave. Nayyara discusses Mehrunnisa’s wish to marry with her husband. Contrary to her, her husband is of the opinion that Mehru shouldn’t marry. As most men offering to marry Mehrunnisa may do so out of greed. Seher wishes to visit Affan’s home who disagrees as he’s at odds with his mother at present. Angered by him, Seher complains to her mother and both decide to pay a visit to Mehrunnisa that evening. Mahir manages to land an average job somewhere. Minal reveals her mother’s plans of marrying to her husband. Zameer feels weird and makes fun of the matter. After getting to know of Seher and her family’s visit, Affan heads back home. Inside the house, he comes face to face with Ibtisam and gets into a scuffle with him. Mehrunnisa finally manages to separate them both and slaps her son. During the discussions, Seher’s family makes outrageous and greedy demands from her in-laws. Durdana disagrees but out of love for her son, Mehrunnisa accepts each of their demands.

Episode 13

Air Date: 19-Jan-2022

Mahir is about to start his first day at the new job while Babar makes fun of him which irritates Mahir. At the company, he hears rumors regarding Zameer’s treacherous activities. Later, he bumps into Zameer and is scolded because of that. Mahir looks familiar to Zameer but the latter can’t remember exactly where they’d met before. Mahir’s father, Jahangir is diagnosed with a heart problem. He’s out of money and can’t afford the expensive treatment. Affan and Seher get married. A robber knocks Ibtisam heavily while he’s out shopping together with Mehru. Mahir witnesses the whole incident and beats the hell out of the robber. He then helps carry Ibtisam to the hospital. Mehrunnisa reveals her plan to marry Ibtisam but Mahir opposes it. He opines that she is doing it to please others not herself. Ibtisam is greatly moved by the incident. He regards Mahir as a more suitable fit for Mehrunnisa since the latter can better protect her. Ibtisam then helps the two marry through court. The family members get shocked out of their wits after becoming aware of it.

Episode 14

Air Date: 26-Jan-2022

Durdana, Zameer, and Minal criticize Mehru for marrying a man slightly older than her son. Zameer is freaked out, thinking whether Mahir will discover his treachery. Mahir buys colorful bangles for Mehrunnisa to cheer her up. Durdana confronts Ibtisam and inquires about the reason for his betrayal. The previous servant’s niece Shano comes to work. Durdana is adamant upon leaving for abroad. Mahir tries to convince her to stay but she refuses out of stubbornness. She also insults Mahir a lot in the process. Shano reveals the news of marriage to other servants. They’re also a bit confused at Mehrunnisa’s decision. Mahir and Mehru visit Minal’s house to clear out her misunderstanding but she drives them out of her house while also announcing Zameer’s intention of leaving the company. Mahir and Mehrunnisa are having lunch together. Mehrunnisa’s friend, Afshan comes across them and taunts Mehru for marrying a man half her age. She is depressed at being taunted while Mahir retains his cool. Jahangir admits his sickness to his wife and later falls unconscious while preparing for office.

Episode 15

Air Date: 02-Feb-2022

Mehru tries handing over her credit card to Mahir but he rejects her offer. She then points out how it seems inappropriate for him to continue working under her business partner. Mahir concedes and decides to resign from his job. Zameer contacts Fareed uncle and announces his resignation before Mahir formally kicks him out. He plans to continue his deals with Fareed uncle through his own firm. Mehrunnisa’s friends arrange for a wedding celebration in her name. Ibtisam leaves for America after greeting Mehru and Mahir one last time. Mahir is depressed upon being jobless once again. Mehru drags him to her company and lets him manage it for her. Mahir investigates the reason behind continuous business losses from Mr. Safdar who relates the losses to Zameer. He further reveals how Zameer forbade him from informing Mehrunnisa of the matters. Nayyara and Durdana argue regarding Mehru’s marriage. Later Nayyara informs her husband, Fareed regarding the wedding celebration. Fareed refuses to entertain somebody who was a lowly clerk in his office not long ago. Zameer reveals Mahir’s takeover of authority in business to Minal. He fears that Mahir will now slander him as revenge for their previous disagreement. 

Episode 16

Air Date: 09-Feb-2022

Mahir becomes a bit agitated after a sales boy addresses Mehru as his mother. He criticizes the boy for having no manners. Mahir’s stepmother calls upon him and lets him know of his father’s sickness. She taunts him for acting dominant after earning a few bucks. Mahir counterattacks by saying how he’s the owner of not just one, but multiple factories. His father remains shell-shocked after learning of his son’s marriage even after Mahir is long gone. He continues calling Mahir but the latter simply ignores him. Babar reaches out to Mahir by phone but the now wealthy tycoon ignores his previous friend. Mahir and Mehru have lunch at Fareed and Nayyara’s home. Fareed taunts Mahir for being cunning like a fox. Mahir eavesdrops upon Mehrunnisa while she declares her lack of enough trust in Mahir when it comes to business. He’s a bit hurt and makes up his mind to misuse Mehru’s trust in the most abhorrent ways possible. Affan returns from his honeymoon and goes mad after learning of his mother’s marriage with Mahir.

Episode 17

Air Date: 16-Feb-2022

Affan is driven mad at the thought of his mother marrying a man half her age. He fetches a gun and points it at Mahir. Mahir persuades him how it won’t matter even if he gets killed as Mehru’s name has already been tied to his name. In despair, Affan points the gun at his own head. Mahir makes an attempt to stop Affan from committing suicide. Although he succeeds and Affan is still alive, Mahir himself gets shot in the mess. The ambulance arrives and Mahir is taken to the hospital. His father, Jahangir calls Babar and inquires about the reason for Mahir’s marriage. Babar points out how Mahir married Mehru for her wealth. Later, he calls Mehru and asks for his son. Both Babar and Jahangir rush to the hospital to check up on Mahir. The doctors declare Mahir’s critical conditions and how any outcome is possible. Zameer’s greed awakens as he prays for Mahir to rush off to hell real quick. That way, Affan will be arrested and all of Mehru’s wealth shall belong to him. Affan shifts to Sehar’s place to steer clear of the murder attempt fuss for a while. Mehru and Jahangir are heartbroken at witnessing Mahir’s miserable condition.

Episode 18

Air Date: 23-Feb-2022

Jahangir’s heart is full of sorrow after witnessing his son’s tragedy as he goes back home. His wife inquires about his whereabouts. Later, she taunts Mahir for probably being a criminal who got shot. His first wife’s sixth sense warns her of impending doom. She calls her ex-husband to console her anxious heart. Jahangir’s current wife receives the phone while the former refrains from saying anything at all. The servants back at Mehrunnisa’s residence are upset at Mahir’s misery. Their new boss’s down-to-earth manners had been etched within their hearts. Mahir regains consciousness and records his statement for legal purposes. He spares Affan by lying about how he got shot by a freaking mobile snatcher. Durdana continues with her non-stop nagging and eating off Mehrunnisa’s ears. Babar feels elated after witnessing the VIP treatment in the hospital. Affan’s mother-in-law forces him to go back home. Otherwise, the clever and full of wits Mahir will usurp all of his rightful property.

Episode 19

Air Date: 02-Mar-2022

Jahangir’s shabby car betrays him while on the way back home. A friend suggests him to buy a new car. Mehru bumps across him while he’s making an effort to catch an auto-rickshaw. She offers him a ride and both of them go to the hospital together. Mehrunnisa explains how Mahir had won her trust by saving Affan from committing suicide and also not suing him in court later. Mahir’s stepfather sees Jahangir with Mehru and becomes suspicious of their relationship. Meanwhile, Jahangir’s health deteriorates on the way to Mahir’s ward. Mehrunnisa makes a correct guess about him being a heart patient. Mahir becomes irritated after knowing of his father’s visit. He backbites at the old man for being greedy for his newfound wealth. Jahangir listens to his son’s taunts from behind closed doors. Minal and others berate Affan for being rash. They then convince him to go back home. Durdana also instructs Affan to get back home.

Episode 20

Air Date: 09-Mar-2022

Mehrunnisa convinces Jahangir to see a heart specialist together with her. Some old freak named Luqman instigates Jahangir’s wife against him. He reveals the news of Mehru accompanying Jahangir in the hospital. The upset woman later enquires Jahangir about his newfound interests. Meanwhile, Jahangir is disgusted by Luqman’s wretched ideas and denies his wife’s lame accusations. Mahir is discharged from the hospital. He talks back to Durdana upon his entry back home. Durdana manipulates Affan and Seher into coming back home and claim their birthright. Minal’s husband also convinces her to go back and make a stand for what’s rightfully hers. Zameer’s business is in need of financial support. His brother suggests him to use Minal’s name as an excuse for leveraging money from her mother. Mahir starts using a heavy hand in the company and acts as a proper CEO.

Episode 21

Air Date: 16-Mar-2022

Mehrunnisa reminds Jahangir of his hospital appointment and he agrees to go there after much hesitation. His wife manages to eavesdrop on a part of the conversation and spares no effort in taunting her husband. Durdana continues instigating Seher against Mahir. Affan is about to join the company soon. Mahir berates Seher for not greeting him. She immediately throws a tantrum which results in Affan grabbing Mahir by his shirt. Mehrunnisa clarifies the situation and finds the couple at fault. Her son leaves with no apologies whatsoever. Mahir hints to step back after knowing of Affan’s decision to join the office. Mehrunnisa overrides his suggestion and lets him continue being the company’s boss. Affan is angered to see Mahir occupying his father’s office. He barges into the office while the latter is in a meeting. Mahir then reminds Affan of his place through his slick tongue. Fareed Uncle gives Zameer the cold shoulder. Minal comes to visit but ignores Mehru and Mahir. She then gives advice to her brother about dealing with Mahir strategically.

Episode 22

Air Date: 23-Mar-2022

Jahangir’s wife calls Mehrunnisa and confirms her suspicions after hearing a woman’s voice. Meanwhile, Jahangir falls unconscious in the hospital. Mehrunnisa rushes to lend him a hand and also summons his family members. Jahangir’s wife taunts Mehrunnisa for marrying a useless man who is one foot in the grave already. Mehru clears her doubts and reveals her status as Mahir’s wife. The greedy stepmother soon reverts to flattery and does her best in sucking up to the rich lady. Fareed uncle is thoroughly impressed by the tenacity and intelligence shown by Mahir. Affan is irritated to hear the endless stream of Mahir’s praises from Fareed uncle’s mouth. He then declines the project handed over to him by Mahir and leaves in frustration. Durdana continues bewitching Seher and manipulates her into ruining Mahir’s reputation through slanders. The driver Shabeer turns out to be a wretched old geezer. The maid Shano is continuously harassed by him. Mahir gives him a thorough lesson but to no avail. Zameer is in urgent need of around 20 crore rupees. The greedy fellow fails to convince his wife to implore her mother for the money.

Episode 23

Air Date: 30-Mar-2022

Seher slanders Mahir about being a wolf who lusts after his own daughter-in-law. Of course, Durdana won’t let such an awesome opportunity to vilify Mahir slip by her hands. Shano happens to have witnessed the whole event and makes an effort to reveal the truth. Unfortunately, Durdana forces her to shut the hell up and buzz off. Mehrunnisa feels devastated to see her husband’s failed attempt at ‘assaulting’ Seher. Meanwhile, Mahir remains flabbergasted at Seher’s shamelessness. He makes an attempt to pacify Mehrunnisa’s suspicions but to no avail. He then leaves in a dejected manner while Mehrunnisa’s heart is still in chaos. Durdana soon sends Shano back to her village with an excuse. The wretched driver Shabbir is tasked to drop her to the nearest bus station. Mahir finally remembers to pay his old buddy Babar a visit. Meanwhile, Babar’s jaw drops to the floor after hearing his friend’s tale of misery.

Episode 24

Air Date: 06-Apr-2022

Mahir is confident about Mehrunnisa’s love for him. He’s adamant about just sitting hand in hand and letting his innocence be proved who knows how. His stepmother, as well as step-sisters, invite him to dinner. Mahir is disgusted by their greed and decides to pay them a visit. Mehrunnisa reveals the news of Hidayat’s first wife to her son. Affan is shocked to learn of his father’s first and true love. He finally becomes aware of how his father tried to mold Mehrunnisa in his first wife’s color. Mahir boycotts the office and Affan gets to take charge of matters. He disrupts all projects started by Mahir as revenge. Both Safdar and Fareed uncle are greatly upset at Affan’s stupidity and lack of experience. Shano returns but Shabbir shoos her away. She finally becomes suspicious and recounts her story to Nayyara. Mahir is slapped after taunting his father for being greedy. Jahangir then reveals his knowledge of Mahir’s vile intentions in marrying Mehrunnisa. This makes Mahir feel a bit guilty and so he apologizes to his father. 

Episode 25

Air Date: 13-Apr-2022

Affan agrees to lend 20 crore rupees to Zameer despite Mr. Safdar’s protests. Mahir heads back home with Shanno in tow. Together they lay bare the delicate trap set in place by Seher and Durdana. Mehrunnisa is thoroughly shocked by her well-educated daughter-in-law’s treachery. Mahir assures her that Affan had been unaware of the matter. He’s certain that no man’s pride would let his wife stoop so low. Durdana smells the scent of impending doom and rushes to confirm her flight to Canada. Mahir explains the intensity of the matter to Seher and suggests for her to seek forgiveness. She pays heed to her ‘father-in-law’s’ advice, and hurries to admit her crimes in front of Mehrunnisa. Affan overhears his wife’s chat with Mahir and feels heartbroken. He confronts Seher regarding her actions and both weep together over the mess created by her. Mahir’s greedy stepmother and sisters plan to visit Mehrunnisa and siphon some cash outta her pocket.

Episode 26

Air Date: 20-Apr-2022

Mahir asks Shabbir to buzz off and never show up again. Affan and Seher are set on avoiding Mahir to cover up their embarrassment. For this purpose, they cough up the excuse of completing studies abroad. Mehrunnisa agrees to their suggestion hoping that time shall heal the rough edges in their relationship. Zameer is flabbergasted to witness Mahir sitting at his rightful place in the office once more. The returned CEO gives Zameer a cold shoulder and refuses to hand him a penny in loan. Zameer leaves in a fit of fury. He cries like a vixen in front of his naive wife. Minal is finally enraged and rushes to her mom to seek justice. Coincidentally, Mehrunnisa is handing over a check of five lac rupees to Mahir’s stepmother at that instance. Minal insults the hell outta those greedy fellows, much to the audience’s delight. The elder step-sister is still fretting over having abandoned the check on their way back home.

Episode 27

Air Date: 27-Apr-2022

Affan and his wife, Seher finally abandon their home for good. Mehrunnisa’s other child is upset for having misbehaved with her mother previously. Minal resolutely declares her decision to stop pestering her mother regarding the loan in front of Zameer. Zameer’s brother continues whining about Mehrunnisa being a detestable and greedy old woman. He’s of the mind to let Zameer remarry his rich cousin Nadia. Doing so will seamlessly resolve their financial crises. Jahangir’s wife repents on her past mistakes after being insulted by Minal. She then has a heartfelt talk with Jahangir regarding the sloppiness of their marriage. Mr. Anwar reveals the news of his stepson’s marriage to Mahir’s mother. She then complains to Jahangir for ruining her child’s life out of his lust for wealth. Mahir spots Zameer sharing dinner with Nadia at a restaurant while accompanied by Mehrunnisa.

Episode 28

Air Date: 11-May-2022

Mehrunnisa is worried after spotting Zameer secretly dining with Nadia. Mahir reassures her and even promises to look into the matter. Minal arrives at the office and seeks a couple of explanations from Mahir. He points out the reason for denying Zameer’s request for money. However, he keeps his mouth shut about why Minal’s brother left for good. Affan reveals the truth under his sister’s inquiry. Mahir’s real mother pays a visit to Mehrunnisa and bombards her with torrents of sarcasm. Mehrunnisa starts feeling guilty under the onslaught of criticisms. In short, Mahir’s mother provokes Mehru by pointing at her inability to give birth anymore. Mehrunisa is truly saddened by the incident until her husband comes over. Mahir claims that love is dearer to him than children. Babar manages to worm his way into the office with Mehrunnisa’s support. Mahir later berates his mother for being nosy. He then comes across his stepfather while on the way out.

Episode 29

Air Date: 18-May-2022

Mahir’s step-father’s company is about to merge with Mahir’s group. This means that soon Mahir will become Mr. Anwar’s head in the office. Mahir accidentally comes across Nadia in a restaurant. He reveals to her his identity, and later explains the real motives behind why Aziz wants her to marry his brother. Nadia is dumb-struck at the realization of being used as a chess pawn. Any thoughts of marrying Zameer flood out of her mind instantly. Next, Mahir meets Zameer and warns him against marrying Nadia. The consequences of doing so will be the loss of both Minal and his business. He then presents Zameer with a project. The latter readily agrees to look after it and even boycotts his brother afterward. Minal is baffled after learning of her late father’s treachery. Mehrunnisa is beyond grateful to Mahir for all his favors to her. Mahir comes eye to eye with Narmeen in his office. She seems to be a new recruit there. Both stare at each other for a while. Mahir remembers how Narmeen thrashed his love in the dustbin and left him because of money. Meanwhile, Narmeen is flabbergasted after learning of Mahir being the company’s CEO.

Episode 30

Air Date: 25-May-2022

Mahir lies about falling victim to an accident in front of Mehru. In reality, though, he is just upset after bumping into his past lover. He then summons Narmeen into his office the very next day. Turns out, Zaman has divorced Narmeen since she couldn’t forget about Mahir’s love. Both get into an argument, the end result being Narmeen’s resignation from the job altogether. Narmeen as well as Mahir’s mother are possibly the brewing ill strategies to let Narmeen bounce back into Mahir’s life. Both have been blinded by their own selfishness and don’t give a damn about Mehrunnisa. Minal is thoroughly impressed by her stepfather’s benevolent attitude. Mehru leaves for Hyderabad in an urgency. Mahir is irked by his wife’s absence and complains to her. On the contrary, Mehru is touched by Mahir’s love for her. Mahir later apologizes to Narmeen for his rude behavior. His ex-girlfriend rejoins the office and both celebrate her birthday that day. Babar spots Narmeen in the office and later correctly guesses about her lunch with Mahir.

Episode 31

Air Date: 01-Jun-2022

Narmeen elaborates on the reasons behind her divorce as she celebrates her birthday together with Mahir.  Turns out, her husband couldn’t tolerate the presence of another man in his wife’s heart and thus set her free. Mahir’s stepfather reveals the news of his mother who is suffering from cancer. She then apologizes to Mahir for the deprivations he faced because of her own desire for lavishness. Later, she advises him to marry Narmeen because he’s far too young for Mehrunnisa. Meanwhile, Mehrunnisa’s absence reignites the passion within Mahir’s heart for his past lover. The duo meets again for lunch and this time around, Mahir proposes to Narmeen. He is even willing to divorce Mehrunnisa for her sake. Narmeen’s mother also hopes for her daughter to marry the now filthy-rich Mahir. Meanwhile, the girl herself is confused since she can’t bear to ruin Mehrunnisa’s life.

Episode 32

Air Date: 08-Jun-2022

Narmeen and Mahir are totally involved and want to marry each other. Mahir requests his mother to ask for Narmeen’s hand in marriage and she readily agrees. Adeela permits Jahangir to meet Naheed as she is on her deathbed. Jahangir feels ecstatic by witnessing the changing attitude of his wife. He goes to Naheed with wishes and prayers. Mahir comes upon his father’s summon and bluntly confesses his intentions for a second marriage. His father warns him that he can’t stay happy by betraying Mehrunnisa but Mahir pays no heed to his father’s word. Mehrunnisa returns back home after finishing her work outside. She observes odd behavior and losing temperance of Mahir which troubles her. Babar also relays news of Narmeen’s job at the office. Mehrunnisa is able to deduct Narmeen as the reason behind Mahir’s changing attitude.

Episode 33 (Last Episode)

Air Date: 15-Jun-2022

Mehrunnisa learns about Mahir’s intention of marrying Narmeen. She explains to Mahir’s mother that she will not stop Mahir from redeeming his mistake of marrying her earlier. Her surrender evokes a feeling of regret in Mahir’s mother’s heart. Mehrunnisa cries her heart out in front of her friend thinking that she doesn’t deserve a prolonged happy life. She complains about her impeding meaningless life and decides to let Mahir go. Minal asks Mahir to take care of her mother as he is the most esteemed person who held Mehrunnisa’s hand and brought happiness to her in her difficult time. This phone call baffles Mahir as he finds himself unable to leave Mehrunnisa. Right on his Nikah day, he steps back from starting a new life. He admits that his true happiness belongs alongside Mehrunnisa. He confesses his mistake and rekindles his love for Mehrunnisa.

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