Hum Tum

  • Start Date: 3-Apr-2022
  • End Date: 3-May-2022
  • Total Episodes: 31
  • Episode Duration: 40 minutes
  • Production Company: MD Productions
  • TV Channel: HUM TV

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Cast & Crew

Ahad Raza Mir

Adam Sultan

Junaid Khan

Sarmad Sultan

Farhan Ally Agha

Sultan (Adam and Sarmad's father)

Munazzah Arif

Haleema (Adam and Sarmad's mother)

Uzma Baig

Adam and Sarmad's grandmother

Sarah Khan

Maha Qutub ud Din

Ramsha Khan

Neha Qutub ud Din

Adnan Jaffar

Qutub (Maha and Neha's father)

Arjumand Rahim

Ulfat (Maha and Neha's mother)

Syed Mohammed Ahmed

Maha and Neha's grandfather aka Daddu

Saife Hasan

Prof Jabir




Tameen Nizami

Director of Photography

Episode 1

Air Date: 03-Apr-2022

Maha, Neha, and Sasha live together with their parents and grandfather. All three girls are highly intelligent and the ace in their respective classes. Meanwhile, Adam and Sarmad are two brothers in the neighborhood. Adam is the much-appreciated student of Neha’s father. On the contrary, Sarmad runs a restaurant to support their kitchen. Their grandmother runs an online marriage bureau; while their little sister happens to be a martial arts fan. Finally, their father is a highly-educated gambler who relies on his sons to make a living.

Episode 2

Air Date: 04-Apr-2022

Neha plans a secret celebration for her grandfather’s birthday at Sarmad’s restaurant. Her father finds out and bestows heavy punishments upon his daughters. The grandpa is a TikTok star with a lot of followers. Sultan the gambler always reminds Neha’s father of his lack of sons. Sarmad has a crush on Maha but is ashamed of his lower academic qualifications.

Episode 3

Air Date: 05-Apr-2022

Some guy snatches Sasha’s ice cream on the roadside. Neha lunges at him like a roaring tigress and beats the hell outta him. Adam intervenes in time and separates them both. The event gets recorded and later streamed live on TV. Qutub is enraged to see his daughter’s impulsiveness being broadcasted on TV. Adam consoles his teacher and advocates for Neha’s decision.

Episode 4

Air Date: 06-Apr-2022

Adam’s birthday is on the horizon. Qutub’s family is invited as well. Grandpa is sponsored by some brands. He feels grumpy after a follower criticizes him for being old. Neha pranks Adam by ordering a ton of food under his friend’s name. All three girls accompany their parents to Adam’s house to celebrate his birthday.

Episode 5

Air Date: 07-Apr-2022

Neha gifts Adam with a spoon on his birthday. Adam is quite upset at her insolence. What ruins his mood even further is his father’s greed. As it happens, his father sells Adam’s bike without permission and gambles away the money. Grandpa’s mobile is broken in the midst of his granddaughters’ catfight. Qutub forces his daughter to apologize to Adam.

Episode 6

Air Date: 08-Apr-2022

Neha tries clearing her father’s name in front of professor Jabir. Adam guesses her intent and fetches Qutub as well. Neha gets busted and is berated by her father. Back at home, Qutub punishes his three daughters by assigning arduous dinner-making activities to them. Neha lives up to her name as chaos follows her even in the kitchen. Maha secretly conspires with Sarmad by requesting him to deliver the food items. 

Episode 7

Air Date: 09-Apr-2022

Adam smells the hint of conspiracy and identifies signs of his brother’s cooking. Maha requests him to digest the secret or the sisters’ respect will be a goner. Qutub is immensely satisfied with his daughters’ cooking and rewards each of them. Oral examinations commence at the university. Adam achieves the top position while professor Jabir deducts Neha’s marks out of personal enmity. Adam celebrates the day of his life. Meanwhile, Neha launches a strike at home and refuses to see anyone.

Episode 8

Air Date: 10-Apr-2022

Neha persists in having a rematch against Adam at home. Her father finally yields and relays the sad news to Adam’s nervous heart. As expected, Neha aces the competition while Adam is left disgraced. Even his own father taunts him for losing face. Disco grandpa is fantasizing about marrying some widow named Nargis. Neha then orders Sasha to hack professor Jabir’s ID and posts some content from there.

Episode 9

Air Date: 11-Apr-2022

Adam smells the scent of conspiracy in Professor Jabir’s sudden change of character. Soon, he realizes Neha and her sister Sasha as co-conspirators behind the act. Adam half-heartedly threatens to involve the cyber-crime team in the matter as well. Neha’s fuse explodes and so she demands Sasha hack the FB page of Adam’s restaurant. A flood of traffic barges into Sarmad’s restaurant the very next day. All customers claim to eat at a 70% discount, as offered on the FB page. Neha brings along her team to watch the fun while also enjoying the discount. 

Episode 10

Air Date: 12-Apr-2022

Adam’s fury is ignited to see the conspirators behind the brothers’ misery. Both of them get to face a loss worth 1.5 lac, all thanks to Neha. Adam then jokes about having roasted a donkey and served them with it. All three sisters and their grandpa feel disgusted and continuously puke the entire day. The matter escalates after Sultan runs over to confiscate 1.5 lac from Qutub. Later, Sarmad hands over the check back to Qutub. He also lies about the loss not being as dire as they deem it to be. Neha begs her ‘Daddu’ to do a one-minute video promoting Sarmad’s restaurant. This is her method of payback. 

Episode 11

Air Date: 13-Apr-2022

Tamanna granny brings along Nargis to meet Daddu. Nargis aka Nikky Dimple Wali is also a tik toker but unlike Daddu, her fan following is negligible. Both she and Daddu get arrested while engaging in romance in the park. Neha agrees to steal her father’s files regarding the admission test for her friend. In return, Hira will hand over one lac rupees to her.

Episode 12

Air Date: 14-Apr-2022

Daddu requests Adam’s aid while bound in the hospital with Nikky. A colleague from the university brings along the football of a child to propose for Maha. The football dude has no qualms in sucking dry the dining table. Sarmad’s mother hears her son praying against the proposal’s success. She then forces him to spit out the details of his year-long and one-sided love. Daddu comes back safely from police custody by means of a simple ruse.

Episode 13

Air Date: 15-Apr-2022

Daddu makes every effort to jeopardize the wedding proposal for Maha. Qutub feels enraged as well as helpless at his father’s willfulness. Neha questions her father’s decision and is slapped by her mother in return. Nikky blackmails Daddu by threatening to upload their pictures from prison on social media.

Episode 14

Air Date: 16-Apr-2022

Maha is depressed due to the wedding proposal from professor Saleha’s son. Her temperature rises and soon she’s taken to the hospital. Sarmad hurries over to look after his crush. Surprisingly, professor Jabir makes an unexpected arrival along with his son. The father and son duo are hoping to propose for Neha’s hand in the near future. Sultan is of the mind to disrupt any chances of Sarmad’s marriage with Maha. He soon changes his mind after learning of Maha’s immense inheritance. Instead, the greedy fellow asks for Maha’s hand for his son actively.

Episode 15

Air Date: 17-Apr-2022

Robbers invade Qutub’s house under the night’s sprawling cover of darkness. Sasha sneakily informs Mili while brainstorming for a solution. Surprisingly though, the gang leader turns out to be one of Daddu’s cult of fanatic followers. He forbids his lackeys from stealing even a grain of rice from there. Qutub feels like puking after learning of his father’s tiktok reach.

Episode 16

Air Date: 18-Apr-2022

Tamanna, Haleema, and Neha’s mother imitate Maha for a yoga session. Unfortunately, all three ladies fall face-flat on the grass while balancing on one leg. Neha convinces Maha to turn down Sarmad’s proposal right on his face. Instead, what ends up happening is Maha giving her consent for marriage after she has a heart-to-heart discussion with Sarmad. Both Adam and Neha are greatly troubled by the impending doom.

Episode 17

Air Date: 19-Apr-2022

Sarmad is quite upset at his brother for attempting to hijack his marriage. Qutub’s family gathers at Sultan’s house to finalize the wedding matter. Daddu demands Sarmad to transfer either their house or the restaurant in Maha’s name. Astonishingly, Sultan readily agrees to the outrageous demand. 

Episode 18

Air Date: 20-Apr-2022

Jabir is thoroughly won over by Neha’s brilliance and brings forward his own son as her potential life partner. Sarmad reveals to Maha how both the house and restaurant are immovable at present. Obviously, his father has been trying to pull a clever ruse by agreeing to Daddu’s request. 

Episode 19

Air Date: 21-Apr-2022

The pre-wedding celebrations are in full swing. Tamanna requests Daddu to promote her marriage bureau. The grandpa asks for a hefty sum in return. Adam inconveniently taunts Neha publicly. Later, his brother pressurizes him to seek forgiveness from his arch-enemy. Professor Jabir’s son, Sarim drags Neha to his office by hand in a burst of excitement.

Episode 20

Air Date: 22-Apr-2022

Sarim completes the project meant for Neha and Adam all by himself. Adam feels dejected and later convinces Neha to decline Sarim’s help since the duo can get things done by themselves as well. Sultan loses track of Daddu’s scooty after going for a quick ride. Neha blatantly addresses him as a thief while Adam is in the vicinity. He feels quite enraged at having his father be insulted like that.

Episode 21

Air Date: 23-Apr-2022

Qutub orders Neha to offer Sarmad’s family an apology for her past misconduct. The girl reluctantly agrees under her father’s flaming stare. Daddu is busy receiving ‘love packages’ in preparation for the wedding. Neha and Adam enjoy a rare moment of peace together while working on the project. Jabir suggests engaging Neha with his son during the ceremony.

Episode 22

Air Date: 24-Apr-2022

Adam willfully teases Neha by swapping the USB containing her songs with another. He soon makes up for the prank by presenting the real one. First, Sasha and Mili dance till their feet become sore. Next up, Neha and Adam dance their lights out simultaneously. Adam’s friend, Umer accidentally abandons his phone back at Neha’s home. She starts fuming after listening to Adam insulting her in the Whatsapp voice notes.

Episode 23

Air Date: 25-Apr-2022

Neha requests Adam not to jeopardize Maha’s marriage life because of the grudges between the two. Adam is disgusted by Neha’s paranoia against him. He goes on to claim how she’s still oblivious to his true character. Soon afterward, Adam’s heart faces a strange sensation; after hearing of Neha’s possible departure to Germany with her potential husband, Sarim.

Episode 24

Air Date: 26-Apr-2022

Neha finally learns of Sarim’s proposal from Adam’s mouth. Meanwhile, Adam feels disturbed at the thought of her departure. Maha feels prejudiced and suspicious toward Adam under Neha’s influence. Neha is set on being an obedient daughter and thus gives her consent for the marriage.

Episode 25

Air Date: 27-Apr-2022

Sarim suggests for Neha to reflect deeply before agreeing to their marriage. Qutub assigns Adam the task of investigating Sarim’s background. Neha eavesdrops while Adam declares his love for her in front of Umer. She then starts teasing the desperate Romeo through subtle means. 

Episode 26

Air Date: 28-Apr-2022

Maha is bent on letting her husband renew his passion for studies. She even continues to pester Sultan to take over the restaurant so that his son can take a breather. Adam and Neha manage to secure the first position in the project competition.

Episode 27

Air Date: 29-Apr-2022

Mili sneaks off to her karate tournament along with Sasha. Both girls face terrible consequences after having worried their families for so long. Neha mercilessly refutes Adam’s innermost feelings for her. The discouraged guy makes a ruckus after pulling an all-nighter in the park. 

Episode 28

Air Date: 30-Apr-2022

Adam engages in a gruesome brawl after a fellow student taunts him for losing Neha. Neha comes to the rescue while Sarim keeps on hesitating. Later, Adam refrains from revealing the whole truth in front of Qutub and the others. Sarmad is irritated by Sultan’s lack of business sense and worries about the downfall of his restaurant.

Episode 29

Air Date: 01-May-2022

Sultan backbites on Qutub for sending Maha over empty-handed. His daughter-in-law overhears his complaints and feels hurt. Neha consoles her just as Adam predicted. Qutub is impressed at seeing his wife decorated from a parlor. All credit goes to Adam and Neha. Adam feels heartbroken at Neha’s engagement. Meanwhile, Neha herself is perplexed at his unusual reactions.

Episode 30

Air Date: 02-May-2022

Neha’s fiance, Khurram is increasingly perplexed after witnessing the intimacy between Neha and Adam. He later pays a visit to Qutub the day after the engagement. Mr. Clockwork is of the mind to let Neha explore Germany together with him. The end result is Qutub restraining Neha from accompanying Adam to abroad. The duo feels irked as well as helpless at the unexpected situation.

Episode 31 (Last Episode) 

Air Date: 03-May-2022

Khurram misbehaves with Neha out of jealousy and later goes eye to eye against Adam. The situation escalates until Qutub severely rebukes Adam for interfering. Khurram suggests Qutub to reconsider his daughter’s marriage partner. Both parties demonstrate unusual wisdom and hence the marriage contract is dissolved without dispute. Finally, Neha then confesses her love for Adam and that’s it. Happy Ending!

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