Ishq e Laa

  • Start Date: 21-Oct-2021
  • End Date: 2-Jun-2022
  • Total Episodes: 31
  • Episode Duration: 40 minutes
  • Production Company: MD Productions
  • TV Channel: HUM TV
  • Tags: , , ,

    Cast & Crew

    Episode 1

    Air Date: 21-Oct-2021

    Shanaya is a famous anchor and journalist who fights for justice. Azlan belongs to an extremely rich family and is all set to succeed his father. He finalizes a deal in Shanghai and plans to return to his home. Azka belongs to a middle-class family and wishes to become a doctor. Her brother, Sultan works at Azlan’s place as a cook. Sultan is married to Kanwal with a child. Kanwal has a brother, Abid who has his eyes on Azka. Abid is of loose character and keeps harassing Azka but she fights back. Abid’s mother brings a proposal that is rudely rejected by Azka’s mother. Sultan hurts his foot and is unable to go to work. He sends his mother and Azka to cook food upon Azlan’s arrival. Azka is mesmerized to see the grand house. Azlan arrives and finds hair in food.

    Episode 2

    Air Date: 28-Oct-2021

    Azka cries as Azlan scolds her badly for a hair in food. He goes to meet Shanaya who seems to be in love with him. Azlan is irritated as his mother defends Azka. Azlan’s parents talk to him about his marriage with Shanaya but he refuses. Shanaya is hurt to find that he only considers her a friend. Abid tries to impress Sultan but in vain and is later seen taking a bribe. Azka complains to her brother about Azlan and he figures it out to be the mistake of another careless maid of the house. Azka refuses to go to Azlan’s house again. Kanwal scolds her and Azka is forced to go again due to Sultan’s injury. Shanaya records the area of child marriages and is threatened to leave the place. Azka gets scared as she accidentally breaks one of Azlan’s products.

    Episode 3

    Air Date: 04-Nov-2021

    The maid complains to Azlan about Azka stealing his stuff. She shows his broken perfume and Azlan berates her. His mother sides with Azka seeing her injured hand. Shanaya receives threatening calls from people as she exposes a famous yet fraudulent man. Abid tries to flirt with Azka again but she stands firm. Shanaya’s mother wishes to talk to Azlan’s family about her marriage with Azlan. Shanaya and Azlan spend quality time with each other. Azka agrees to go back to work seeing her mother’s sick health. Azlan’s friend, Waseem misbehaves with Azka and she retorts back. Sitwat tells her not to come again but doesn’t fire Sultan upon Azka’s request. Sitwat talks to Shanaya about Azlan’s injustice to Azka. Shanaya visits Azka and faces her emotional outburst. She tries to talk to Azlan about the situation but he doesn’t pay heed.

    Episode 4

    Air Date: 18-Nov-2021

    Sitwat asks Kanwal to call Sultan back to work. Sultan inquires the reason and Azka tells the truth. In a fit of fury, he then leaves the job. Kanwal is enraged, leaves the house and Sultan doesn’t stop her. Azka gets upset at the thought of breaking her brother’s house. Sitwat tries to talk to Sultan about taking the job back. Azlan takes Shanaya to buy a gift for his mother. She is hurt as Azlan states about only spending time with her. He buys the vase she likes and a sweet romantic scene between the both ensues. Shanaya’s mother worries for her due to her job and requests her to marry. Shanaya discusses with Azlan a proposal her mother chose for her. Surprisingly, he asks her to marry Fahad, the guy her mother has selected for her, and makes fun of. She then half-heartedly agrees to marry the guy.

    Episode 5

    Air Date: 25-Nov-2021

    Azlan discusses with his mother Shanaya’s unhappiness in marriage. He is upset as his mother asks him to stay away from Shanaya as she is getting married. Shanaya refuses to meet Azlan as she is busy with her would-be husband, Fahad. Azlan forcefully takes her away. Fahad stays calm and handles the situation as Azlan expresses his wish to marry Shanaya. He doesn’t state to love her but expresses his dislike of staying away from his best friend. The parents are elated at his decision. Azlan spends quality time with Shanaya after accompanying her to various places for interviews. Sultan searches for a job but faces rejection. He stays worried and his wife, Kanwal berates Azka for causing trouble. Akbar and his mother instigate Kanwal against her in-laws and she gets an idea to help him marry Azka.  Akbar takes a chance to save Azka from his hired goon and both are spotted together by Sultan.

    Episode 6

    Air Date: 02-Dec-2021

    Sultan spots Azka and Akbar coming together in the street and questions his sister. Azka states to be buying medicine upon Kanwal’s command which Kanwal denies. Abid announces both of them are in love and having an affair. Azka denies the allegation and Sultan chides her. Azka’s mother supports her as she sees her crying. Kanwal rejoices as Sultan decides to get them married. Shanaya and Azlan celebrate their love and prepare for their wedding. Azlan is worried due to Shanaya’s job but she is determined to continue her mission. Shanaya gets Nikkah-fied to Azlan the same day Azka is to be married. Kanwal scolds her for being sad. Azka warns her of the consequences, fearing the wrath of the Almighty. The ceremony begins and everyone rushes as they hear a scream.

    Episode 7

    Air Date: 09-Dec-2021

    Kanwal’s daughter falls from height and is severely injured. She is taken to the hospital. Kanwal cries out loud asking forgiveness from Azka and Khadija. She considers this a God’s punishment and changes her behavior. Azlan sees Shanaya praying and makes fun of her but Shanaya gives him Islamic guidance which he fails to comprehend. They plan their honeymoon and go to enjoy the northern areas where Shanaya takes Azlan’s mind off work and makes him appreciate nature. Kanwal clarifies to her aunt about not being in the favour of Azka and Abid’s marriage. Azka thanks her and both share a sweet moment. Kanwal takes all household responsibilities. Abid comes and shouts at her. Kanwal supports Azka and deals with Abid. He threatens to kidnap Azka for marriage. Kanwal informs Sultan about the whole situation who angrily goes to confront Abid. 

    Episode 8

    Air Date: 16-Dec-2021

    Azlan argues with Shanaya for bringing him to a place where there are no signals. He continuously talks about the importance of work and how his time is being wasted. Shanaya makes him enjoy nature but gets emotional on the way back where she makes him realize the importance of their relationship. She states having an equal passion for work and how personal life also needs to be balanced. They get back home and decide to strengthen their bond by managing work. Azlan comes home early but Shanaya waits for two hours to interview a very powerful politician. She later gives him an earful for wasting her time. Azlan quarrels with her for being late as he was missing her. Azka stands 5th in her intermediate exams. Sultan and Shanaya cross paths where Sultan expresses Azka’s wish to become a doctor but their inability to manage the finances. Shanaya promises to take responsibility for Azka’s education. 

    Episode 9

    Air Date: 23-Dec-2021

    Azka and her family praise Shanaya for being kind. Azka hopes that Azlan would bring positive changes in his life through Shanaya. Azlan cancels all his meetings to celebrate Shanaya’s birthday. Sultan finally gets a good job but is hit by a car while talking to Kanwal on phone. The hospital authorities don’t accommodate Sultan and Kanwal calls Shanaya for help. She leaves the party but Sultan dies. It turns out that Sultan was hit by the son of a very influential person. Shanaya goes to the police station to file a complaint but they ask her to back out. She starts collecting evidence of the incident to fight the case. She threatens the police to write an FIR and spreads the news on TV. Azlan scolds Shanaya for putting everyone’s life at risk.

    Episode 10

    Air Date: 30-Dec-2021

    Ghayas gets rude and scolds Shanaya when he is threatened by the opposing team of Haroon. Azlan is upset as Shanaya leaves the house. His mother informs Shanaya’s mother who gets worried to see her at home. Shanaya’s mother supports her as she refuses to leave the case. Azlan calls her to the place he had proposed to her and requests her to come back. He gets rude as he is in business with Haroon which might get affected due to Shanaya’s take on the case. The police officers come to arrest the culprit but Haroon had sent his son abroad to save him. Shanaya sits with Azka and her family. Azka cries as she receives an email of acceptance from the medical college. She remembers and misses her brother terribly. Shanaya promises to support her and pay for her education as was promised to Sultan.

    Episode 11

    Air Date: 06-Jan-2022

    Kanwal’s daughter, Aliha gets kidnapped from the school. The family is sad as they lose the first trial. Kanwal is shocked to receive the threatening call but doesn’t share it with anyone. She lies about her daughter staying at a friend’s place. Shanaya goes back to her house and the signs show that she is pregnant. The couple misses each other. Azlan’s mother motivates him to support his wife. Shanaya is happy and ready to meet Azlan but receives a call from her lawyer. She is shocked to find out that the case has been withdrawn. She goes to meet Azka’s family. Kanwal refuses to meet Shanaya again as she is scared for her daughter. Azka wishes to bring her brother to justice. She informs Shanaya about the whole threatening situation, the kidnap, and asks for her help.

    Episode 12

    Air Date: 13-Jan-2022

    Azlan comes to Shanaya’s house to pick her but she is not at home. He promises Shanaya’s mother to stand by Shanaya in her every decision. Shanaya is stuck at work as Sultan’s family has taken back their case. She believes that the family is innocent and is getting the wrong treatment. Kanwal receives an unknown call that dictates her to get her daughter, Aliha, from a given address and not to inform anyone else. Shanaya secretly follows Kanwal and shares her location with Azlan. The kidnappers handover Aliha and Shanaya captures all this in a video discreetly. The kidnappers chase her after learning about the video. They succeeded in stopping her car after firing bullets. Azlan’s car also breaks down and he catches Shanaya just as she gets hit with bullets. Azlan prays for her life but she succumbs to wounds.

    Episode 13

    Air Date: 20-Jan-2022

    Shireen is devastated after her daughter, Shanaya’s death. Azlan is administered relaxant while Aliha has nightmares. Azlan starts seeing and talking to Shanaya. Ghayas confesses to Sitwat that he regrets saying those things to Shanaya that day. Kanwal visits Sitwat to express her condolences. Azlan gets angry on seeing Kanwal, claiming they are responsible for what happened to Shanaya. He talks to Shanaya who asks him not to mistreat people like Kanwal as they are sincere people. Shanaya asks him to sit with his worried mother, but he refuses her, saying that Shanaya will leave. The senior police officer informs Ghayas that the proof of the murder is not enough to take action. Aliha goes to Abid’s shop and narrates her kidnapping when Kanwal reaches there and takes her away. Azlan visits the woman in the slums, who informs him that Shanaya had promised to give four new sewing machines, which are then delivered to her the next day.

    Episode 14

    Air Date: 27-Jan-2022

    Azka is worried about the circumstances where no one ate dinner with a full stomach. Aliha refuses to go to school because of her fear of kidnapping. Azka consoles her that the kidnappers have been caught, and Aliha happily agrees to school. Kanwal is on a job hunt. Azlan remembers when Shanaya talked about supporting Azka to become a doctor and doing good deeds. He buys the same vase Shanaya and he had gifted his mother on her last birthday. Abid brings groceries and assures Azka that he is the man of the house now after Sultan. Azka agrees to marry him. Nusrat, Abid’s mother, refuses to go over there as she fears another rejection. Azka confides in Kanwal that she has decided to marry Abid which enrages Kanwal. Azlan refuses to see a psychiatrist and to accept that Shanaya has gone from this world. Sitwat believes that they are equally responsible for Shanaya’s death. Azlan wakes up screaming Shanaya’s name.

    Episode 15

    Air Date: 03-Feb-2022

    Azka dreams of wearing a doctor’s lab coat. Sitwat convinces Azlan for visiting the doctor. He explains to the doctor how he can’t let Shanaya go because there is much left unsaid. Sitwat asks Azlan to stop sitting like a coward and avenge Shanaya’s death. Kanwal plans to sell her jewelry to pay for Azka’s fee, as it was Sultan’s dream to make her a doctor. But Khadija stops her from doing so as they are for Aliha’s future. Azlan declares that if the police or law can’t catch Arbab Haroon, he will kill him on his own. The police ask him to come next week to see the proof. Nusrat and Abid ask for Azka’s hand in marriage but Kanwal sternly stops them. Abid swears to get Azka by force. Ghayas, troubled by his guilt, goes over to Arbab and asks him to surrender himself to the police and admit his crime. He returns home and has a heart attack.

    Episode 16

    Air Date: 10-Feb-2022

    Ghayas passes away and Arbab Haroon arrives at his funeral to offer condolences. Sitwat is in distress. Shireen consoles her saying Sitwat still has Azlan whereas she has no one. Kanwal sells her jewelry to pay Azka’s fees. Sitwat asks Azlan to leave the revenge to Allah but he is determined. Shireen refuses to help Azka with her admission file, saying they betrayed Shanaya and have come to fulfill their needs. Azlan asks to keep Ghayas’s door locked as he is unworthy of sitting in his office for now. The police inform that the car involved in the murder of Shanaya belongs to a car rental company owned by Arbab’s brother-in-law, Mr. Sarmad Raza, and that proof isn’t enough. Azka learns someone has already paid her university dues. Azlan visits Arbab Haroon who denies his involvement in the case. Arbab Haroon calls the police, who ask him to show a few proofs to Azlan as he is not an ordinary man.

    Episode 17

    Air Date: 17-Feb-2022

    Kanwal and Azka shop for university. Kanwal pays Abid the money for the groceries he had bought. Abid reminds Azka of her promise. Azlan insists the police re-play the CCTV footage again and spots Sher Ali, Arbab Haroon’s driver. The police arrest Sher Ali who denies and claims to be an Uber driver. The police alert Arbab Haroon that he needs to be more careful. Arbab Haroon warns his son to be careful. Sitwat is worried about Azlan pursuing the case. Sher Ali gets bail and is ordered to disappear with his family. Azka starts university and makes friends. Azlan is walking with Shanaya when a spiritual man confronts him and asks to find God in himself. Azlan visits the doctor and wishes that he wants Shanaya in his life even if it’s madness.

    Episode 18

    Air Date: 24-Feb-2022

    Azka jots down a letter to her unknown benefactor. Abid manages to obtain the contact number of Azka’s driver who is both scared as well as disgusted at Abid’s wolfish character. A guy named Zain is quite impressed by Azka’s simplicity and tries to befriend her. She reaches cloud-nine after becoming the top scorer during a test within her class. Her friend Humna perceives the sentiments of emerging love from the way Zain behaves around Azka. Azlan loses all faith in God ever since the departure of his wife. Arbab Haroon gives his son free rein and lets him indulge in useless shit. Zunaira’s (Zain’s sister) father breaks her two-year engagement after her in-laws demand a hefty sum of money. Zain consoles his sister and lets her see hope again. Azlan boycotts his office work and keeps wallowing in the sorrow of his wife’s death. He then pays a visit to Azka’s house to pay his ‘condolences’ for Sultan. Soon, he shifts to the matter of Sultan’s accident, the kidnapping of Kanwal’s daughter, and his wife’s eventual death. He goes on to blame the opposite party for being deceitful liars who got his wife killed.

    Episode 19

    Air Date: 03-Mar-2022

    Kanwal is distressed upon the accusations Azlan threw at her. Azka consoles her sister-in-law. Azlan decides to get testimony from Azka’s family by hook or by crook. Zain confesses his love to Azka. Azlan arrives at Azka’s college and threatens to make a scene unless she goes with him. Zain witnesses Azka leaving in some stranger’s car and feels grumpy. Azka refuses Azlan’s request for help out of worry for her family’s respect. Azlan resorts to bribing Azka with money in return for her assistance but to no avail. Abid taunts Azka for running affairs with some Richie Rich. Kanwal scolds her brother for pestering Azka time and time again. Her brother remains steadfast in his madness for Azka. Azlan declines his mother’s request to abandon Shanaya’s revenge. Later, he pays a visit to his cop friend, Wali, and relays his disappointment in the police. He then announces his decision of resolving this case by his own means.

    Episode 20

    Air Date: 10-Mar-2022

    Azka explains her reason for accompanying Azlan in his car to Zain. Zain is relieved to know the matter’s truth. Both decide to marry after completing their studies. A very decent proposal comes for Azka. She shares the matter with Zain who immediately becomes a bit upset. He then makes up his mind on convincing his parents to ask for Azka’s hand. Abid barges into Azka’s house and shoos away the potential groom’s family. Arbab Haroon’s son, Arsalan is kidnapped. Azlan points out to Arsalan; both his father’s sins; as well as his own. He later threatens to kill Arsalan unless Arbab acknowledges his murder of Shanaya. Wali is 90% sure of Azlan being the person behind the kidnapping. He makes an effort to convince Azlan into freeing Arsalan. Azlan acts innocent and challenges Wali to present any proof before slandering him. Arbab is forced to beg Azlan for his son’s life but there’s no use for it.

    Episode 21

    Air Date: 17-Mar-2022

    Arbab Haroon finally bends under the pressure of his son’s kidnapping and admits his past sins. Later, he plans to blame the kidnappers for manipulating him but his son stops him. As it happens, Arsalan’s conscience has awakened after being criticized by Azlan. He exposes himself as Sultan’s murderer and is jailed as well. Five years pass by in a swirl. Zain and Azka complete their doctorate while Azlan buries himself in business. A decent proposal arrives for Zain’s sister. Their sole condition is for Zain to marry the potential groom’s sister as well. Zain is baffled as he is deeply committed to Azka. His parents are thoroughly disappointed at their son’s performance. Azka finally manages to discover the identity of her benefactor, Azlan. He insults her with his sharp tongue like daggers and blades. Azka is left traumatized to know of Shanaya’s last kindness towards her. Regret and guilt accompany her as she remembers her refusal to help with Shanaya’s case.

    Episode 22

    Air Date: 24-Mar-2022

    Azka remains flabbergasted after knowing the identity of her benefactor. Moreover, Azlan’s taunts sting her heart like a needle dipped in lethal poison. She discloses the baffling news to her sister-in-law as well. The latter tries to console her but Azka remains depressed and guilty at heart. Soon afterward, she bumps across Azlan while on the site of Shanaya’s burial. Azlan immediately tells her to buzz off. He further states how he loathes having his wife’s sacred grave tainted by her existence. Abid and his mother shamelessly come over to propose for Azka. Unfortunately for them, Azka is not the same as five years back. She suggests Abid to shove his dreams of marriage under the carpet and scram. Zain fails to convince his parents and so proposes to Azka’s family alone. The old lady at home minds his lack of ethics and refuses his request. Azlan’s reputation plummets due to his heartlessness and dictatorship at the office. A relative named Zainab comes over. He gives her a cold shoulder after the initial greetings. He then vanishes with the excuse of prolonged work. Zain suggests Azka to marry him by means of a court.

    Episode 23

    Air Date: 31-Mar-2022

    Azka meets Zain for one last time. He pleads with her to marry him without his parent’s consent. Yet, Azka disagrees out of respect for Zain’s parents. She then suggests for the two of them to break up with each other. Zain is disheartened by her decision but fails to come up with a rebuttal. Azka’s grief agonizes Kanwal. On the contrary, Azka’s mother feels proud of her decision. Abid grips Azka’s hand while she’s halfway home and threatens to marry her by force. She complains to Kanwal who then reports her brother to the police station. The wretched guy is soon arrested and given a thorough beating. Azlan’s mother goes unwell. He rushes back from abroad and is relieved to see her in good condition again. Zain finally gets engaged with another girl out of despair. A proposal comes for the flabbergasted Kanwal. Azka and her mother rejoice at the good news. Abid is set on seeking revenge on Azka’s family after his release from jail.

    Episode 24

    Air Date: 07-Apr-2022

    Zain proposes to have a chat with his fiance. He then recounts his entire past with Azka to her. Contrary to his expectations, Nida is quite devastated to learn of his past affair. She refuses to marry him and thus ends the relationship. Affan takes away his wife and forbids her to contact her brother Zain again. Kanwal finally agrees to marry upon her mother-in-law’s insistence. Her daughter Aliha is quite resistant to her marriage. She finally bends under her grandmother’s persistence. Azlan is prepared to donate his kidney to his mother. She denies letting her son do such a thing but to no avail. Azka is to act as the assistant for the surgery. Azlan is quite suspicious of her and refuses to let her take charge. He visits a remote place in search of peace. A little boy answers his query by saying how one can find peace when reading the Quran. Azka is bent upon visiting Shanaya’s grave despite Azlan’s warning.

    Episode 25

    Air Date: 14-Apr-2022

    Azlan’s kidney proves to be a mismatch for his mother. The arrogant CEO feels distressed to see his mother bedridden. Surprisingly, Azka’s test results deem her a perfect donor. She is reminded of Shanaya’s grace upon her. She relays her wish to help out Azlan’s mother. Azlan remains suspicious at first but later bends under his mother’s state of urgency. Interestingly, the only legal way for Azka to donate her kidney is through marriage with Azlan. Both she and Azlan are disgusted by the idea. Once again, Azlan prefers his mother’s well-being upon his self-interests; and agrees to marry Azka. Soon after, he sends his mother over to propose for her hand in marriage. Meanwhile, Zain’s parents agree to marry their son to Azka. Unfortunately, Azka has long since boycotted Zain. Kanwal is beyond happy in her new life. Her newlywed husband treats Aliha like a true father.

    Episode 26

    Air Date: 21-Apr-2022

    Azka faces a dilemma as she can’t blatantly refuse Sitwat. In the end, she manages to throttle her repulsiveness towards Azlan and agrees to marry him. Azlan lives up to his name even during the wedding celebration. His nose is literally pointing at the ceiling while he looks at Azka’s family with arrogance and disgust. Soon Azka is married off to her new home. The couple lets no one else be the wiser about their true intentions of marrying each other. Azlan is of the mind to proceed with the surgery as soon as he can. Meanwhile, Azka is adamant about being sincere to Azlan even if it is but a temporary relationship. Azlan still remains suspicious of her true motives. Shanaya comes to Azka in her dreams and advocates for the goodness in Azlan’s heart.

    Episode 27

    Air Date: 28-Apr-2022

    Zain manages to locate Azka’s work residence but feels disappointed after seeing the vacant office. Azka officially signs papers regarding the donation of her kidney. The surgery takes place soon and she loses her precious kidney. All this is to serve as payback for Shanaya’s favors. The mother-in-law’s body is on the verge of rejecting the new organ. Azlan feels irked after everybody suggests for him to pray to God. He challenges Azka to pray in his place instead and let him witness the outcome. Azka declines his provocation but goes on to pray nonetheless. Sitwat soon regains her health and her body’s functionality stabilizes. Kanwal is heartbroken after learning of Azka’s sacrifice. On the contrary, Azka is at peace with her decision. Kanwal then goes on to berate Azlan for being a selfish and arrogant snob.

    Episode 28

    Air Date: 12-May-2022

    Azka requests the doctor not to disclose news of her donation to Sitwat as she doesn’t want to see her mother-in-law feeling indebted to her. Azlan overhears their conversation and Azka’s ethics impress him. Resultantly, his attitude towards her softens a bit. Kanwal reveals Azka’s current perils to Zain who comes looking for her. Azka’s mother happens to eavesdrop on their conversation and falls unconscious but stabilizes soon. Zain then pays a visit to Azka in the hospital. He promises to marry her as soon as the contract marriage is over. She feels unbelievable but nonetheless shows her consent. Azlan eyes Zain with subtle jealousy from the corridor. He seeks advice from a couple of elders regarding peace and how to obtain it. Azka’s mother and Kanwal come to take her back. Azka pays a final visit to Sitwat before leaving. Her ‘temporary’ mother-in-law is glad to meet her and even offers her a large sum of cash. Azlan is of the mind to take his wife back home. Unfortunately, Azka still remembers their deal and even returns the cashback to him. Azlan is left standing alone while his wife walks away forever.

    Episode 29

    Air Date: 19-May-2022

    Azka’s mother is immensely proud of her daughter’s upbringing. Meanwhile, Azka herself is still worried about her ‘mother-in-law’s’ health. Kanwal berates her for always being a saint. She’s of the mind to marry her as quickly as possible. Azlan discovers his long-lost peace after giving the Quran a read. Zain’s parents become impatient and force their son to let them meet Azka. Kanwal also agrees to the matter and so Zain’s mother, as well as sister, come over soon enough. Azlan intervenes in time and asks Azka to accompany him. He’s worried about how his sick mother will react to Azka’s absence. Azka hesitates for a moment but agrees nonetheless. On the way back home, Azka picks up on the small changes in Azlan’s attitude towards her. Zain’s parents react as expected. They’re flabbergasted at Azka’s strange experience and contemplate whether it’s really the case. Zain’s mother limits Azka to seek divorce within a week. Zain also reminds Azka how staying married to Azlan isn’t necessary; she can look after his mother even as a guest.

    Episode 30

    Air Date: 26-May-2022

    Azka is both baffled and even a bit clueless at Azlan’s gentle behavior. Meanwhile, her mother-in-law is beyond satisfied with Azka being her son’s life partner. In the morning, Azlan seeks Azka’s aid since he’s unaware of how to offer prayers. His wife is a bit amused but agrees to lend him a helping hand nonetheless. Kanwal pressurizes Azlan to divorce Azka real quick. Azlan hopes to stay as Azka’s soul mate for eternity and also relays his wish to her. Azka perceives this as Azlan doing what’s in the best interest for his mother’s health. She readily rejects his request and tells him to buzz off. Zain starts feeling insecure since Azka ain’t divorced yet, and has been ignoring his calls lately. Azlan can’t bear to let Azka go and seeks advice from Shanaya’s professor. The professor suggests him to do what’s in line with Azka’s wishes.

    Episode 31 (Last Episode)

    Air Date: 02-Jun-2022

    Azlan couldn’t bear to let Azka abandon him. He pays a visit to Shanaya’s grave and confesses his feelings. Azka’s mother and Kanwal arrive at Azlan’s home and berate him for delaying the divorce. Sitwat manages to eavesdrop on their conversation. She reveals her worries to her son who insists on not exploiting Azka anymore. Instead, he hands over the authority to make the final decision to Azka. Simply put, Azlan’s happiness now resides under Azka’s mercy. Unfortunately, Azka decides to leave after all. Azlan later apologizes to Azka’s family for his past misdeeds. He then goes on to explain the real reason behind why he didn’t want to divorce Azka. In short, she’s a blessing to him. Azka’s family is left dumbfounded after witnessing the drastic change in his behavior. He passionately elaborates on how Azka’s presence brought him closer to Allah. The pure-hearted girl is impressed by Azlan’s devotion and dedication. The idea of divorce is terminated as expected and poor Zain is left empty-handed.

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