Mere Humnasheen

  • Start Date: 6-May-2022
  • End Date: 1-Oct-2022
  • Total Episodes: 43
  • Episode Duration: 40 minutes
  • Production Company: 7th Sky Entertainment
  • TV Channel: GEO TV
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    Cast & Crew

    Episode 1

    Air Date: 06-May-2022

    The episode begins with Amroze having a flashback of how his uncle was shot in the woods by their rival, Behram Khan’s gang five years ago. As a result of this attack, Amroze was allowed to marry Shanzay who happens to be associated with Behram’s family. Prior to this situation, Amroze was madly in love with Shanzay but the death of his uncle inculcated hatred in his heart towards her. Amroze cares for his cousin, Khajista, and supports her in her journey to become a doctor. Khajista is engaged to her cousin, Darakhzai who is an ignorant landlord and against the education of women. Daji, Amroze’s father is worried about Khajista traveling far for her academy and so he assigns Darakhzai to take care of Khajista’s pick and drop. Hadi is a popular final year boy in his medical university due to his dashing looks and extraordinary intelligence. His cousin, Aima also studies with him and seeks his help all the time. Hasan is Hadi’s younger brother and a spoiled brat. Since their entire family is a doctor, Hadi keeps pushing Hasan to study for his medical university admission test.

    Episode 2

    Air Date: 07-May-2022

    Darakhzai is worried that Khajista might get out of his control if she becomes a doctor so he takes all the measures to stop her education but to no avail. Khajista is a courageous girl who has aspired to be a doctor ever since she was a child when she witnessed her mother die due to kidney failure. Shanzay envies Khajista due to her capability and Amroze’s fondness for her. Hadi and Hasan’s parents, Dr. Shahryar and Dr. Sabika are worried about Hasan’s non-seriousness towards his studies and they keep comparing him with Hadi. Aima lives in her uncle Shahryar’s house and secretly likes Hadi who keeps ignoring her feelings. Shahryar and Sabika want to make Aima their daughter-in-law. They talk to Hadi about it and he quietly agrees to marry her. Behram comes to meet Daji and warns him to keep Darakhzai in control as he keeps instigating him.

    Episode 3

    Air Date: 13-May-2022

    Darakhzai continues making Khajista’s life miserable. He brings a loudspeaker and plays songs to bother her when she is studying for her medical university entrance exam. Later, after Shanzay’s instigation, he cuts the electricity of the house so Khajista is unable to study. But Khajista is adamant to ace her exam and manages to complete her syllabus. The next morning, despite Darakhzai’s reluctance, his elder brother, Amroze takes Khajista for her exam where she performs brilliantly. Hasan is also seen giving the exam with a reckless attitude. After the exam, Khajista crosses paths with Hadi who helps her out of the center. Darakhzai is furious after Behram teases him for letting Khajista go to the city. Sanober is Sher Khan’s daughter who was an old servant of Darakhzai. Sanober is madly in love with Darakhzai and keeps flirting with him despite being ignored.

    Episode 4

    Air Date: 14-May-2022

    After the exam, Khajista insists that Amroze take her to a shopping mall to buy a gift for Shanzay. There, she once again crosses paths with Hadi and inquires about the exam result. Seeing Khajista talk to a stranger, Amroze fumes with anger and takes her back home. The next day, Khajista jumps with excitement after passing her exam with outstanding marks. On the other hand, Hadi’s family is mourning Hasan’s failure in the exam. Turns out that Sabika went abroad for two years to complete her higher studies and left Hasan with his grandmother when he was a child. This has made Hasan rebellious and disobedient towards his parents. To let Hasan join the family legacy, Shehryar tries to attain a reciprocal seat for him from FATA but Hadi is not in favor of this idea. Daji permits Khajista to pursue her studies in the city. However, seeing Darakhzai’s rage, he decides to conduct their marriage ceremony before Khajista departs for her studies.

    Episode 5

    Air Date: 20-May-2022

    Khajista is not ready to marry Darakhzai and convinces Daji that she will return home to marry him once she becomes a doctor. Amroze’s mother, Mor has brought up Khajista like a daughter and loves her dearly. Khajista tries to ask Mor to tell her about her father’s killer but turns out that this truth has always been kept hidden from Khajista. Daji and Mor are unable to hold their tears before bidding farewell to Khajista. Shanzay is mad that Khajista’s wish to become a doctor has been granted so out of jealousy she once again instigates Darakhzai to halt Khajista’s departure. In his rage, Darakhzai cuts his hand but is unable to stop Khajista from leaving. After knowing that Khajista left for the city, Sanober is overjoyed thinking that Darakhzai is left alone all for her. Shehryar’s sister, Sobia arrives in Pakistan and is worried to see the hectic work routine of Shehryar’s family.

    Episode 6

    Air Date: 21-May-2022

    Darakhzai’s heart is on fire and he feels restless after Khajista leaves for the city. Just then, Sanober arrives at his house and Darakhzai in his rage dispirits her by asking her not to show her face to him ever again. In the hostel, Khajista is weirded to see the modern girls and befriends her roommate, Bia. As a final year student, Aima takes the opportunity to bully the new students and asks Khajista and her roommate to vacate their room. Khajista is angry with this reckless behavior and rats Aima out to the hostel warden. The next day, Hasan engages in a heated argument with Khajista after he mistakenly pushes her into the corridor. Hadi blows off the steam and sends Hasan home. Later, Hadi and Aima together rag the first-year students and Hadi ends up getting attracted to Khajista.

    Episode 7

    Air Date: 27-May-2022

    Behram is irked to find out that Amroze has passed a permit to construct roads on his land and also sent Khajista to the city. He is determined to ruin Amroze’s future plans and also wants to make Khajista’s life difficult. Darakhzai is against the construction of roads as he fears that people will leave the countryside to live in the city. Aima feels jealous to see Hadi getting inspired by Khajista. Later, she tries to talk to Hadi about their marriage but Hadi makes it clear that he wants to focus on his studies at the moment. Sabika scolds Hadi for sending Hasan home on his orientation day and asks him to let Hasan solve his matters himself. Shanzay is fed up with Amroze’s negligence towards her and speaks her heart out to Moray. Turns out that despite being married for a few years Amroze does not have any physical relationship with his wife and this has made Shanzay extremely pessimistic and bitter.

    Episode 8

    Air Date: 28-May-2022

    Khajista’s feud with Hasan grows after she slaps him in the middle of the university for purposely pushing her. Hadi stops Hasan from reacting and defends Khajista. Aima is mad at Hadi for defending Khajista and belittles her, making Hadi furious. Knowing that Hasan is Dr. Shehryar’s son, Khajista acts smart and rats him out to Shehryar before Hasan could. On the other hand, Sabika is embarrassed to find out from her colleague that Hasan was slapped in the university. The entire family comes at Hasan for tarnishing their respect, making Hasan boiling mad. He is fed up with his family for always favoring Hadi and decides to blackmail them by attempting to commit suicide. Thankfully, the family finds out about it and halts his plan. Darakhzai gets into a fight with Behram after Behram pokes fun at him for shamelessly sending his fiancé to the city.

    Episode 9

    Air Date: 03-Jun-2022

    Daji is exasperated with Darakhzai for his constant involvement in fights with Behram. Amroze asks Daji to be lenient with Darakhzai as Behram is no saint. Daji understands the matter and intends to destroy Behram’s entire family if he tries to stir any trouble. Shanzay eavesdrops on Daji’s conversation with Amroze and out of concern calls her cousin, Behram warning him to stay away from her in-laws. Aima and her mother want Khajista to apologize to Hasan for slapping him but Hadi is adamant about not letting this happen and strictly prohibits his parents from doing so as it will boost Hasan’s ego. Despite Hadi’s reluctance, Khajista is forced by Sabika to give an apology which Hasan conveniently records. Later, seeing Khajista sad, Hadi sympathizes with her but she shows a cold shoulder to him. Darakhzai arrives at Khajista’s hostel and creates a scene there when he is not allowed to meet Khajista due to the absence of his name on Khajista’s visitors’ list.

    Episode 10

    Air Date: 04-Jun-2022

    Khajista feels emotionally overwhelmed after the hostel warden reprimands her on behalf of Darakhzai. In hopes to lighten her mood, she calls Amroze but is instead heartbroken to hear Shanzay’s bitter talk. Darakhzai is boiling mad at Amroze for not registering his name on Khajista’s visitors’ list. Just then, Khajista calls him wanting to talk to Amroze as she wants to come back home for the weekend. Hadi is disappointed with his mother and more so with Aima for spoiling Hasan and mistreating Khajista. Aima is annoyed to see Hadi’s disinterest in her and so she keeps playing the role of a jealous girlfriend. Amroze and Darakhzai arrive at Khajista’s hostel to pick her up. Meanwhile, Hadi arrives at the same time to meet Khajista and is puzzled to see her with Darakhzai. Shanzay reeks of jealousy seeing Khajista happily conversing with Amroze. 

    Episode 11

    Air Date: 10-Jun-2022

    Seeing Aima inappropriately dressed in front of his friend, Hadi reproves it and asks her to dress decently but she bluntly urges Hadi not to enforce his conservative thinking on her. Sobia insists on conducting Hadi and Aima’s engagement ceremony but Hadi refuses to get entangled in any sort of relationship until his studies aren’t over. Sobia fumes with anger and seeing her rage, Shehryar assures her that Aima will surely become his daughter-in-law. Later, Shehryar berates Hadi and imposes his decision on him since he has given his word to Sobia. Khajista curses Darakhzai after he destroys a skeleton bone that she got issued from the lab to study for practicals. She returns to university where Hadi apologizes to her for his mother’s wrongdoings. Khajista is surprised to know that Hadi belongs to Hasan’s family so she refuses to accept his apology. Behram hatches a plot to make Daji’s life a living hell and aims to kill one of his sons.

    Episode 12

    Air Date: 11-Jun-2022

    Daji enquires Amroze about the reason behind Shanzay’s bitterness and asks him to bless him with grandchildren soon. Khajista is summoned to the lab attendant’s office for not returning the issued bone and is given an ultimatum to return it within a day. Darakhzai realizes that Khajista is sad and calls her to apologize for what he did but she rudely hangs up on him. Seeing Khajista worried, Bia elucidates the situation to Hadi, seeking his help to get Khajista out of trouble. The next day, Khajista finds out that the bone has been submitted back by Hadi. She is more than elated to hear this news and thanks Hadi for the favor. Aima finds out from a friend that Hadi was seen interacting with Khajista. She boils with anger and questions Hadi about it, exasperating him with her investigative attitude. Hasan envies Khajista after Shehryar appreciates her capability and asks him to seek help from her to improve his awful exam result.

    Episode 13

    Air Date: 17-Jun-2022

    Darakhzai gets ready to pick Khajista up from her university as it is her final exam day. On his way, his car tire punctures in Behram’s territory. Despite Darakhzai’s reluctance to take favor from his enemy, Behram insists on helping and asks his men to fix the tire. Darakhzai sets out on his way after his car is fixed. In the middle of the road, the car crashes horribly but Darakhzai manages to avoid it from falling into a pit. Meanwhile, before Khajista’s paper is about to start, Hadi flirtatiously wishes her good luck and can’t stop smiling after she leaves for her exam. During the exam, Hasan stirs trouble for Khajista and frames her for cheating. But Shehryar vouches for her genuineness and lets her give the exam anyway. After much difficulty, Darakhzai finally arrives at the university to take Khajista, and Hadi is furious to see her with another man. Shehryar slaps Hasan after he finds out that Hasan was responsible for framing Khajista for cheating. 

    Episode 14

    Air Date: 18-Jun-2022

    Shehryar convinces Hadi to go on a vacation with Aima so they can develop an understanding but Hadi rudely spurns him down. Darakhzai decides to continue his studies in the city and Khajista is asked to seek Daji’s permission on Darakhzai’s behalf. But Daji refuses to send his son away and relents to let Darakhzai appear for exams privately from the village. Shehryar is impressed with Khajista for achieving three distinctions in her first year and discusses her win over his family lunch. After Aima returns from her vacation, Shehryar informs Hadi that he grouped Aima along with him in the house job, making Hadi furious. Behram offers Daji to end the enmity between both the families and equalize their old grievance by giving Khajista to him in exchange for taking Shanzay. Darakhzai boils with anger and points his gun at Behram; however, Daji blows off the steam.

    Episode 15

    Air Date: 24-Jun-2022

    Darakhzai starts preparing for his private intermediate exams. Sanober feels jealous seeing him molding for Khajista. In her envy, she tries to instigate him by calling him a henpecked man. Hadi attempts to befriend Khajista by telling her how impressed he is by her personality but she abruptly turns him down. Hasan reeks of jealousy when he sees his father trusting Khajista with his work and assigning her a very important presentation. Daji berates Darakhzai to look after work instead of exhausting himself over studies and threatens to break off his engagement with Khajista. Darakhzai does not utter a single word in response. However, after Shanzay’s instigation, he boards a bus to bring Khajista back home to claim his right on her. Seeing Darakhzai boarding a bus, Behram opens fire on it, leading the bus to fall into a pit. Sanober breaks the news of Darakhzai’s accident to his family, leaving everyone worried. Meanwhile, all the injured passengers are transferred to a hospital which happens to be the one where Khajista studies. 

    Episode 16

    Air Date: 25-Jun-2022

    Seeing Darakhzai bleeding, Khajista uses her stole to cover his wounds. Hadi fumes with anger seeing Khajista’s concern for her relative. After Darakhzai is taken into the emergency ward, Hadi proves to be a gentleman and covers Khajista’s head with another stole. Amidst the stampede, Khajista loses the presentation file that she was supposed to give to Shehryar. When Shehryar finds out that the file has been misplaced, he scolds Khajista for her carelessness. Meanwhile, Hasan and Aima team up against Khajista and find the file in the hospital. Instead of returning it back to Khajista, they keep the file hidden. Hadi turns the entire hospital upside down in hopes to find the file but to no avail. However, he does not give up and spends the entire night preparing another presentation.

    Episode 17

    Air Date: 01-Jul-2022

    Hadi brings the presentation file to Shehryar and credits Khajista for it. However, Shehryar understands that Hadi himself made it. Later, Hadi invites Khajista to a coffee date with him. Sobia informs Aima that Shehryar is planning to send her with Hadi to the US for specialization. Behram goes to visit the sick Darakhzai, pretending to be his well-wisher. However, he doesn’t miss the chance to mention Khajista, making Darakhzai even more furious. Khajista narrates the death stories of her mother and father to Hadi, mentioning how the lack of proper health care in her village hindered their medical treatment. Hadi is moved by her life story and promises to always support her in her purpose. Daji informs Shanzay about her father’s ailment but she refuses to visit him. Amroze questions her about her refusal and it turns out that Shanzay is pissed at her father for using her as blood money. 

    Episode 18

    Air Date: 02-Jul-2022

    Shehryar boils with anger after finding out that Hadi postponed his US trip. He berates Hadi for throwing his life away as he can’t bear his brilliant son getting distracted from his goal. Seeing Hadi being treated as a golden child since childhood, Hasan suspects that he might be adopted and questions his mother about it, making Shehryar mad. Amroze confesses to Shanzay that he suffers from agony whenever he comes close to her as he can’t stop thinking that the love of his life was given to him as blood money. Later, he sees Sanober flitting around Darakhzai and warns him to stay away from her. Shanzay asks Sanober to bring her an amulet from the shrine so she can use it on Khajista and get her married to Darakhzai as soon as possible. 

    Episode 19

    Air Date: 08-Jul-2022

    Khajista tries to control her temptations for Hadi and starts maintaining distance from him. Hadi goes against his parents’ wishes and refuses to go to the US for specialization. Moray calls Khajista home for a few days to look after Darakhzai. Darakhzai receives Hadi’s call on Khiajista’s cellphone and warns him to refrain from calling his fiancé outside class. Aima fumes with anger after finding out that Hadi has refused to go abroad. She regrets getting admission abroad at her own expense. Later, she goes to Khajista and warns her that she should not fall into Hadi’s trap as he is the biggest flirt. Hadi’s friend suspects Hadi is having an affair with Khajista and enquires him about it. Hadi denies all the suspicions even though he likes Khajista and can’t stop thinking about her. Sanober persuades Shanzay to hatch a plot against Khajista so she never returns back from the city.

    Episode 20

    Air Date: 09-Jul-2022

    Aima “seemingly” befriends Khajista and Bia and takes them for an outing. Khajista runs into Behram in the mall and starts panicking. Aima calms her down and then discreetly approaches Behram, telling him that Khajista is having an affair at the university. Sobia calls Hadi and berates him for stepping back from his scholarship. When she holds Hadi responsible for Shehryar’s hypertension, Hadi loses his cool and harshly asks her to stay away from his family’s matters. Later, he convinces Shehryar that he will go abroad for research purposes together with Hasan once he graduates. Khajista summons Amroze to the city and informs him about her encounter with Behram in advance to avoid any misunderstanding. Hadi boils with anger after discovering that rumors of his engagement have been floating around in the university.

    Episode 21

    Air Date: 15-Jul-2022

    Khajista feels guilty for being rude to Hadi and tries to make amends. However, Hadi shuts her off as he feels insulted for being called a flirt. Later, he is even more infuriated after finding out that Shehryar has made an announcement in the family about Hadi’s engagement with Aima. The university plans to set up a medical camp in the mountains near Khajista’s area for two days. Khajista’s class along with Hadi and Aima are asked to join it. Daji orders to prepare the house for Khajista’s guests and Darakhzai spends day and night making sure everything is up to the mark. Aima burns on the inside seeing Hadi’s interest in Khajista on their way to the village. Sanober empoisons Shanzay against Khajista and warns her that once Khajista becomes a doctor, Shanzay will lose all her respect in the house and will merely be treated as a maid.

    Episode 22

    Air Date: 16-Jul-2022

    Khajista’s family warmly welcomes her team into their house but are awestruck to see the girls’ modern dressing. Sanober asks Aima to keep Khajista bound in the city as her fiancé is a very uncivil and ignorant person. Aima insists on leaving the village as she does not like the backward culture of the place. However, when Hadi refuses to entertain her demand, she seeks help from Behram. While checking the patients, Aima deliberately sends Khajista to the male section despite Khajista’s reluctance to check male patients. Behram tells Darakhzai that his fiancé is checking unknown males from the village, driving Darakhzai mad. In his fury, he rushes to the camp and creates a spectacle while dragging Khajista home. When Hadi tries to intervene, Darakhzai pulls out his gun on him. Hadi is enraged with Aima for making Khajista’s life difficult. Later, he calls Shehryar to the village to take care of the situation. 

    Episode 23

    Air Date: 22-Jul-2022

    Khajista is heartbroken after she is labeled as shameless by Darakhzai. Darakhzai feels remorseful for treating her brutally. Shanzay suggests sending Khajista away to the city forever, exasperating Amroze. Seeing Darakhzai and Khajista arguing, Amroze gives a second thought to Shanzay’s suggestion. Shehryar tries to settle the matter by assuring Daji that Khajista will become a capable doctor if he puts his trust in her. Khajista mourns over her doomed fate and refuses to return back to the city. Amroze brings up the idea of ending Khajista’s engagement with Darakhzai, making Daji furious. Hadi calls Khajista and persuades her into continuing her studies, leaving Khajista wishing that her fate be connected to Hadi instead of the illiterate Darakhzai. Moray slips on the floor hurting her knee. Despite the family’s reluctance, Khajista insists on escorting Moray to the city to conduct an X-ray.

    Episode 24

    Air Date: 23-Jul-2022

    Hadi travels to the village to bring her back, leaving Aima restless. Amroze brings a male physician to the house to check on Moray. When the physician tries to locate her knee, Darakhzai’s ego is bruised and he sends the physician away. Khajista protests and threatens to take Moray to the city alone. Later, Darakhzai relents and lets Khajista take Moray to the city to get her treated by a lady doctor. Aima informs Hasan about Hadi’s infatuation with Khajista. Hasan, who loathes Khajista, assures Aima that he will go to any limit to remove Khajista from Hadi’s life. Hadi runs into Sanober on his way to the village who reveals the truth about Aima’s conspiracy and forces Hadi to take Khajista back. Hadi meets Amroze to clear the misunderstanding, prompting him to send Khajista back to the city.

    Episode 25

    Air Date: 29-Jul-2022

    Khajista returns to her hostel and Bia is happy to see her back. She suggests Khajista ditch her uncivilized fiancé and get into a relationship with Hadi as her absence has affected him badly. Hadi confronts Aima about her conspiracy against Khajista but she refuses to take the blame. Seeing Hadi plaintive for Khajista, Aima vows to never let him be with Khajista. Hasan informs Sabika about the situation and warns her to keep Hadi under leash or else she will have to take his proposal to the mountains. While treating Moray in the hospital, Sabika couldn’t help but notice Darakhzai’s insolent behavior towards Khajista and her classmates. Shanzay suspects Sanober is after Darakhzai and dismisses her. Amroze is non-lethally shot by Behram. Hadi is even more embittered by Aima when Sabika confronts him about Khajista and refuses to accept her as daughter-in-law. Hadi expresses his love for Khaijsta and prompts her to stand up for her rights or else a man like Darakhzai will subdue her personality. 

    Episode 26

    Air Date: 30-Jul-2022

    When Bia finds out about Hadi’s proposal, she insists Khajista accept it and get rid of Darakhzai. Khajista who really wants to accept Hadi’s love is compelled by her family’s traditions and customs. Sabika keeps explaining to Hadi that Khajista will never match their living standards but to no avail. Moray and Daji flip out after Amroze reveals the truth about his unsuccessful marriage. Daji offers to marry him to another woman so he can flourish a new generation but Amroze refuses. In the hospital, a patient dies in front of Khajista, leaving her shattered. Hadi consoles her and informs her that he has spoken to his mother about her, leaving Khaijsta awestruck. Daji spots Shanzay secretly meeting Behram and warning him to stay away from Amroze. Hasan misbehaves with Khajista and as a result, is slapped by Hadi. 

    Episode 27

    Air Date: 05-Aug-2022

    Moray berates Amroze for mistreating Shanzay and blames him for her bitterness. Amroze reminisces of the time he loved Shanzay and had secret meetings with her. Shehryar fumes with anger after Sabika informs him about Hadi’s choice. He refuses to marry him to a completely territorial girl who lives in a world almost a century behind. When Hadi disagrees with Shehryar, he is ousted from the house. Sabika protests against it but Shehryar turns a cold shoulder toward her. Seeing no other option, Hadi shifts to the hostel. Shehryar plans to marry Hasan to Aima instead, resenting Sabika even more. Darakhzai goes ballistic after Amroze advises him that he should drop the plan of marrying Khajista as they both are no more compatible with each other. Khajista refuses Hadi’s proposal as she does not want to be part of a family that does not respect her.

    Episode 28

    Air Date: 06-Aug-2022

    Bia scolds Khajista for jeopardizing her life for the sake of others’ happiness. Sabika insists Shehryar stop pursuing Hasan for marriage but to no avail. Amroze informs Khajista that Daji is planning her wedding date. Even though she loves Hadi and wants to marry him, she fails to stand up for herself. Hasan tells Sabika that he will never accept the girl Hadi rejected. Aima overhears his conversation and confronts Sabika about it, making it clear that she is not interested in Hasan. Amroze grows close to Shanzay after she apologizes to him on behalf of her family. Hadi is awestruck to see Khajista looking breathtakingly gorgeous at the annual dinner. Aima instigates Hasan to avenge Khajista for the insult she caused him. As a result, he summons Khajista to a lab, attempting to harass her. When Khajista tries to flee, Hasan hurls a glass bottle at her that ends up in Hadi’s face. 

    Episode 29

    Air Date: 12-Aug-2022

    Amroze and Shanzay’s married life starts flourishing after Amroze starts being compassionate and romantic with his wife. Darakhzai has a bad nightmare related to Khajista which makes him restless. He begs Moray to call her back as her studies are also wrapped up. In the city, Hadi ends up getting his head stitched but remains unaware of the attacker. Shehryar starts doubting Hadi’s intentions after he discovers that he was present along with Khajista at the time of the attack. Khajista elucidates the actual events that went down at the annual dinner to clear the misunderstanding. Shehryar is bewildered to hear the revelation and feels ashamed to have a lecherous son like Hasan. In his fury, he confronts Hasan and quietly declares to send him abroad to isolate him from his loved ones. The entire situation prompts Shehryar to change his views on Khajista and he decides to agree with Hadi’s choice.

    Episode 30

    Air Date: 13-Aug-2022

    Exhausted, Khajista decides to leave for her village without attending the convocation ceremony. Hadi finds out about it and he disapproves of her leave application. When he tells her that his father is planning to meet Daji, she flips out and demands some time to ponder over his proposal. Amroze runs into Sanober and asks her why she conspired against Khajista at the medical camp. She takes the opportunity to tell him that Khajista wants freedom from Darakhzai as she wants to spend her future in the city. Sobia severs her ties with Shehryar after he calls off Hadi’s engagement with Aima. Darakhzai decides to construct a hospital on his land to allow Khajista to practice medicine in the village. Behram discovers Darakhzai’s intentions and starts preparing to halt his construction plan. Hadi calls Amroze and tells him that his family wants to formally come to his house with the proposal, leaving Amroze perplexed.

    Episode 31

    Air Date: 19-Aug-2022

    Aima shifts to the hostel and hatches a plot with her friends to taint Khajista’s reputation. They set Khajista up by sending her to receive a bag full of drugs from the gatekeeper. When Khajista goes to receive it, Hasan anonymously tips the hostel warden about the situation. The warden catches Khajista red-handed and summons the police to arrest her. Shehryar and Hadi intervene and stop the warden from involving police and media in the matter. Khajista fearlessly defends herself but is not heard. Hadi berates her for being careless and vulnerable. Meanwhile, Darakhzai makes preparations to welcome her to the village once she receives her degree. Daji feels restless in the middle of the night and asks Darakhzai to fulfill Khajista’s rights at all costs. Seeing his father’s restlessness, Darakhzai wishes for such a situation to happen where Khajista is compelled to look after him.

    Episode 32

    Air Date: 20-Aug-2022

    Shehryar takes it upon himself to investigate the matter and asks the warden for the contact number through which she got the tip. Upon seeing the number, he is bewildered to discover that it is none other than Hadi’s phone number. Witnessing the bad reputation of the hostel, Sabika requests Aima to return home. Khajista is house arrested in the hostel until convocation. Seeing her suffer, Bia comforts her by assuring her that people are jealous of her outstanding performance and countless capabilities. When Shehryar asks Hadi about his phone’s whereabouts, Hadi reveals that Hasan borrowed his phone earlier to make an important call. Shehryar is shocked to know that Hasan can stoop so low in the jealousy of his brother. He does not tell Hadi anything about the situation and asks him to file his missing phone report. Khajista is fed up with the warden who constantly searches her room and looks at her with suspicious eyes.

    Episode 33

    Air Date: 26-Aug-2022

    Helpless, Shehryar confronts Hasan about his conspiracy and begs him to stop making Hadi’s life difficult. Sabika overhears their conversation and loses her wits. After she comes back to her senses, she expresses resentment to Shehryar for keeping her out of the loop. Daji and Moray are surprised to find out that Shanzay is expecting a baby. Suspicious, Daji remembers the time when he saw Shanzay meeting Behram secretly and doubts that she is not carrying Amroze’s child. He informs Amroze about it but to his surprise, Amroze takes a stand for his wife, guaranteeing him that Shanzay is loyal to him. Daji refuses to believe him and declares to remarry him to another woman. With the rising tension in the house, Moray asks Darakhzai to pick up Khajista from her hostel. He agrees in a split second and spends the entire night preparing to reunite with the love of his life. 

    Episode 34

    Air Date: 27-Aug-2022

    Khajista finds out the number through which the warden got the tip moments before the convocation ceremony. Dazed, she walks toward the stage unhappy despite winning twelve gold medals, and makes an emotional speech about how she faced territorial discrimination in the institute. After the speech, Hadi requests Khajista not to leave with a sad face. Khajista behaves rudely with him, berating him for setting her up in the drug case. Meanwhile, Darakhzai arrives at the hostel to sign Khajista’s clearance form. When the warden informs him about the scandal, he refuses to believe her words. Hadi’s heart burns into ashes seeing Khajista leave with her fiancé. Shehryar and Sabika face a hard time when the institute’s board questions them about Khajista’s complaint. Hadi puts the pieces of the puzzle together and realizes that Hasan set him up by borrowing his phone the other day. Darakhzai confesses his love to Khajista, leaving her speechless.

    Episode 35

    Air Date: 02-Sep-2022

    Sanober tries to brainwash Shanzay that she must stop Khajista from coming back to the village. Shanzay pays no heed to it as she trusts Amroze and has become certain that he is not a flirtatious man. Sabika fears that if the board opens an investigation again, both her sons will be dragged into it. Aima manipulates her to delete Hadi’s number from the warden’s phone history. Hadi bursts onto Hasan for hurting Khajista’s peace and reputation and bullying her along. When his parents intervene, he severs ties with them for keeping the truth from him. Sabika’s heart aches to see Hadi lamenting over the loss of his love. Meanwhile, Khajista prays to God to eradicate Hadi’s memories from her heart. Darakhzai informs Khajista that she can practice medicine in the dispensary until the hospital is fully constructed. Seeing a sudden change in his attitude, Khajista starts falling for him. Hadi berates his parents for covering up Hasan’s sins and jeopardizing an innocent girl’s reputation.

    Episode 36

    Air Date: 03-Sep-2022

    Hasan and Aima brew a plan to humiliate Khajista even more by spreading a video of her. Khajista finds out that Behram met a horrible accident and is fighting between life and death. She remembers the oath she took in her university and rushes to treat him without seeking anyone’s permission. Daji and Darakhzai fume with anger after finding out that Khajista saved the life of their enemy. However, before they could scold her, Khajista reveals that she is well aware of her father’s murderer. She clarifies that she chose to take revenge on him through kindness. Shanzay is moved by her words and develops a soft corner for her. Daji declares to tie Darakhzai’s knot with Khajista in the upcoming week. Hadi applies abroad and informs his parents about it. Shehryar insists on him getting settled before going abroad. 

    Episode 37

    Air Date: 09-Sep-2022

    Hadi can’t stop thinking about Khajista and the time he spent with her. Bia informs him about Khajista’s upcoming marriage ceremony and expresses her resentment toward him for abandoning Khajista midway. The wedding festivities commence with full zeal in Daji’s house. Envious, Sanober gets poison from a sorcerer to kill Khajista so she can marry Darakhzai. Behram shows up at Daji’s house to applaud Khajista’s greatness. He reveals that he was the one who shot Khajista’s father. This drives Darakhzai and Amroze mad and they pull their guns to kill him at the moment. Daji blows off the steam and acts as a bigger person, forgiving Behram for his sin. Aima shows Shehryar and Sabika the video that Hasan once filmed of Khajista when she was forced to say sorry to him, claiming that Khajista apologized to Hasan before leaving.

    Episode 38

    Air Date: 10-Sep-2022

    Aima tries to assure Sabika that Khajista’s apology video was recently filmed. Sabika loses her mind after noticing that the video is fake and is being used in the wrong context. In her fury, she bursts onto Hasan for stooping so low in the enmity of an innocent girl. This outrages Hasan and he drags Aima with him by blowing her gaff and revealing that she was the mastermind behind creating the entire chaos. Aima denies the blame and tries to defend herself but to no avail. Seeing Khajista being pampered as a bride, Shanzay feels sad that she was never treated like this at the time of her marriage. Amroze comforts her by assuring her that she will always remain a bride in his eyes. Sanober mixes poison in the sweets that were intended for Khajista to eat. However, Darakhzai ends up eating the sweets and he falls to the ground unconscious.

    Episode 39

    Air Date: 16-Sep-2022

    Sanober is surprised to see Khajista eating some other sweets. She abruptly stops her, asking her to eat the delights she made herself, especially for Khajista. The calm before the storm ends when a boy breaks the news of Darakhzai’s death to the women of the family. Sanober plunges into grief after realizing that she killed the love of her life. Khajista loses her wits and rushes to save him but to no avail. The happiness gushing in the house quickly turns into grief within moments. Amroze suspects that Behram purposely poisoned Darakhzai with the sweets he brought with him to the ceremony. He confronts Behram about it and threatens to destroy his family if he turns out to be the culprit. Khajista holds herself responsible for Darakhzai’s death, remembering all the times she cursed him to die. Unaware of Darakhzai’s death, Hadi finds himself restless and suffocated, feeling Khajista’s sorrow from miles away.

    Episode 40

    Air Date: 17-Sep-2022

    Aima gets severely affected when she repeatedly faces rejection from Hadi. Hopeless, she begs forgiveness from Sabika and Shehryar but they brush her off, requesting her to go back to her mother. Sanober feels restless out of guilt. Delirious, she goes to Moray and confesses that she killed Darakhzai, the man whom she loved dearly. Moray is shocked at the revelation and she furiously kicks her out of the house. When Sanober’s uncle, Gulsher finds out about her actions, he berates her for being disloyal and decides to shoot her to death. Dazed, Sanober goes crazy and runs away from the house. To repay his niece’s sins, Gulsher presents himself to Daji, allowing him to avenge his son’s death. Daji realizes that no revenge can bring Darakhzai back and he sends Gulsher away. Hadi expresses his hate for Aima, making it clear that he dislikes her existence around him.

    Episode 41

    Air Date: 23-Sep-2022

    Khajista drowns in grief and becomes quiet day by day. Her family tries their best to bring her back to life. When nothing works out, Daji requests Amroze to take Khajista’s responsibility by marrying her. Amroze finds it really awkward as he always took Khajista as his younger sister and never thought of marrying her. When Shanzay finds out about Daji’s decision, she begs Amroze not to be unjust to her. Aima’s heart aches when she misses the time she spent with Hadi and Hasan as a family. Before Hadi leaves for abroad, Shehryar asks him not to leave and proposes to go to Khajista’s house with an apology but Hadi refuses. Hasan accepts his mistakes and apologizes to Hadi, requesting him not to leave but to no avail. While leaving, Hadi cries, remembering all the forms of mistreatment Khajista endured during her university period.

    Episode 42

    Air Date: 24-Sep-2022

    A few years later, Sabika misses Hadi and desperately requests him to return back. However, Hadi has found solace in living away from the people he loves to forget the horrific past. Hasan gets married and has a son. Seeing his mother in pain, he regrets hurting Hadi and wishes to make amends. Meanwhile, in the village, Khajista did not marry Amroze. She moved on and named Amroze’s son Darakhzai to keep her dead fiancé’s existence alive. To continue her profession, she practices medicine in the women’s hospital that Darakhzai built for her. Moray and Daji wish Khajista gets settled and keep looking for matches to marry her but she refuses. Hasan goes on a Northern trip with his wife Sidra. During the trip, Sidra slips on a bridge and gets injured. Hasan rushes her to the women’s hospital in the area only to have an encounter with Khajista. When Khajista ignores him, he berates her for abandoning Hadi, thinking that Khajista got married.

    Episode 43 (Last)

    Air Date: 01-Oct-2022

    Khajista is shocked when Hasan reveals that Hadi is unmarried and living a lonely life. Although she portrays that she is unaffected, deep down her heart laments remembering Hadi’s love for her. Hasan approaches Amroze and is equally shocked to hear the news of Darakhzai’s demise. Later, he requests the head of the hospital to convince Hadi to take a job in the northern areas of Pakistan. Hadi instantly agrees to take the offer and surprises his mother in Pakistan, wishing to see Khajista, his love of life again. Finally, the estranged lovebirds reunite after many years of loneliness. When Hadi complains to Khajista for not reaching out to him after Darakhzai’s death, Khajista explains that she was bound by her ego and self-respect. Hasan pleads for forgiveness from Khajista and Hadi and they forgive him in a blink of an eye. Hadi keeps his promise to fulfill Khajista’s wishes and together they inaugurate a cardiac department in Darakhzai’s hospital.

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