Mujhe Wida Kar

  • Start Date: 17-May-2021
  • End Date: 3-Aug-2021
  • Total Episodes: 50
  • Episode Duration: 40 minutes
  • Production Company: iDream Entertainment
  • TV Channel: ARY Digital
  • Tags: , , ,

    Cast & Crew

    Ali Rizvi

    Tauseef (Sadia's husband)

    Haris Waheed

    Aneeq (Rida's brother)

    Shaista Jabeen

    Rida's mother

    Muneeb Butt

    Usman (Rida's husband)

    Shabbir Jan

    Habib (Usman's father)

    Saba Hamid

    Sultana (Usman's mother)

    Sana Askari

    Farheen (Azhar's wife)

    Maira Khan

    Kashifa (Usman's sister)

    Paras Masroor

    Iqbal (Kashifa's husband)

    Mariam Ansari

    Masooma (Sadia's cousin)




    Khwaja Muhammad Adeel

    Director of Photography

    Luqman Khan

    Director of Photography


    Episode 1~4

    Air Date: 17-May-2021 ~ 20-May-2021

    Rida and Sadia are childhood friends and more like sisters to each other. Sadia is soon to be married but, the least she knows where she is going. Sadia’s brother has feelings for Rida but is never able to express them. Rida is spotted by Usman at Sadia’s wedding and he falls for her. Usman’s parents are extremely rude to their elder daughter-in-law, Farheen (Azhar’s wife) despite her efforts to please them. Rida gets married to Usman who is unaware of the heavy dowry demanded by Usman’s parents. Rida’s brother hides the same from her to keep her happy.

    Episode 5~8

    Air Date: 24-May-2021 ~ 27-May-2021

    Sadia discovers the greedy nature of her husband and her in-laws who throw her out of the house as they find she has some money saved for herself. Sadia uses the money to save the life of Rida’s mother. Rida finds herself being tortured mentally by her in-laws and finds comfort with Farheen. Kashifa, Usman’s sister, calls Rida to her house and treats her like a servant where Kashifa’s husband, Iqbal has an evil eye on her. Nobody is able to contact Usman properly as he is now in the UK.

    Episode 9~12

    Air Date: 31-May-2021 ~ 03-Jun-2021

    Rida is trapped with her in-laws and is stopped from meeting her mother until they receive news about Usman’s arrival in Pakistan and send off Rida. Usman is instigated by his parents and is displeased with Rida. Sadia is distraught to know about her husband’s affair who no longer wants to live with her. The behavior of Azhar’s parents is stressful enough for Farheen who suffers from sick health during pregnancy. Rida manages all chores and is unable to give time to Usman, letting him believe she now hates him for being jobless.

    Episode 13~16

    Air Date: 07-Jun-2021 ~ 10-Jun-2021

    Usman is annoyed at Rida for keeping herself busy with household chores and not giving him time. She is boggled at the whole situation and Farheen pacifies her. Sadia is distraught as Tauseef announces his second marriage. He badmouths Sadia in front of Usman who forbids Rida from contacting her again. Justice is served and Tauseef dies in a car accident. His mother asks Sadia for forgiveness as her daughter’s marriage also breaks at the same time. Habib asks Aneeq to provide cash for Rida’s monthly expenses without anyone’s knowledge. Rida is not allowed to meet her parents and Usman scolds her frequently for being irresponsible every time instigated by his parents.

    Episode 17~20

    Air Date: 14-Jun-2021 ~ 17-Jun-2021

    Aneeq proposes to Sadia but she refuses. The families are elated when Rida convinces her. Usman is pissed as nobody had discussed with him when deciding Aneeq’s marriage. Rida’s in-laws force her to work day and night and also instigate Usman against her. He, being a fool, takes the bite and keeps scolding Rida. Aneeq and Sadia are engaged. Farheen answers back to her in-laws and Usman forbids Rida from doing her work. Azhar sends his wife to her mother’s house for some rest. Iqbal has a change of heart when Rida attends his sick mother all night in hospital.

    Episode 21~24

    Air Date: 21-Jun-2021 ~ 24-Jun-2021

    Farheen falls down the stairs and nobody comes to help her. She faces a terrible miscarriage. Shanzy narrates the whole incident to Rida and she is scared for her life. Aneeq and his mother also fear for Rida’s life while Usman scolds her for blaming his parents. Azar learns the truth from Shanzy, berates his parents, and leaves the house with Farheen and his daughter. Iqbal apologizes to Rida for his past actions and argues with Kashifa for plotting against her sister-in-law and always ignoring duties. During Aneeq’s wedding, Abba fakes his sickness and Rida goes back to her house while Usman is irked at her behavior.

    Episode 25~28

    Air Date: 28-Jun-2021 ~ 01-Jul-2021

    Rida is not happy to come back home and Kashifa spoils the situation more by instigating Usman against Rida regarding her closeness with Safeer. Kashifa demands Rida to present them with gifts at her brother’s wedding. She takes help from Safeer and they are spotted together by Usman causing him to lose trust in Rida. During the occasion, Sadia is criticized by Rida’s in-laws for her second marriage. Sadia’s aunt dies on the day of her marriage and her cousin, Masooma moves in with them. Aneeq is worried as Sadia considers herself an ill omen and he also faces trouble at his workplace. Azar finds a promotion in Dubai.

    Episode 29~32

    Air Date: 05-Jul-2021 ~ 08-Jul-2021

    Rida dresses up for Usman but Kashifa instigates him against her and he accuses her of having an affair with Safeer. Rida is shocked and explains the whole situation of selling jewelry for his family. Kashifa and her mother deny allegations and instead, Usman asks Rida to leave the house. Safeer tries to talk to Usman but in vain. Masooma keeps taunting Sadia making her believe to be inauspicious. Farheen is happy to apply for a visa and move to Azhar soon. Iqbal berates Kashifa for spoiling Usman’s life.

    Episode 33~36

    Air Date: 12-Jul-2021 ~ 15-Jul-2021

    Masooma makes Sadia think of herself as an inauspicious person who is responsible for Rida’s ill fate and will ruin Aneeq’s life as well. Usman finds jewelry in Kashifa’s room and Iqbal reveals the truth to him. Usman reconciles with Rida when he meets with an accident. His colleague, Shazma visits him and his family thinks she is trapping him. Shazma is unhappy to hear about Usman’s reconciliation with Rida. Masooma’s lover ditches her and she starts poisoning Sadia and Aneeq’s life. She tries to drift them apart and make her way into Aneeq’s life. Rida is happy to see Usman take a stand for her while Kashifa is enraged. Sadia decides not to marry anyone.

    Episode 37~40

    Air Date: 16-Jul-2021 ~ 19-Jul-2021

    Rida and Usman leave for their honeymoon much to the displeasure of the whole family. Aneeq’s mother is discontent with Masooma’s tactics and warns her. Upon seeing no success from Aneeq’s side, Masooma sets her eyes on Safeer instead. Kashifa is furious when her son praises Rida for being caring and terming her as an irresponsible mother. Usman realizes Kashifa’s lies in an attempt to spoil his honeymoon and berates the family when he comes back. His friend asks him to be wary of his family and Shazma who is also unhappy about Usman’s trip. Farheen’s mother gifts her a plot which she plans to sell and use the money to buy Azhar’s house where his parents are living. Aneeq is hurt when Sadia refuses to marry her. Sadia cries when he acts rude to her.

    Episode 41~45

    Air Date: 20, 24, 26~28-Jul-2021

    Aneeq and Sadia resolve their problem and express their feelings to each other. Sadia becomes stiff with Masooma making Safeer realize that her intentions are not good. Usman is elated as Rida is pregnant. The happiness is short-lived however as Kashifa deliberately puts Rida’s dress on fire and she is miserably burnt. Usman is distraught and begged by his mother not to put Kashifa behind bars. Farheen comes to Pakistan and talks to Usman to sort matters with Rida. Rida refuses to return to her and demands Usman to stay with her in a separate house. Farheen makes Kashifa feel haunted about the crimes she has committed. Usman is torn between his duty as a husband and son.

    Episode 46~50 (Last Episode) 

    Air Date: 29-Jul-2021 ~ 03-Aug-2021

    Rida moves on by opening an NGO with Sadia and Safeer’s family bring a proposal for her. Masooma is enraged and tries to set a trap of Safeer trying to molest her but is caught. Khalida is enraged and fixes her alliance with her ex-boyfriend, Wajid while Rida is married to Safeer. Kashifa goes berserk seeing fire and hearing baby cries due to her committed sins. Iqbal helps Farheen leave back to Azar safely. Usman is distraught and starts taking drugs. His parents realize their mistake and karma pays back when Usman dies and Kashfa goes totally insane when Iqbal finally leaves her taking their son with him. 

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