Parizaad is the story of a man, Parizaad who emerges from rags to riches despite heartbreaks and failures due to his poverty and dark complexion. He then abandons all the luxuries only to pursue happiness. When he is born, the neighbors make fun of his mother for choosing such a ridiculous name for her son. He faces his first heartbreak when his crush, Naheed marries another guy. He is forced to sell his poetry to a rich businessman so he could help out his sister. Later, another girl, Bubbly runs away after Parizaad proposes to her. Behroze recruits Parizaad as his wife Laila's bodyguard who betrays Behroze and he kills her. Parizaad takes all the blame upon himself impressing Behrpze by his loyalty. Behroze leaves all his wealth for Parizaad before committing suicide. Parizaad is released from jail after five years and handles Behroze's business empire. He then falls in love with a blond girl Annie and helps her regain her eyesight back. Annie likes Sharjeel so Parizaad decides to kill him but stops himself in the end. He then leaves for a remote area and starts teaching Urdu in a school. Sharjeel and Annie trace Parizaad and Annie vows to stay with him.

  • Start Date: 20-Jul-2021
  • End Date: 1-Feb-2022
  • Total Episodes: 29
  • Episode Duration: 40 minutes
  • Production Company: MD Productions
  • TV Channel: HUM TV

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Cast & Crew

Episode 1

Air Date: 20-Jul-2021

Manzoor does not celebrate the birth of his third son, Parizaad, as it will exacerbate his poverty. Twenty years pass and Parizaad becomes a hardworking student who supports his brothers by teaching tuitions. With a sensitive and literary heart, he writes poetry and appreciates aesthetics. He is tasked to teach a neighborhood girl, Naheed. Coincidentally, Shauky, a loafer in the neighborhood who has a crush on Naheed, asks Parizaad to write a love letter for her. While climbing her roof at night, Shauky runs away after Naheed screams with fear, dropping the letter on the roof. The letter is later discovered by Naheed’s father who, seeing the handwriting, assumes Parizaad to be the real culprit.

Episode 2

Air Date: 27-Jul-2021

Mirza confronts Parizaad about the letter and slaps him without hearing anything. Parizaad discloses the truth to his sister. Shauky apologizes to Parizaad, claiming Naheed knew it was Shauky, also she was not alone. Parizaad follows Naheed and finds her on a date with Majid, a pious young man from the neighborhood, which unfolds her lies and Shauky’s truth.

Episode 3

Air Date: 03-Aug-2021

Parizaad tries to commit suicide, but a new friend, Ahmed stops him. Majid sends a marriage proposal for Naheed. Parizaad’s family receives a proposal for his sister, Saeeda, from an aged guy, Salim. Both girls get married on the same date. Saeeda becomes happy as Salim wants her to continue her studies.

Episode 4

Air Date: 10-Aug-2021

Majid and Naheed shift to Karachi for two years. Ahmed advises Parizaad to impress people with his words. At Ahmed’s rented house, Parizaad meets Bubbly, the daughter of the house owner and a tomboy. Saeeda’s sisters-in-law somehow turn their mother against her education. Salim gets arrested for a fake cosmetic products case.

Episode 5

Air Date: 17-Aug-2021

The family that brings the proposal for Bubbly, demands a dowry worth 12 lacs which infuriates her. She kicks them out of the house. Parizaad gets Salim bailed through his student’s father, a senior officer. Bubbly’s father slaps her. Parizaad teases Bubbly at knowing her real name, Saima. Ahmed advises Parizaad to marry Bubbly.

Episode 6

Air Date: 24-Aug-2021

Saeeda’s elder brothers refuse to lend her money. Ahmed asks Bubbly’s parents about Parizaad being their live-in son-in-law. Bubbly shows no objections but runs away to Karachi, the very next day. Bubbly’s parents leave the city. Ahmed also moves back to his home-town. Parizaad gets admission in a university on scholarship.

Episode 7

Air Date: 31-Aug-2021

Lubna, a theatre student, approaches Parizaad for writing a poem in her play. Impressed by Parizaad’s poetry, she befriends him. Salim’s business is shut for six months. Saeeda’s brothers provide no help which puts her marriage in danger. Mr. Noman from Lubna’s party asks Parizaad to sell his poems to him.

Episode 8

Air Date: 07-Sep-2021

Parizaad visits Lubna’s place where he is questioned by her mother. It is revealed that Lubna does not belong to a respectable family and has been sold by her mother to a business tycoon, Noman, the same man who had offered Parizaad to sell his words. Realizing the power of money, Parizaad quits university and starts welding. Saeeda is pregnant and is mistreated by her husband. Parizaad sells his poetry to Noman for 5 lakhs to rescue Saeeda.

Episode 9

Air Date: 14-Sep-2021

Parizaad moves to Karachi with the help of his boss to earn more money. His boss’s former employee, Jaanu, receives him at the station. Parizaad meets Jaanu’s new boss, Behroze, and is hired immediately. Parizaad catches some goods being transported secretly and is asked by his manager to keep his mouth shut.

Episode 10

Air Date: 21-Sep-2021

Parizaad informs Behroze about that night’s incident and impressed by his bravery, Behroze appoints Parizaad as a bodyguard and spy for his young wife, Laila. Parizaad’s family gets to know about the money he gave to Saeeda, and is determined to find the source of the huge amount. 

Episode 11

Air Date: 28-Sep-2021

Parizaad learns that Laila was handed over to Mr. Behroze due to her family conditions. Parizaad helps Jaanu get engaged. Laila confronts Parizaad about him reporting her routine to Behroze. She asks him to help her meet her aunt, and not to tell Behroze. Saeeda tells her sister-in-law about money Parizaad gave her.

Episode 12

Air Date: 05-Oct-2021

Parizaad is torn between helping Laila and being loyal to Mr. Behroze. Behroze catches Laila with her boyfriend. Laila accuses Parizaad of misleading her. A bodyguard hits Parizaad. Behroze kills Laila and her boyfriend. He keeps Parizaad in a safe place until healed. DSP Badar starts investigating the missing case of the ambassador’s son, Laila’s boyfriend.

Episode 13

Air Date: 12-Oct-2021

As the police investigation proceeds, Mr. Behroze sends Parizaad to his old servant, Guru. There, he meets Bubbly, now known as Dilawar. She tells Parizaad how Guru saved her from some goons and made her his son named Dilawar. Guru himself is an incomplete man and runs a place for such people.

Episode 14

Air Date: 19-Oct-2021

Parizaad makes Guru understand the agony of Bubbly’s parents. Police reach Behroze’s office to investigate but Feroze handles them well. Guru asks Parizaad to find the whereabouts of Bubbly’s parents. Badar, being a lady inspector, gets humiliated for the delay in solving the case and visiting Behroze’s house without a search warrant.

Episode 15

Air Date: 26-Oct-2021

Parizaad convinces Bubbly’s parents to meet her and they come to visit her at Guru’s place. Police capture Laila’s friend. Upon Guru’s advice, Bubbly returns back with her parents. Police get a search warrant for Behroze’s house and take Parizaad with them as he rushes to help Behroze.

Episode 16

Air Date: 02-Nov-2021

Parizaad takes the blame for all the murders in front of his lawyer and the police, buying time for Behroze after Jaanu comes to meet him in prison. The police find Laila’s letter blaming Behroze if anything happens to her. They come to arrest Behroze who kills himself. Parizaad’s release becomes imminent as he committed no major crime.

Episode 17

Air Date: 09-Nov-2021

Six months have passed and Parizaad’s brothers have disowned him. Feroze gets hanged while Mr. Behroze left a fortune for Parizaad. Five years later, Parizaad is released from jail. According to Behroze’s will, Parizaad takes over the company. He offers Jaanu to work with him but he refuses. Parizaad gifts him an apartment and leaves.

Episode 18

Air Date: 16-Nov-2021

Parizaad meets his old friend, Lubna, in a party who has become a heroine known as Mahpara. She informs him about her divorce and career. Parizaad accidentally finds RJ Annie reciting his poetry on the radio which convinces him to visit his family. His sister bursts into tears after seeing him.

Episode 19

Air Date: 23-Nov-2021

Parizaad visits her sister who has a daughter named Parisa. Salim returns the money Parizaad once lent him but he gives it to Parisa. Parizaad visits everyone in his neighborhood and offers to help Majid with his job. He tries to find his master Kallu but fails. Mahpara mentions a mechanic named Kallu.

Episode 20

Air Date: 30-Nov-2021

Parizaad goes to meet his Kallu Ustad and gets his garage up-to-date. Majid comes to meet Parizaad and asks him to give a job to Naheed’s sister, Kanwal. Shehzad threatens Parizaad to join the illegal drugs business but he refuses. Majid gets irritated and jealous of Parizad’s wealth while Naheed asks Parizaad to meet her secretly.

Episode 21

Air Date: 07-Dec-2021

Parizaad is on the mafia’s target list. Annie gifts a sculpture to him and asks for an interview which he denies. She then offers to make Parizaad’s sculpture which he takes as an insult and admonishes her. Later, she visits him to apologize. Parizaad finds out that she is blind and knows nothing of his appearance.

Episode 22

Air Date: 14-Dec-2021

Parizaad meets Annie for lunch where he apologizes for his previous misconduct after getting to know how she’s blind and unable to see anything. Annie invites him to visit her home which he accepts. There, he chats with Annie and her mother for a while and gets a good impression of both of them. Parizaad threatens Shehbaz after discovering his goons tailing his car. Naheed keeps pestering her sister Kanwal to deliver a letter to Parizaad. After receiving the letter, Parizaad invites them to his house. Naheed, who has an outdated impression of Parizaad, is fantasizing about how he will willingly accept her and beg for her love. Sadly, Parizaad sees through her and knows that what she desires is his wealth and status rather than he himself. He tells her how he’s not the Parizaad who used to stand under the boiling sun for hours just to get a glance at her. Being a gentleman, he keeps a very polite attitude towards her throughout the visit.

Episode 23

Air Date: 21-Dec-2021

At last, Parizaad agrees to let Annie make a sculpture of him, much to Annie’s delight. Meanwhile, Lubna invites Parizaad over to help her with the music and poetry of the film in making. Impressed by the sorrow found in the singing girl’s voice, Parizaad agrees to let her sing for the movie. Later, seeing the singing girl’s father and herself waiting for a taxi, he decides to drop them off since it’s already too dark with no sign of any traffic. Parizaad comes across one of his old friends Nasaaz, who’s also a poet and so both of them recall their stories and chat till early in the morning. Afterward, Parizaad invites Naheed to his office where he gives her an ad for a job for Majid while requesting her not to tell anybody else. Kanwal is impressed by Parizaad’s care for Naheed even after severing all ties between them. With the sculpture completed, Annie invites Parizaad over who is shaken by the beautiful piece of art created by someone who can’t see.

Episode 24

Air Date: 28-Dec-2021

Naheed remains lost in her mind ever since her last meeting with Parizaad which seems very odd to Majid. On his return from Annie’s home, Parizaad and his men come across a feint accident which soon turns into an assassination attempt against Parizaad. Akbar gets shot while covering for his master and so the killing attempt fails. Thoroughly enraged, Parizaad orders his men to contact Guru and inquire about the person behind the assassination while also assembling their underground allies. Parizaad is now reminded of Behroz’s profound teachings to him once on how to keep empires and defeat enemies. Later, Guru sends people over to guard Annie’s house against any malevolent attempts while Parizaad himself pays a visit to Shehbaz, who’d been the mastermind in trying to kill him. Acting brave, Shehbaz is finally given a cold sweat after Parizaad stares at his son in a photo on his desk. Tired from all the drama and action, Parizaad and Nasaaz smile at past memories of college lives and how foolish they’d been.

Episode 25

Air Date: 04-Jan-2022

Parizaad arrives at Annie’s home where he meets her cousin Sharjeel, the newly registered doctor. He is quite amused by Sharjeel’s never-ending jokes. Meanwhile, Guru arranges for a kidnap attempt against Sunny, Shehbaz’s son which ends successfully. Shehbaz and his wife are worried sick at being unable to contact their son late into the night. A little after, he receives a blood-splattered shirt along with Guru’s call to come and receive his son’s dead body. Out of his senses, Shehbaz charges into the enemy lair where he is taken into custody by Guru. Later, Parizaad reaches there as well. Only after Shehbaz is utterly lost and heartbroken, Parizaad reveals how his son is still alive. This is meant as the scariest as well as the final warning to his enemies. Majid is quite cheerful at winning the job post whereas Naheed recognizes it as Parizaad’s doing and tells her sister to thank him. Sharjeel intends to sell his home to pay for Annie’s eye operation but she refuses the favor. Finally, the matter ends when Parizaad proposes to buy the house temporarily and sell it back to them when they can afford it. 

Episode 26

Air Date: 11-Jan-2022

Parizaad and Nasaaz are having a chat. Nasaaz is of the opinion that Parizaad shouldn’t delay his proposal to Annie. However, Parizaad still has an inferiority complex regarding his appearance. He thinks that Annie will choose the much more handsome Sharjeel after regaining her eyesight. Nasaaz suggests him to get surgery and have his appearance changed forever. Sharjeel is astounded after witnessing Parizaad’s business empire. During their meeting, Parizaad lets him keep his house. This act wins him tremendous respect from Sharjeel. Sharjeel opens up to Parizaad regarding his plans of proposing Annie. Later on, during Nasaaz’s engagement celebration, he advises Parizaad to be selfish for once. Or else, his heart will be torn apart forever. With his thoughts in turmoil, Parizaad finally pays heed to Nasaaz’s words and orders to kill Sharjeel.

Episode 27

Air Date: 18-Jan-2022

Parizaad recognizes Noman, the businessman to whom he had sold his poetry, who’s currently working in his company. Noman is shocked beyond words after he recognizes Parizaad as well. Later, Parizaad makes a deal with him in order to get back his poetry. Nasaaz and Jharna get married. Meanwhile, Annie invites Parizaad to the last episode of her radio show before the operation. During the show, she introduces him as her most trusted person. Parizaad feels ashamed at having nearly broken her trust. He calls Akbar and cancels the assassination order of Sharjeel. Annie bursts into tears before leaving. On the other hand, Parizaad is even more hurt when thinking of being deprived of love once more. He decides to go far away for some time. Standing before Behroz’s photo, he blames himself for failing to look after the empire his master left for him. Majid comes to Parizaad after Naheed reveals the truth regarding his job. Having his eyes opened, he feels very grateful to Parizaad. 

Episode 28

Air Date: 25-Jan-2022

Parizaad leaves after handling all matters of his business empire to Kamali. He travels far and wide until finally settling in a remote place. A local Urdu professor invites him over as a guest. Parizaad agrees to live with him since he has no other shelter at present. Later, both share their fondness for Urdu literature and the regret at witnessing its decline. Parizaad accompanies the professor to the shabby school. He feels refreshed watching the primary school students reciting Allama Iqbal’s poetry while on assembly. The professor gets ill afterward and Parizaad takes care of him. He also offers to teach in his place since the board exams are approaching. One day, Parizaad comes face to face with Annie while he’s out for a stroll. He remains shell-shocked and out of ideas on what to do now. Annie’s eyesight has returned now and so she fails to recognize him. She then leaves with Sharjeel while Parizaad is left standing there all alone. Parizaad later wallows in his misery and loneliness while he sits across the bonfire.

Episode 29 (Last Episode)

Air Date: 01-Feb-2022

Parizaad forbids Sharjeel from revealing the truth. The school’s headmaster invites Parizaad for a speech. Annie is shocked at hearing the familiar voice once again. She later confirms her guess and bursts into tears. She questions Parizaad’s sudden departure. Parizaad declares how he couldn’t bury her under his kindness and so he left. He further says how teaching Urdu is his life purpose now. Annie is impressed and decides to stay with him. She also plans to establish her FM Radio channel here.

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