Shanaas Green Ent Drama Cover



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  1. Husain Akhtar

    A superbly directed drama, getting the best out of the characters. Gentle but heart-touching suspense where, like the main character, viewers look forward to knowing the truth.
    Amazing face resemblance between the three lead women, i.e. the mum, daughter and aunty.
    The high quality acting by the main characters is marked by appropriate face expressions, delivery of the dialogue matching the body language, natural gestures and the drama’s pace of the flow.
    Wardrobe is simple but impressive and most suitable for the drama contents.
    The background music is calm and peaceful.
    Due to the high calibre of the drama, it obviously attracts the viewers with some appreciation for the arts. Therefore, it wouldn’t be realistic to expect higher number of views!
    Well done all!

    9.0 rating