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Below is the episode-wise story of the drama ‘Sinf-e-Aahan’. First, let’s look at the characters played by the cast:

Sinf-e-Aahan – Cast & Characters

Sinf-e-Aahan – Story

Episode 1

Air Date: 27-Nov-2021

The story begins with the introduction of Pariwesh who belongs to a poor family of a tribe. Her father’s land is mortgaged to a chief of the tribe. The debt can be released if Pariwesh gets married to any servant of the tribe but she wants to join the army. Arzoo too belongs to a poor Christian family living on rent in a man’s house who flirts and passes time with her. He keeps degrading her for poor living conditions and makes fun of her as she gets an offer to teach English in the army. 

Mahjabeen belongs to an elite family with parents having extreme issues that reflect her weird personality. She wishes to take an army test as her mother challenges her abilities. Shaista is a bright girl living in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa who wishes to join the army but her father is against it. She plans to take the test keeping it hidden from her father. 

Rabia Safeer had been a topper of the institute and blames her parents for keeping her at home for two years in an attempt to get her married. She wishes to join the army as well and argues with her parents about the same.

Episode 2

Air Date: 04-Dec-2021

Shaista secretly goes to take an army test hiding from her family with her cousin. Both of them are able to clear the test. Pariwesh too clears her test and somehow convinces her father who agrees to let her join the army. Mahjabeen is happy to clear her test but annoyed at the thought of sharing a room with other girls due to her elite and comfortable background. Rabia passes the exam but is restricted by her parents from joining the army. She is sad but receives support from her brother who is also in the army. Arzoo understands that Noraiz is cheating on her and feels bad for herself. She cries due to her poor situation and considers not having any self-respect. She waits for the result of the army’s test. Shaista’s fiance secretly makes her catch the train to reach the academy as he supports the decision of making a career. The rest of the girls too face their own troubles but can’t stay back from achieving their dream.

Episode 3

Air Date: 11-Dec-2021

Shaista and her fiance spend some time providing entertainment to the audience because of their conversation. All the girls arrive at the army center to clear their final test. Shaista’s mother is informed about her courageous step but the father remains unaware. Mahjabeen befriends Shaista and gives her new shoes as Shaista loses her money. Rabia and Pariwesh bond instantly. Arzoo too shares a beautiful bond with another girl, Syeda Sidra. Mahjabeen’s mother is least concerned about where her daughter went and keeps herself focused on technology. It is revealed that Mahjabeen and Rabia were once close friends but became bitter enemies after Rabia failed to arrange her brother’s marriage with Mahjabeen as Mahjabeen’s cousin, Kamil was also interested in her. The test takes place before a running test which the girls find difficult to complete within the allotted time.

Episode 4

Air Date: 18-Dec-2021

Mahjabeen wishes for Rabia’s insult during the physical tests but faces failure herself when she loses her breath and is unable to score well. Pariwesh and Sidra are disheartened when they too face difficulty in completing the tasks. Rabia has a fear of heights and falls down during a task, pleasing Mahjabeen. The girls take the interview revealing their characteristics, strengths, and weaknesses wondering about the realities of their lives. Shaista’s father is enraged to find her gone and reaches Gujranwala to kill her and her fiance, Kamil who had helped her. Kamil tries to convince him regarding the importance of Shaista’s dreams. The girls are selected for the army and Shaista’s father gives his blessings to her. Mahjabeen doesn’t share the news as she listens to her parents quarreling again. Pariwesh’s parents become happy at her progress.

Episode 5

Air Date: 25-Dec-2021

Shaista’s grandmother is not happy for her but her uncle is surprised and congratulates her for the big achievement his own son failed to gain. Everyone is elated as the neighbors congratulate her father and he can not be more proud. Arzoo meets Noraiz who acts rude to her and asks her to make a choice between him and the army. Rabia enjoys dinner of success with her family. Mahjabeen packs heels for her stay in the army. She finds an old picture and reminisces about her lovely days with Rabia and Daniyal. It turns out that Rabia wanted her brother Daniyal to marry Mahjabeen who too had feelings for him. Shaista’s grandmother finally blesses her as she leaves to take the final army test. Noraiz’s parents come to Arzoo’s house and she thinks it’s for marriage. Her parents are disappointed to learn that Noraiz never talked about her at his home. 

Episode 6

Air Date: 01-Jan-2022

Pariwesh’s family faces backlash as she joins the army. Women try to taunt her mother but receive a befitting reply. A Sri Lankan family is shown. The father was from Sri Lanka who was martyred serving in the Pakistani army. His daughter, Perrera serves in the Sri Lankan and wishes to find a man named Colonel Mujahid who was her father’s friend. She leaves Sri Lanka to reach Kakul to join the other ladies and find her father’s friend. She is employed at the station in Pakistan for six months to start her search. All girls leave for the Pakistan Army’s training center and are mesmerized to see its grandeur. Captain Usama, married with a child, is the course commander of the girls. His wife is to start teaching at an army school. Shaista and Mahjabeen’s parents meet each other and make conversation. Rabia comes with her brother who advises her not to let her rivalry with Mahjabeen affect her performance. Usama passes the message of Pariwesh’s father, Jamal to his seniors. Jamal receives a protocol and accepts Pariwesh’s decision wholeheartedly.

Episode 7

Air Date: 08-Jan-2022

The parents come to drop off their children at the academy. Mahjabeen’s mother is concerned as she eats a variety of food and inquires about the same from the authorities. Shaista’s parents are concerned as she is the first child of the family to go out. The authorities satisfy the girls and start their training. The senior officer admonishes Mahjabeen for chewing gum. She is insulted terribly and so is Rabia as she walks slowly. The girls are treated strictly and are allotted rooms after the inspection of their luggage. Mahjabeen’s makeup is taken and she is warned to tie her hair. She cries but bears it all. Perrera arrives and shares a room with Arzoo. Sidra is scolded as she decorates her room with fairy lights. Mahjabeen faces another backlash when she locks her room and is told to revise the rules.

Episode 8

Air Date: 15-Jan-2022

Mahjabeen intends to leave the academy, PMA. Sargent Shehryar is chosen to teach the cadets about living in the PMA for the next six months. He unveils to them the strict rules of living in PMA with discipline and responsibility. He also teaches them the order of mess and that a meal starts and ends with the senior. The girls return with an empty stomach. Rabia is awarded the position of SLC, who is responsible for the parade during the course activities. The platoon Commander calls Mahjabeen and advises her that leaving PMA would give her the title ‘loser’. Major Samia visits her sick son in the hospital. Rabia and Pariwesh get in trouble for not waking up their roommates, Shaista and Mahjabeen for P.T. Mahjabeen is asked to sing the national anthem but she doesn’t know it. Strict exercise routine follows including one mile running and stretches. Pariwesh gets injured during the running. 

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  1. Anonymous November 22, 2021

    really to much waiting of this darma

  2. Zarreen November 30, 2021

    Overall starting of drama is very good... We must produce such type of drama serial to spread awareness about our army.. But I have one complain... Why there is no female shown in drama representing Karachi or Sindh??? It's really hurting to see there are females representing all-over Pakistan except Sindh/Karachi even there is a female who represents Sri Lanka its really strange...

    1. Fabiha December 11, 2021

      Yeah.. ye log sindh or karachu se revenue le sakty khaa sakty.. lekin representation nhi de sakty..

      1. Zaheer Ahmed Mughal January 22, 2022

        I like This Drama

    2. Anonymous December 24, 2021

      One character is from Karachi, but settled in Islamabad. As she says in interview. They had to shift her to Islamabad to create an inner story of rivalry between 2 girls. They have 5 girls, one from each provincial capital and one from Islamabad.

  3. Nimra Zeeshan December 1, 2021

    Yes its really hurting a lot. Khi, the metropolitan city of pk is no where in this drama. Y two girls r representing isl. At least there should be a representation from khi, if not Sindh. As it could be tjought that sindhi are not normally appointed in arm forces but khi people go.... Really bad.. Why khi has been opted out from the script... Umera ahmed also belong to khi i think... She should not hv done this

  4. Sanam Bukhari December 3, 2021

    I was waiting for so long for this drama serial. I am sure it will break all previous records. Cast and crew of this drama is awesome.

  5. Anonymous December 3, 2021

    I like this drama ❤

  6. Anonymous December 7, 2021


  7. Joy Kirt December 9, 2021

    Great effort. Hats off to the creative team who not only conceived the concept but has seen it through the processes. Sitting here in India, there is deep admiration and respect for each and every member of the team. Perfect as always.

  8. Anonymous December 10, 2021

    My fvrt drma sinf e Aahan

    1. Anonymous December 14, 2021

      Its so hurting no one is from Sindh or Karachi all they need assests from Sindh bit they dnt wamt to represent it wow so shamefull for Umera Ahmed and producer presented it

  9. Abdul samee December 13, 2021

    Lot of Shame , No one From Sindh , It means Pakistan and Sindh Are Separate ?

  10. Hammad Ullah December 16, 2021

    almost all avid Pakistani-drama watchers I know — and they all happen to be women — were looking forward to the moment ARY's Sinf-e-Aahan aired on television. The idea of watching a stellar all-female cast go through the grind of military training on the silver screen somehow ticked all the boxes for these ladies when it came to entertainment. Was I one of these women as well? Eagerly awaiting the arrival of Sinf-e-Aahan's episode 1? No, not really, and yet I somehow ended up watching the first episode and having a strong opinion about it.

  11. ANWAR ZAIB December 19, 2021

    i like this drama too much all actress outstanding performance.

  12. Zarina December 30, 2021

    Great work writers and directors. I like the fact that woman are coming out into the world to be recognized. A women's place is not only at home . I am a Fan of pakistani serials. I live in South Africa, were woman are treated equally.

  13. ANJUM ZIA January 3, 2022

    I am looking this drama after great waiting. All actors / actress performing in this play very well. This drama is a great love and attachment with our Pak. Army. I wish all channels may make this kind of dramas in future.

  14. Anonymous January 7, 2022

    This drama is fantastic. But it should be on-air on ARY as well as PTV. PTV is our National channel. Previous Drama of ISPR was released on Hum and PTV. Please SINF-E-AHAN must released on PTV. It is my humble request. Because, our most of the un-educated and Back - ward people watched PTV. So it is nusessry to aware the role of women in Army. Who is agree to my sentences?

  15. Syed irfan Haider Naqvi January 8, 2022

    I want to participate in pakistani Dramas,can i be the lucky one....

  16. Aizaz Memon January 10, 2022

    Where is Sindh's representation, where are Sindhi and Urdu speaking represents?

  17. Anonymous January 11, 2022

    Very interesting drama.such reality oriented plays should be more aired,so that ppl.can get inspiration.

  18. Shabbir January 12, 2022

    This Drama Should Be On Air On PTV As PTV is OUR NATIONAL CHANNEL is,not it 🦅

  19. Kalim Morad January 12, 2022

    I am not from Pakistan.After ages watching a Pakistani serial drama.Did'nt realize that this drama is still incomplete otherwise would'nt have started watching.I am the type who cannot rest or wait till I finish the serial if I happen to like it.Like Ertugul Ghazi,which I watched day in and day out till I was able to see fully on netflix. Sinf-e-Aahan,seems to be excellent serial.Just happened to see a few clip on youtube then started watching the serial on youtube little realizing that the the serial is ongoing.Hope the futher episode would as enjoyable as the completed ones. Just one remark that I see some comments that Karachi/Sind is not represented.One should get rid of such negative thinking.It divides not unite.The Quran exhorts not to be divided into sects.

  20. Anonymous January 13, 2022

    episode 8????

  21. sania January 17, 2022

    amazing info

  22. Niatullah Goherabadi January 17, 2022

    It's regular time is 8 pm on Saturdays What's the repeat telecost timing

  23. Cadet salik January 18, 2022

    Plz mention The lady Major,who is playing main role of house comander in the drama.

  24. Zaheer Ahmed Mughal January 22, 2022

    I Like This Drama