The drama deals with the topic of women's empowerment and depicts the story of six women belonging to diverse backgrounds who go through intense military training and turn into entirely new personalities. A Sri Lankan girl, Nathmy also joins them in her quest to find the friend of her martyred father.

  • Start Date: 27-Nov-2021
  • End Date: 7-May-2022
  • Total Episodes: 23
  • Episode Duration: 40 minutes
  • Production Company: ISPR, Next Level Entertainment, Six Sigma Plus
  • TV Channel: ARY Digital
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    Cast & Crew

    Episode 1

    Air Date: 27-Nov-2021

    The story begins with the introduction of Pariwesh who belongs to a poor family of a tribe. Her father’s land is mortgaged to a chief of the tribe. The debt can be released if Pariwesh gets married to any servant of the tribe but she wants to join the army. Arzoo too belongs to a poor Christian family living on rent in a man’s house who flirts and passes time with her. He keeps degrading her for poor living conditions and makes fun of her as she gets an offer to teach English in the army. 

    Mahjabeen belongs to an elite family with parents having extreme issues that reflect her weird personality. She wishes to take an army test as her mother challenges her abilities. Shaista is a bright girl living in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa who wishes to join the army but her father is against it. She plans to take the test keeping it hidden from her father. 

    Rabia Safeer had been a topper of the institute and blames her parents for keeping her at home for two years in an attempt to get her married. She wishes to join the army as well and argues with her parents about the same.

    Episode 2

    Air Date: 04-Dec-2021

    Shaista secretly goes to take an army test hiding from her family with her cousin. Both of them are able to clear the test. Pariwesh too clears her test and somehow convinces her father who agrees to let her join the army. Mahjabeen is happy to clear her test but annoyed at the thought of sharing a room with other girls due to her elite and comfortable background. Rabia passes the exam but is restricted by her parents from joining the army. She is sad but receives support from her brother who is also in the army. Arzoo understands that Noraiz is cheating on her and feels bad for herself. She cries due to her poor situation and considers not having any self-respect. She waits for the result of the army’s test. Shaista’s fiance secretly makes her catch the train to reach the academy as he supports the decision of making a career. The rest of the girls too face their own troubles but can’t stay back from achieving their dream.

    Episode 3

    Air Date: 11-Dec-2021

    Shaista and her fiance spend some time providing entertainment to the audience because of their conversation. All the girls arrive at the army center to clear their final test. Shaista’s mother is informed about her courageous step but the father remains unaware. Mahjabeen befriends Shaista and gives her new shoes as Shaista loses her money. Rabia and Pariwesh bond instantly. Arzoo too shares a beautiful bond with another girl, Syeda Sidra. Mahjabeen’s mother is least concerned about where her daughter went and keeps herself focused on technology. It is revealed that Mahjabeen and Rabia were once close friends but became bitter enemies after Rabia failed to arrange her brother’s marriage with Mahjabeen as Mahjabeen’s cousin, Kamil was also interested in her. The test takes place before a running test which the girls find difficult to complete within the allotted time.

    Episode 4

    Air Date: 18-Dec-2021

    Mahjabeen wishes for Rabia’s insult during the physical tests but faces failure herself when she loses her breath and is unable to score well. Pariwesh and Sidra are disheartened when they too face difficulty in completing the tasks. Rabia has a fear of heights and falls down during a task, pleasing Mahjabeen. The girls take the interview revealing their characteristics, strengths, and weaknesses wondering about the realities of their lives. Shaista’s father is enraged to find her gone and reaches Gujranwala to kill her and her fiance, Kamil who had helped her. Kamil tries to convince him regarding the importance of Shaista’s dreams. The girls are selected for the army and Shaista’s father gives his blessings to her. Mahjabeen doesn’t share the news as she listens to her parents quarreling again. Pariwesh’s parents become happy at her progress.

    Episode 5

    Air Date: 25-Dec-2021

    Shaista’s grandmother is not happy for her but her uncle is surprised and congratulates her for the big achievement his own son failed to gain. Everyone is elated as the neighbors congratulate her father and he can not be more proud. Arzoo meets Noraiz who acts rude to her and asks her to make a choice between him and the army. Rabia enjoys dinner of success with her family. Mahjabeen packs heels for her stay in the army. She finds an old picture and reminisces about her lovely days with Rabia and Daniyal. It turns out that Rabia wanted her brother Daniyal to marry Mahjabeen who too had feelings for him. Shaista’s grandmother finally blesses her as she leaves to take the final army test. Noraiz’s parents come to Arzoo’s house and she thinks it’s for marriage. Her parents are disappointed to learn that Noraiz never talked about her at his home. 

    Episode 6

    Air Date: 01-Jan-2022

    Pariwesh’s family faces backlash as she joins the army. Women try to taunt her mother but receive a befitting reply. A Sri Lankan family is shown. The father was from Sri Lanka and was martyred serving in the Pakistani army. His daughter, Nathmy Perrera wishes to find a man named Colonel Mujahid who was her father’s friend. She leaves Sri Lanka to reach Kakul to join the other ladies and find her father’s friend. She is employed at the station in Pakistan for six months to start her search. All girls leave for the Pakistan Army’s training center and are mesmerized to see its grandeur. Captain Usama, married with a child, is the course commander of the girls. His wife is to start teaching at an army school. Shaista and Mahjabeen’s parents meet each other and make conversation. Rabia comes with her brother who advises her not to let her rivalry with Mahjabeen affect her performance. Usama passes the message of Pariwesh’s father, Jamal to his seniors. Jamal receives a protocol and accepts Pariwesh’s decision wholeheartedly.

    Episode 7

    Air Date: 08-Jan-2022

    The parents come to drop off their children at the academy. Mahjabeen’s mother is concerned as she eats a variety of food and inquires about the same from the authorities. Shaista’s parents are concerned as she is the first child of the family to go out. The authorities satisfy the girls and start their training. The senior officer admonishes Mahjabeen for chewing gum. She is insulted terribly and so is Rabia as she walks slowly. The girls are treated strictly and are allotted rooms after the inspection of their luggage. Mahjabeen’s makeup is taken and she is warned to tie her hair. She cries but bears it all. Perrera arrives and shares a room with Arzoo. Sidra is scolded as she decorates her room with fairy lights. Mahjabeen faces another backlash when she locks her room and is told to revise the rules.

    Episode 8

    Air Date: 15-Jan-2022

    Mahjabeen intends to leave the academy, PMA. Sargent Shehryar is chosen to teach the cadets about living in the PMA for the next six months. He unveils to them the strict rules of living in PMA with discipline and responsibility. He also teaches them the order of mess and that a meal starts and ends with the senior. The girls return with an empty stomach. Rabia is awarded the position of SLC, who is responsible for the parade during the course activities. The platoon Commander calls Mahjabeen and advises her that leaving PMA would give her the title ‘loser’. Major Samia visits her sick son in the hospital. Rabia and Pariwesh get in trouble for not waking up their roommates, Shaista and Mahjabeen for P.T. Mahjabeen is asked to sing the national anthem but she doesn’t know it. Strict exercise routine follows including one mile running and stretches. Pariwesh gets injured during the running. 

    Episode 9

    Air Date: 22-Jan-2022

    Nathmy comes first in the one-mile run. The coach is disappointed with the candidates as a Sri Lankan cadet crossed the finish line first. Nathmy used to complete one mile in just six minutes in Sri Lanka. The Platoon Commander scolds candidates for haphazardly getting their uniforms. The roommates help each other, fixing their beret, laces, and belts. Shaista receives a ‘good’ from the Platoon Commander on her uniform checking. In the tea break from the drill, Sidra is disappointed to see that only samosas are served, and in her shock, they get finished. Sidra is caught plucking a flower from PMA and gets to stand till evening as punishment. Rabia and Shaista massage each other’s feet. Mahjabeen massages Pariwesh’s back. The Platoon Commander checks their rooms. Capt. Usama narrates a story to his daughter where the girl fights for herself and receives the highest award. He believes marriage isn’t the end of a story but a phase.

    Episode 10

    Air Date: 29-Jan-2022

    Captain Usama’s wife, Kiran, meets an old friend, Sumaiyya and avoids questions about her husband. Rabia heads the parade. Sidra, Nathmy, and Shaista do not feel well. Mahjabeen recites the anthem. Capt. Usama is disappointed that no one knows the meaning of the anthem. Rabia unsuccessfully tries to explain the meaning of the anthem. Capt. Usama explains the meaning to the cadets and all the cadets are inspired by his speech. While the girls’ families proudly narrate back home about their daughter’s success in entering Army, the girls are failing badly in the drill. Kiran meets Sumaiyya again who asks whether Kiran has informed Taimur about her family transferring. Kiran recollects the scene of her honeymoon with another man who is not Capt. Usama. Mahjabeen helps Pariwesh with her speech pronunciation. Rabia helps Shaista with her assignment. Over the weekend, girls have to write letters to their families.

    Episode 11

    Air Date: 05-Feb-2022

    Mahjabeen writes a letter wondering how to address her both parents in the same letter. LCs receive training for the leopard crawl. Everyone struggles but Nathmy is doing well. Sumaiyya talks to her husband Ibrahim about Kiran avoiding her. She recalls all the time she spent with Kiran, the wedding till the birth of her daughter, and is upset over her behavior. Shaista writes to her grandmother. Rabia finds out that Nathmy understands and speaks Urdu well. Nathmy requests Major Samiya that she wants to contact her father’s friend, Mujahid Saleem, who was a cadet at PMA along with her father. Kiran comes across an army outfit, tagged Taimoor, and a photograph of them as a couple. Rabia sends a letter to her brother Daniyal, expressing how she misses him the most. The cadets are failing drills and salute. Major Usama recalls his own time, learning salute and being punished with Taimoor.

    Episode 12

    Air Date: 12-Feb-2022

    Pariwesh writes to her father about worrying if Saradar has hurt their family and the money she is saving to pay the debt to take back their land from Sardar. LCs are practicing target shooting. Pariwesh recalls target shooting balloons with her father. She hits the target perfectly at training. Nathmy recalls target shooting with her father as a child and then her father on the ground injured. Nathmy tells Rabia that her father was martyred in a terrorist suicide attack. Major Usama recalls his friend writing wishes for his girlfriend (Kiran) in many languages. He brings home flowers and cake for Kiran’s birthday. Kiran is upset when Usama accidentally mentions a thing of the past. She tells him she will talk to him when she fully accepts the death. LCs practice for the saluting test. Arzoo writes to her mother that she is sending money home to pay rent and tells about the equality in religions at PMA.

    Episode 13

    Air Date: 19-Feb-2022

    The girls are faced with two tests; one is to check whether their uniform is proper or not; while the other is to pass the salute. In the uniform test, some girls pass while the others fail. The situation becomes different in the second test where only Mahjabeen fails the test. She is then detained in PMA while the other girls leave for their homes. Nathmy has to stay back as well due to safety concerns regarding her identity as a guest. Rabia helps her get permission for leave and brings her along to her home. Mahjabeen struggles hard to prepare for the saluting test. Some loafer boys block Arzoo on the way back home. The result is them getting beaten up by her and begging for forgiveness. Her family members are amazed at her strength and bravery. Pariwesh requests her village’s Sardar to return her father’s lands after she pays back the loan. The Sardar instructs his men not to reveal news regarding Pariwesh’s success while his own son failed the saluting test. Shaista thanks her finance for helping her back then. She asks him whether he is willing to break their engagement. He only stares back at her without uttering a word.

    Episode 14

    Air Date: 26-Feb-2022

    Pariwesh’s parents are a bit worried after what she said to the village Sardar. She consoles her parents and gives them courage. Noraiz calls Arzoo and invites her to spend quality time together. Arzoo refuses him, saying she’s not interested in wasting more of her time with him. Kiran and Usama go to the Commandant’s house for a party. Kiran is still hung up on her deceased husband, Taimoor’s death. Capt Nasr blocks Rabia’s way while outside. Nathmy considers it to be a case of harassment and gives a hard knee at Nasr’s abs. The young man is flabbergasted at the unexpected beating. Rabia introduces them and later tells Nasr to buzz off. Nathmy continues pestering her for the reason why they broke up. Rabia reveals that Nasr is Mahjabeen’s cousin. There’s no way this relationship can succeed now that Mahjabeen is more of an enemy than a friend. Meanwhile, the poor Mahjabeen finally finishes her test and goes back home. Her parents are left in thrall after she replaces a punctured tire from the car. Arzoo declines Noraiz’s proposal. She then reveals her plans of leaving his house within a few days. Noraiz is irritated at seeing what he calls Arzoo’s newfound ego. 

    Episode 15

    Air Date: 05-Mar-2022

    Arzoo refuses Noraiz’s wedding proposal. Her parents try to change her mind but to no avail. Kiran gets upset upon hearing the news of her mother-in-law’s arrival. Mahjabeen’s boyfriend Kumail takes her for dinner. He’s quite impressed to see the positive changes within her. Her abandonment of social media and shopping etc is yet another surprise for him. Mahjabeen’s parents are also ecstatic after witnessing the absolute change in their daughter’s behavior. Shaista’s sister declares her wrong for telling her fiance to call off the engagement. Shaista’s ego has inflated after going to PMA. She looks down upon her Urdu medium intermediate pass fiance. Even her father is a bit upset at having been hasty in doing her engagement. Nasr confronts his cousin Mahjabeen regarding her slanders toward Rabia. As it happens, Mahjabeen had lied to Nasr about Rabia being a mental freak. She remains silent at her cousin’s interrogation.

    Episode 16

    Air Date: 12-Mar-2022

    Mahjabeen and Rabia are placed together as roommates in PMA. Both of them spare no effort in annoying each other. Rabia recalls her wish of marrying Mahjabeen to her brother. Soon afterward, she overhears Kumail confessing his love to Mahjabeen. Rabia gets disheartened and her brother is engaged within a short while as well. Mahjabeen then reveals her love for Rabia’s brother to her. She’s thoroughly disappointed at Rabia for ‘not considering her’ as Daniyal’s life partner. The situation escalates and the end result is the splintering of their lifelong friendship. Nathmy, Sidra, Arzoo, and Rabia get randomly selected as candidates for the adventure course. Nathmy is the only one who’s looking forward to this novel experience. The rest of the girls feel suffocated at the thought of jumping off of cliffs on a glider. They try to excuse their way out of it all but to no avail. Soon enough, they arrive at the site of adventure and have their first-ever gliding experience. 

    Episode 17

    Air Date: 19-Mar-2022

    All four girls get to experience their first-ever gliding session. All of their nervousness and fear vanish like thin smoke after completing the adventure course. Kiran’s mother-in-law consoles her and once again reminds her of her deceased husband’s martyr status. Noraiz uploads photos of him spending quality time with Arzoo. These were from times when they used to be together. Arzoo berates him for his disgusting behavior. The latter remains unaffected and continues to emotionally manipulate her. Mahjabeen loses her gun’s flash hider while out for training. Her career is at stake here since the loss of that one tool means being expelled from PMA. Rabia happens to run across the flash hider and is tempted to hide it.  In the end, her morals break free of those temptations and so she hands it over to the flabbergasted Mahjabeen. Shaista’s cousin, Kamil breaks his engagement with her on good terms. He does it only for her happiness and to let her find a husband way better than himself. Meanwhile, Shaista is adamant about letting Nathmy taste defeat in the ongoing training competition.

    Episode 18

    Air Date: 26-Mar-2022

    Shaista beats Nathmy to the finishing line in the assault course. She remains quite thrilled after finally defeating the ace trainee in their camp. The news of Kamil’s decision to disrupt their engagement serves as a cherry on top. However, her heart is also confused by Kamil’s sheer love for her. Pariwesh is depressed at having achieved nothing worthy of attention in PMA so far. Shaista encourages her to ace the upcoming shooting course. Rabia recalls how she had apologized to Mahjabeen after her engagement with Nasr. Mahjabeen, meanwhile, had still been burning in the coals of revenge. She lies to her cousin Nasr about Rabia’s supposed mental illness. The engagement is called off soon after. Mahjabeen then reveals her real face. The tearful and heartbroken Rabia leaves in despair. In the present, Mahjabeen seeks forgiveness from both Rabia and her cousin but all in vain. Arzoo intends to quit PMA after getting tired of Noraiz’s harassment.

    Episode 19

    Air Date: 02-Apr-2022

    Arzoo considers resigning from PMA under Noraiz’s manipulation. She informs Captain Usama of the situation who then decides to take matters into his own hands. Soon, she invites Noraiz to PMA but he has no idea what his ex-girlfriend has in store for him. Captain Usama confronts him and confiscates his mobile. Just like that, Noraiz truly becomes aware of Arzoo as well as her PMA family’s power. Usama recalls how he organized an assault against terrorists a few years back. His best friend Taimoor (also Kiran’s husband) embraced martyrdom in this very mission. Pariwesh is stressed out knowing that she’s going to compete against boys in the shooting competition. What’s worse is that her village’s Sardar’s son is her biggest rival in this match. She remains the only one still competing against the boys in the final match. While all other girls are eliminated in the semi-finals.

    Episode 20

    Air Date: 09-Apr-2022

    The shooting competition is in full swing; with Pariwesh and Subuk against each other as finalists. One of them represents the community of lady cadets; while the other is the sole hope of the male officers. Subuk finally misses a shot in the third round and is therefore defeated by Pariwesh with a narrow gap. The village’s Sardar is flabbergasted after learning of his son’s defeat at Pariwesh’s hands. He then gifts Pariwesh a luxurious gun; and also returns her father’s estate as a sign of goodwill. Shaista is baffled to learn how her ex-fiance is running around introducing marriage proposals for her. She berates him for being hasty and then announces her change of attitude. As it happens, Shaista is bent on marrying Kamil and him only. Meanwhile, Kamil is also preparing for B.A exams privately. Rabia’s brother, Daniyal advocates for Nasr but the former refuses to let her past wounds heal.

    Episode 21

    Air Date: 16-Apr-2022

    All cadets undergo active training in the jungle. Arzoo is paired with Nathmy while they all roam in the jungle. The two get separated during their wandering which leads to a chain of events. Arzoo returns back to the camp in the hope that Nathmy shall do the same. Out of her expectations, Nathmy continues hunting for her partner. She slips over a steep ditch while in the midst of her search and falls unconscious. The senior in charge berates Arzoo for being careless. Soon, a search team is organized with the boy cadets involved in the scouting as well. Arzoo insists upon climbing down the perilous ditch and thus locates her partner. The medics soon rush to the hospital with the bloodied Nathmy in tow. Major Usama reveals a piece of good news once Nathmy regains consciousness. As it happens, her father’s friend, whom Nathmy had been searching, is here. Nathmy and that person then reminisce about the terrorist attack that took her father’s life. The injured cadet fully recovers in a matter of weeks, much to her coursemates’ delight.

    Episode 22

    Air Date: 23-Apr-2022

    All girls share their background stories and the blockades on their way to success. What’s most intriguing and heart-warming is how each of them overcame those challenges and set new norms for themselves. Later, many of the ace trainees receive medals upon their successful completion of the training course. Pariwesh is honored for her shooting, Shaista for crushing it at the assault course, Mahjabeen for academics, and Arzoo for her lively speeches. Nasr continues apologizing to Rabia with innovative methods. Usama feels the walls of frost between him and his wife start to melt as he discovers her waiting for his arrival late at night. Noraiz is successfully married to somebody else. Arzoo doesn’t spare a damn second wailing after her ex-boyfriend. On the contrary, she feels relieved since a burden has been removed from her shoulders. 

    Episode 23 (Last Episode)

    Air Date: 07-May-2022

    Each of the lady cadets is high-spirited since the passing-out ceremony is approaching. All of them reminisce over past struggles as well as their accomplishments. Unfortunately, good times don’t last long for Rabia. Very soon, news of her brother’s traumatic injury arrives. As it happens, Danial had been critically injured whilst out on a mission. Rabia’s mind goes blank after learning of her dearest brother’s perilous situation. Meanwhile, she’s also supposed to lead the platoon in the passing-out parade. Her superiors suggest for her to opt out of her role as a sign of their understanding and sympathy. Mahjabeen is chosen to fill in the gap instead. Surprisingly, Mahjabeen abandons her selfishness as well as such a good opportunity to be in the limelight. Instead, Rabia’s ex-bestie motivates her to resume her role as the platoon commander. Rabia is all charged up after receiving Mahjabeen’s enlightenment. She successfully nails her role in the parade. In the next scene, Rabia is delighted to witness her brother’s swift recovery. Also, her heart finally melts under Nasr’s stubborn persistence. Shaista is overjoyed to see Kamil’s school being named after her. All other girls are highly cherished by their respective societies as well.

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