Below is the story of episode 26 (last episode) of the dramaBisaat that was aired on 26 June 2022 on Hum TV.

Noor puts two options before Afreen; either marry Jahanzaib to live with her son or choose Murtaza and leave the house without Mustafa. Murtaza and Afshan resist the decision and urge Afreen to speak for her right. Afreen remains indecisive but at last, chooses to take divorce from Murtaza. Murtaza refuses to leave her and reiterates his pledge to live together.

Sania asks Murtaza to return home but he berates her for her past machinations that had culminated into Murtaza’s woes. Murtaza and Afshan at last decide to leave their son to Noor and plan to start a new life. They hope that Jahanzaib and Sofia will take good care of Mustafa. Noor also feels reluctant to abandon once her beloved Afreen. A later scene shows both Afreen and Murtaza enjoying their life with Noor, Afshan, and Raamis.

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