Below is the brief story of episode 19 of Hum TV dramaIbn-e-Hawwa that was aired on 18 June 2022.

Naila’s barat does not arrive in time. Shabratan reveals their refusal as they have learnt about Naila and her mother’s past. This puts Zahid in agony as he blames Naila for all this.

Naila’s mother wanders around and comes to meet Mahjabeen in her miserable state. They both come to Naila’s help after hearing the sad news where Mahjabeen implores before Zahid to keep Naila’s happiness in mind before taking any decision.

Taking advantage of the situation, Shabratan plans to tie Vicky to Naila for her own financial benefit. She lies to Aliya that she is going to suggest Shakoor’s name to Zahid and locks her in the house. Shabratan brings Vicky to the marriage ceremony as a potential groom to which Zahid hesitantly agrees.

Meanwhile, Aliya escapes the house and convinces Shakoor to come to Naila’s rescue. Both rush to the marriage ceremony only to discover that Naila has accepted Vicky in her Nikah. Aliya announces an end to her affiliation to Zahid and Shabratan considers herself the real winner amid all saga.

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