Bakhtawar Episode 11 Story

Bakhtawar – Episode 11 Story

Below is the story of episode 11 of the dramaBakhtawar which was aired on 09 October 2022 on Hum TV.

Dilawar tips his police friend Mohsin (Shamoon Abbasi) and manages to get Sheeda arrested. When Nazar’s wife finds out about it, she suspects her tenants are responsible for it and fears that they might do the same with Nazar due to their high influence. Hooriya becomes curious when she sees Dilawar using his sources to get the acid attack culprit arrested. 

Bakhtawar anonymously calls Dilawar, requesting him not to involve her in the case. Later, she gets worried when she realizes that she mistakenly left her exam documents in Dilawar’s car. Taking the guise of Bakhtu, she fearlessly barges into his car to fetch her documents in front of other servants. 

Sherzaman’s personal servant complains to him about Bakhtu, accusing him of peeking into Dilawar’s personal files secretly. Dilawar expresses ignorance about the acid case when Hooriya confronts him about it. This infuriates her and she starts pulling strings to get Sheeda released on bail.

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