Dobara Episode 15 Story

Dobara – Episode 15 Story

Below is the episode 15 story of the drama ‘Dobara‘ that was aired on 02 February 2022.

Mehru tries handing over her credit card to Mahir but he rejects her offer. She then points out how it seems inappropriate for him to continue working under her business partner. Mahir concedes and decides to resign from his job. Zameer contacts Fareed uncle and announces his resignation before Mahir formally kicks him out. He plans to continue his deals with Fareed uncle through his own firm.

Mehrunnisa’s friends arrange for a wedding celebration in her name. Ibtisam leaves for America after greeting Mehru and Mahir one last time. Mahir is depressed upon being jobless once again. Mehru drags him to her company and let’s him manage it for her. Mahir investigates the reason behind continuous business losses from Mr. Safdar who relates the losses to Zameer. He further reveals that how Zameer forbade him from informing Mehrunnisa of the matters.

Nayyara and Durdana argue regarding Mehru’s marriage. Later Nayyara informs her husband, Fareed regarding the wedding celebration. Fareed refuses to entertain somebody who was a lowly clerk in his office not long ago. Zameer reveals Mahir’s takeover of authority in business to Minal. He fears that Mahir will now slander him as revenge for their previous disagreement.

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