Dobara Episode 8 Story

Dobara – Episode 8 Story

Below is the episode 8 story of the drama ‘Dobara‘ that was aired on 15 December 2021.

Mahir decides to distance himself from Mehrunnisa so as not to get her into trouble. For this purpose, he also abandons his coaching job. Durdana invites her brother-in-law Ibtisam to live at Mehrunnisa’s home with the intention to let him marry Mehrunnisa and get rid of Mahir.

Mahir’s parents question him about his relationship with Mehrunnisa. Although he’d already decided to stop contacting her, Mahir gets irritated by his parent’s trial and blatantly announces how he intends to marry Mehrunnisa.

Afterward, Mahir gets hit by a car while aimlessly wandering around. Babar gets summoned by the nurse and is asked to pay the bill for treatment. Being short of money himself, he dials both parents of Mahir one by one and tries asking them for money. Angered by Mahir’s disobedience, and also thinking how this is another plot to swindle money, both of them refuse Babar’s request. Distressed, Babar calls Mehrunnisa for help who readily agrees to it.

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