Pehchaan Episode 07_08 Story

Below is the story of episodes 7 & 8 of the dramaPehchaan that were aired on 30 June 2022 & 01 July 2022 on Hum TV.

Episode 7 Story

Kuki’s eldest sister, Saba (Sadaf Aashan) is worried that her daughter, Feroza’s upcoming wedding will be thwarted due to Kuki’s immature stubbornness. She begs Kuki not to make a spectacle out of herself and her family but Kuki does not relent. 

Adnan’s father, Fahad, and his sister, Shaheena suggest Adnan handle the situation with patience and not take any abrupt steps. Seeing Kuki’s disoriented behavior, Fariha suspects that someone cast black magic on Kuki out of jealousy. Her daughter, Faryal (Anoosheh Rania Khan) loves Kuki dearly and politely asks her where she was when she went missing.

A flashback scene reveals that when Kuki landed in Pakistan, she had a brief encounter with Aziz at the airport who tried flirting with her. After that, Kuki went to her aunt Safeena’s (Nadia Khan) house. Safeena is Kuki’s unmarried paternal aunt who was abandoned by her family because she wanted to live a desireful life. She lives alone in her father’s house and suffers from poverty.

Episode 8 Story

Hina’s (Diya Mughal) overbearing and abusive husband, Hameed (Usman Mazhar) treats her as a slave and keeps taunting her for not giving him children. Kuki remembers the time when she was a teenage girl and always aspired to marry a man who lives abroad. It is revealed that Kuki refused Aziz’s advances when he confessed his love to her as she thought of him as a dull, ordinary man.

Adnan can’t stop thinking about Kuki’s association with Aziz. In his fury, he approaches Aziz and threatens to kill him if he does not stop influencing Kuki. Aziz is clueless about the situation and makes it clear that his one-sided feelings for Sharmeen have ended long ago.

After finding out that Kuki went to Safeena, her mother starts believing that Safeena is influencing Kuki into destroying her marriage to avenge her brother. So, she asks her husband to go meet Safeena and retrieve any kind of information that Kuki might have relayed to her.

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