Below is the story of episodes 17 & 18 of the dramaMere Humnasheen that were aired on 01~02 July 2022.

Episode 17 Story

Hadi brings the presentation file to Shehryar and credits Khajista for it. However, Shehryar understands that Hadi himself made it. Later, Hadi invites Khajista to a coffee date with him. Sobia informs Aima that Shehryar is planning to send her with Hadi to the US for specialization.

Behram goes to visit the sick Darakhzai, pretending to be his well-wisher. However, he doesn’t miss the chance to mention Khajista, making Darakhzai even more furious.

Khajista narrates the death stories of her mother and father to Hadi, mentioning how the lack of proper health care in her village hindered their medical treatment. Hadi is moved by her life story and promises to always support her in her purpose. Daji informs Shanzay about her father’s ailment but she refuses to visit him. Amroze questions her about her refusal and it turns out that Shanzay is pissed at her father for using her as blood money. 

Episode 18 Story

Shehryar boils with anger after finding out that Hadi postponed his US trip. He berates Hadi for throwing his life away as he can’t bear his brilliant son getting distracted from his goal. Seeing Hadi being treated as a golden child since childhood, Hasan suspects that he might be adopted and questions his mother about it, making Shehryar mad.

Amroze confesses to Shanzay that he suffers from agony whenever he comes close to her as he can’t stop thinking that the love of his life was given to him as blood money. Later, he sees Sanober flitting around Darakhzai and warns him to stay away from her. Shanzay asks Sanober to bring her an amulet from the shrine so she can use it on Khajista and get her married to Darakhzai as soon as possible. 

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