Main Haari Piya – Episode 32~35 Story

Below is the story of episodes 32~35 of the drama ‘Main Haari Piya‘ that were aired on 29-Nov-2021 ~ 02-Dec-2021.

Sara is deprived of all the responsibilities for Saood’s wedding. Maria takes part in the preparations on Farwa’s insistence on mending relations with her husband.

Farwa plans another game with Nafeesa’s sister who wanted to marry Saood with her grand-daughter. Farwa trips from the stairs and is unable to join the wedding. Maria is annoyed as Sara manages the functions but Fawad supports Sara. Hina is annoyed to see the bond between Saood and Sara.

Maria instigates everyone against Sara. Nafeesa’s sister, Maria’s husband, mother-in-law and Hina lose their trust in Sara who is hurt at Hina’s misbehaviour. She confronts Farwa who accuses her of trying to trap Saood. Farwa creates a dramatic scene which culminates in Sara slapping her. Nafeesa berates Sara while Saood takes Sara’s side. Hina too accuses Saood of being way too close with Sara at which the new couple argues about.

Fawad doesn’t believe the accusation and Hina’s attitude creates disturbance in the house and her married life. Farwa instigates Hina against Sara and advises her to take Saood abroad to save her marriage.

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