Turkish Dramas of 2023

From Romance to Thrills: Revisiting All 31 Turkish Dramas of 2023

In this article, we delve into the diverse landscapes of romance and thrills of Turkish TV. In the following lines, we will navigate through all 31 Turkish TV dramas of 2023, exploring the mesmerizing narratives, talented casts, and gripping plots that have graced our TV screens. This is not a ‘Best/Top’ list; instead, we’ve compiled all Turkish dramas aired in 2023 and leave the choice of favorites entirely up to you.

1. Ömer

Release Date: 9-Jan-2023

TV Channel: Star

“Ömer” is a story about a 20-year-old man, Ömer, who comes from a conservative family and works as a muezzin and substitute teacher. He falls in love with a middle-aged woman, Gamze, who recently divorced and is adjusting to life back with her family. The conservative neighborhood disapproves of their relationship, leading Ömer and Gamze to navigate societal norms and familial conflicts.


2. Ateş Kuşları

Release Date: 13-Jan-2023

TV Channel: ATV

The year 2000 marks a turning point for five street children living under the control of a man exploiting them for begging. Forming a bond like brothers, they defiantly resist the world’s betrayals. Without roots to anchor them, they rely on each other, dubbing themselves “rootless.” Their fate takes a dramatic shift when they discover a baby in the garbage. Mercan becomes a young mother to the child and Ali a father, as the rootless group decides to raise the child with whatever they find. However, the same night holds a dark secret that will shape their lives.

Ateş Kuşları

3. Al Sancak

Release Date: 19-Jan-2023

TV Channel: TRT1

“Al Sancak” tells the compelling story of ten exceptionally talented soldiers who fight against enemies to save their homeland. Commander Ali Banazlı, leading the Claw Team, acts on AN intelligence to prevent a vital meeting of a weapon-financing network. The mission also aims to avenge their fallen comrade Captain Atilla. However, they encounter unforeseen challenges as the enemy proves more formidable than anticipated.

Al Sancak

4. Veda Mektubu

Release Date: 27-Feb-2023

TV Channel: Kanal D

“Veda Mektubu” centers on Alanur, a strong and modern woman who, after a past heartbreak, struggles with emotional detachment. When her daughter, Asli, falls in love with the son of her long-lost lover, Ziya, old wounds reappear. As the younger couple fights for their love, Alanur and Ziya grapple with their unresolved past. Ziya is now wed to Seher with three children. Haunted by his past love, he strives to be a good father and husband. While Seher, unable to win his heart, grapples with unrequited love. Disapproving of her son’s relationship with Alanur’s daughter, Seher pretends acceptance while secretly attempting to separate them.

Veda Mektubu

5. Adım Farah

Release Date: 1-Mar-2023

TV Channel: Fox

“Adım Farah” revolves around Farah, an Iranian migrant living illegally in Istanbul with her son who has an immunization disease. Witnessing a murder, Farah becomes entangled with Tahir, a ruthless mafia member, who plans to kill her being an eye witness but Farah promises to remain silent. After knowing that the victim was a policeman, Farah faces a moral dilemma where she must decide between her safety and seeking justice.

Adım Farah

6. Başım Belada

Release Date: 5-Mar-2023

TV Channel: ATV

“Başım Belada” follows the story of Azam, an ex-cop handling people’s issues with his friend Pele while resisting his mother Şerife’s marriage pressure. Şerife wants her to marry her childhood friend Melike. To deflect Şerife, Pele sends a photo of Leyla (the eldest daughter of the Biçer family and Azam’s new neighbors) to Şerife. Leyla and her family have moved to the neighborhood to take revenge on Çağdaş Varlı, who they believe killed her brother Safa. They devise a plan to steal all of Çağdaş’s money, but a post-robbery mistake thrusts them into uncertainty.

Başım Belada

7. Aile

Release Date: 7-Mar-2023

TV Channel: Show

“Aile” follows the life of Aslan Soykan, the leader of a crime family, struggling to strike a balance between his family obligations and his criminal empire after his father’s suicide. When he meets Devin, a successful psychologist from a troubled background, their lives intertwine. Devin navigates the complexities of the formidable Soykan family, led by Aslan’s mother who is a narcissistic woman. As Aslan aims to end the family’s dark legacy, his older brother Cihan complicates matters by approaching Devin, creating a web of power struggles.


8. Kraliçe

Release Date: 22-Mar-2023

TV Channel: Kanal D

Deniz and Ates, once a perfect couple, face a sudden upheaval when Ates is found in a scandal with a girl. Despite Ates’ attempts to convince Deniz of his innocence, the appearance of a video shatters her trust. Meanwhile, Deniz’s father passes away, prompting her to leave her wealthy life and support her siblings in their father’s farmhouse near Istanbul. On the other hand, Ates battles professional setbacks and a damaged reputation, determined to prove his innocence and salvage his marriage. However, Deniz remains resolute on divorce, aiming to forge a fresh start with her daughter.


9. Yüz Yıllık Mucize

Release Date: 23-Mar-2023

TV Channel: Star

Born in 1893, Ali Tahir ceased aging after a miraculous resurrection in 1921. He hides his secret to protect his loved ones. In 2023, assuming the identity of Kemal, he contemplates ending his immortal life. Fate intervenes when he meets Harika, a lively novelist-to-be, leading to an unexpected connection. As Harika becomes intrigued by Kemal’s extraordinary story, he reconsiders his plans and decides not to leave her. Later, unbeknownst to them, Kemal’s reappearance shocks Sureyya (Harika’s aunt), who recognizes him as her long-deceased husband Esref.

Yüz Yıllık Mucize

10. Maviye Sürgün

Release Date: 13-Jun-2023

TV Channel: Show

The story revolves around Ali, a commando, who, after the tragic death of his wife Ayda, relocates with his children to the town where Ayda grew up. Ayda’s father, Salih, and Ali’s friend Hasan provide vital support during this challenging time. Meanwhile, Ali and Hasan face a temporary suspension pending an investigation. One stormy night, while out at sea, Ali discovers Defne, who is unconscious and saves her from the waves. As Defne becomes a part of Ali’s life, her hidden secrets bring along significant troubles, including the involvement of another character Ozan.

Maviye Sürgün

11. Vermem Seni Ellere

Release Date: 18-Jun-2023

TV Channel: ATV

“Vermem Seni Ellere” unfolds the tale of Mehmet, a wealthy thrill-seeker escaping an unwanted engagement. A paragliding accident connects him with Zelis, a determined young woman helping her village sell products in Istanbul. Pretending amnesia, Mehmet becomes Zelis’s captive, sparking an unexpected love. The series navigates their love against familial disapproval, Mehmet’s escape attempts, and Zelis seeking compensation.

Vermem Seni Ellere

12. Üvey Anne

Release Date: 19-Jun-2023

TV Channel: ATV

“Üvey Anne” tells the tale of Faruk Gencer, a prosperous businessman and devoted parent, whose life changes dramatically following the untimely loss of his wife. Serap, an ambitious young woman and daughter of the Gencer family’s servant, grabs this opportunity to move into Faruk’s mansion under the guise of caring for his children. Aiming to marry into the Gencer family, Serap befriends Gencer’s kids and uses her beauty to attract Faruk.

Üvey Anne

13. Benim Güzel Ailem

Release Date: 21-Jun-2023

TV Channel: TRT1

“Benim Güzel Ailem,” explores the dynamics of a large, middle-class Turkish family deeply rooted in tradition. Canan and Rasim Akyol, the parents, lead the family with a bakery business that sustains their modest lifestyle. The Akyol Family, comprising four children and three grandchildren, reflects the complexity of modern family life. Despite Canan’s efforts to paint a rosy picture of their family harmony to Rasim, the truth emerges as the children’s marriages face challenges. In a surprising turn of events, all the children return to their father’s house, bringing their struggles and complexities to the family dynamic.

Benim Güzel Ailem

14. Kendi Düşen Ağlamaz

Release Date: 22-Jun-2023

TV Channel: TRT1

Alize, a spoiled wealthy girl, has been raised by her father since her mother died giving birth to her. Alize accidentally damages Serkan’s car. Seeking compensation later, Serkan disrupts her birthday party, gaining attention on social media. Alize’s father, Nurettin plans to remarry. To prevent this marriage, Alize concocts a fake marriage with Serkan. Their deal involves a 6-month fake marriage, residing with Serkan’s ordinary family. As Alize navigates family dynamics, her revenge plan unfolds, leading to unexpected challenges.

Kendi Düşen Ağlamaz

15. Dönence

Release Date: 4-Jul-2023

TV Channel: Kanal D

The series revolves around Gece, who, amidst her dreams of musical pursuits with her boyfriend Emir, must relocate to Foça to support her special needs sister, Gülce. There, she encounters Özgür, a sailing instructor dedicated to his brother with Asperger Syndrome. As Gece’s lover Emir enters the scene, emotional barriers arise, adding complexity to the characters’ journeys.


16. Ya Çok Seversen

Release Date: 6-Jul-2023

TV Channel: Kanal D

Ateş, after a lonely childhood abroad, returns to Istanbul after his father’s death where he unexpectedly becomes the guardian of three half-siblings from his father’s second marriage. His life takes a twist when he encounters Leyla, a spirited and independent con woman on a quest to seek her family. Despite their differing personalities, a magnetic attraction grows between them.

Ya Çok Seversen

17. Hayatımın Neşesi

Release Date: 7-Jul-2023

TV Channel: TRT1

Neşe is a housewife raising two children. Zeynep and Emre. She and Mustafa had crossed paths at university and their love deepened rapidly culminating in their marriage. She decides to resume her medical studies after two decades of prioritizing family life. Mustafa, uneasy with this decision, grapples with the unexpected shift in their family dynamics.

Hayatımın Neşesi

18. Safir

Release Date: 4-Sep-2023

TV Channel: ATV

In Cappadocia, Feraye, a young woman studying textile design, works as a housekeeper for the wealthy Gülsoy family. Her affection for Yaman, one of the family heirs, is complicated by her family’s troubled history. Ateş, the eldest Gürsoy sibling, returns from abroad, concealing his true relationship status. Yaman plans to propose to Feraye, leading to a confrontation with a shady character, Bora, resulting in a series of events that threaten the Gülsoy family’s peace. Yaman is coerced into marrying Aleyna, causing Feraye heartbreak. As secrets unravel, Ateş steps in to protect Feraye leading to unexpected love.


19. Dilek Taşı

Release Date: 7-Sep-2023

TV Channel: Kanal D

“Dilek Taşı” unfolds in the 1980s and follows the story of Mustafa, a man struggling in Istanbul’s slums with his ailing wife Canan, and daughter Cemre. Canan needs urgent surgery, but Mustafa struggles to manage funds for surgery. Mustafa, once proud and independent, must now seek help. His attempt to collect unpaid wages from the factory owner, Yakup Bey, sets off a chain of events that alters the lives of Mustafa and Cemre.

Dilek Taşı

20. Bambaşka Biri

Release Date: 11-Sep-2023

TV Channel: Fox

The murder of Hamdi Atılbay intertwines the fates of ambitious prosecutor Leyla and journalist Kenan. Despite their initial attraction, the murder jeopardizes their burgeoning love. As conflicts of interest arise, Kenan’s journalistic ambition clashes with Leyla’s pursuit of justice. However, despite skepticism, they find themselves drawn to each other.

Bambaşka Biri

21. Yabani

Release Date: 12-Sep-2023

TV Channel: Fox

Yaman (Ali) hailing from a wealthy family was abducted at the age of four. After the lapse of 17 years, he has now formed a new family with other children Cesur, Asi, and Umut who are united by their shared struggles. Umut suffers from a fatal disease whose cure requires a massive amount. After a typical day of collecting paper, Yaman’s encounter with Rüya and Alaz leads him into an unexpected journey. Yaman soon discovers that this journey unexpectedly connects him with his lost childhood.


22. Hudutsuz Sevda

Release Date: 21-Sep-2023

TV Channel: Fox

“Hudutsuz Sevda” unfolds the story of Halil İbrahim who was orphaned in a blood feud after which he was exiled to Istanbul. Two decades later, he returns to the Karadeniz region as a formidable man, wishing to marry Yasemin and begin afresh. However, unexpected events change his course, prompting him into a quest for revenge.

Hudutsuz Sevda

23. Kirli Sepeti

Release Date: 24-Sep-2023

TV Channel: Fox

Kirli Sepeti unveils the story of employers and servants of a boutique site in Istanbul. It deals with the aftermath of an unfortunate event that resulted in the death of a worker Meryem. As the employers continue their routine lives, three workers Songül, Medine, and Hayriye face difficulty in revealing the truth.

Kirli Sepeti

24. Şahane Hayatım

Release Date: 1-Nov-2023

TV Channel: Fox

In a world of privilege, Şebnem, a brilliant math champion, battles indifference and rudeness. Faced with injustice, she takes a bold turn to a life of crime. Some years later, she is enjoying an ideal life with her husband and children until an old acquaintance Niyazi, from her dark past, re-emerges and vows her destruction. As Şebnem fights for survival, she discovers her true self.

Şahane Hayatım

25. Sakla Beni

Release Date: 2-Nov-2023

TV Channel: Star    

Sakla Beni is a love triangle of Naz, Mete, and İncila. Mete and Naz are the children of two wealthy families who are bound to marry each other. Naz eagerly awaits Mete’s return for their dream wedding. Naz’s friend İncila, secretly in love with Mete, struggles with the news. İncila’s love prompts Mete to question his life choices.

Sakla Beni

26. Bir Derdim Var

Release Date: 9-Nov-2023

TV Channel: Kanal D

Renowned psychiatrist Nilüfer efficiently solves complex issues of adolescents with detective-like intuition. However, she harbors a significant secret that could jeopardize her profession, igniting a fierce conflict with Prosecutor Ömer. Despite prioritizing her patients over love, Nilüfer experiences the nuances of love’s pain and joy after Ömer enters into her life.

Bir Derdim Var

27. Kudüs Fatihi Selahaddin Eyyubi

Release Date: 13-Nov-2023

TV Channel: TRT1

The series unveils the life of Saladin Ayyubi, a 12th-century Muslim ruler who aimed to unite the Muslim lands of Syria, northern Mesopotamia, Palestine, and Egypt against the Crusades. He eventually succeeded in conquering Jerusalem for Muslims.

Kudüs Fatihi Selahaddin Eyyubi

28. Altın Kafes

Release Date: 3-Dec-2023

TV Channel: ATV

Zeynep is a teacher at a prestigious school owned by the wealthy Beyoğlu family. She admires the Beyoğlu family heir, Onur Beyoğlu, and develops a connection with the Beyoğlu family which alters her ordinary life. Caught in the middle of an assassination attempt on Onur, Zeynep is unwittingly drawn into a series of events that take her on an unexpected journey.

Altın Kafes

29. Ne Gemiler Yaktım

Release Date: 4-Dec-2023

TV Channel: Show

The series revolves around Yasemin and Fidan, two women linked solely by motherhood. Fidan, escaping her husband Rutkay, crosses paths with Yasemin when Yasemin’s daughter saves Fidan’s daughter, Rengin. Despite Yasemin’s unawareness of Fidan’s past, she welcomes them into her home. As Yasemin and Fidan’s friendship deepens, their lives are forever changed, with danger looming.

Ne Gemiler Yaktım

30. Sandık Kokusu

Release Date: 6-Dec-2023

TV Channel: Show

Sandık Kokusu tells the story of Karsu and her family. After giving birth to her third child, Karsu hands over one of her sons Kuzey to her mother Filiz to take him to Istanbul so that she could find some rest. However, an unfortunate incident occurs and Kuzey disappears without leaving any trace.

Sandık Kokusu

31. Kara

Release Date: 21-Dec-2023

TV Channel: Show

In 1998, Elif Çınar, wife of economist Rauf Çınar, is fatally stabbed by a burglar Necip Talan. Zeynep Çınar loses her mother while Akay Talan (now Kara) becomes homeless. Now, Kara vows to steal from wrongdoers and becomes an advocate for those treated unfairly. Zeynep returns to Istanbul and their paths cross again. Despite not knowing each other, Kara and Zeynep feel a strange connection, realizing their paths, rooted in entirely different lives, had crossed in the past.



Each series, with its unique storytelling and characters, has contributed to the rich tapestry of Turkish television. Without imposing any judgments, we’ve presented the full spectrum, leaving it to you to discover and decide which stories resonate most with your preferences. Feel free to share your favorite picks in the comments box below.

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