Badshah Begum Episode 12 Story

Below is the story of episode 12 of the dramaBadshah Begum that was aired on 24 May 2022 on Hum TV.

Qaiser sends Gulnar and Tara to the city with a motive. In the city, Gulnar along with the other devotees arrive at Shah Alam’s house to meet him. Gulnar takes the opportunity to avenge Hakim Be and informs Shah Alam about the location of the snake’s den in his Peerapur’s mansion. Seemingly Shah Alam turns a deaf ear to it in front of the devotees.

Later, he rushes to Peerapur and accuses Hakim Be of trying to kill Jahan Ara with the snake. As a punishment for her sins, he isolates Hakim Be in a shrine for the rest of her life. Jahan Ara berates Gulnar for stirring trouble in the family but soon understands that Gulnar was forced to do so.   

Tara finds out from Gulnar that Badshah Begum is in the city and so he decides to inform Qaiser about it. However, Gulnar restrains him from doing so.

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