Badzaat Episode 43_44 Story

Below is the story of episodes 43 and 44 (last episode) of the dramaBadzaat that were aired on 03~04 August 2022.

Episode 43 Story

Mehreen decides to marry Wali to Bia as soon as possible. Without waiting for Wali to get discharged, she ties their knot in the hospital room, fulfilling Wali’s long-overdue desire. On Daniyal’s wedding day, Wali gets discharged and Mehreen takes him and Bia back to the house, leaving Narmeen and Daniyal astonished. 

She strictly forbids them from interfering in Wali’s life and threatens to take a strict decision otherwise. Daniyal feels agitated by the thought that his ex-wife will attend his wedding and asks Akbar to restrain her from coming to the event. 

Akbar tells Mehreen that Wali and Bia are uninvited to the wedding. Mehreen clarifies that she will not attend the wedding without her children. Fearful that the family’s unity will be jeopardized, Akbar relents and invites Wali and Bia to the wedding. Shehryar unexpectedly runs into Annie and blows Daniyal’s gaff in exchange for money. 

Episode 44 (Last Episode) Story

Annie urges to avenge Daniyal for his hideous crimes. She cunningly barges into his house with a gun and shoots him to death in front of his family, settling her score. Huda loses her mind after finding out that her groom died on the wedding day. Annie is charged with murder and taken into custody but she remains unapologetic about it. 

Narmeen goes crazy after the demise of her young son. Laila is unable to see Annie behind bars and realizes that she is being punished for her outrageous sins. Daniyal’s conspiracies against Wali start unraveling, freeing Wali from all the accusations. 

Akbar apologizes to Wali on behalf of Daniyal’s wrongdoings and pleads with him to never abandon him. Bia requests Wali to forgive Laila and bring her home. While everyone in the family remains distressed, Wali and Bia are at peace.

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