Pehchaan Episode 17_18 Story

Below is the story of episodes 17 & 18 of the dramaPehchaan that were aired on 04~05 August 2022 on Hum TV.

Episode 17 Story

Kuki lands an ordinary teaching job in the street based on her international passport. Adnan can’t wrap his head around the fact that Kuki has returned his money and is living with her aunt who barely can afford two meals a day. In his rage, he calls Haider and demands he bring Kuki back home. This angers Haider and he blames his parents for spoiling Kuki. When Haider fails to comply, Adnan forces Shaheena to bring Kuki back home.

A month before Feroza’s marriage, her prospective mother-in-law passes away, postponing her marriage further. Adnan’s mother insists on sending Hamna to Pakistan as she fears that Hamna will certainly follow in her mother’s footsteps. A flashback scene reveals that after Adnan found out that Kuki is pregnant, his behavior toward her instantly changed and he took her to Turkey to take good care of her. 

Episode 18 Story

Aziz summons his sister Nargis to Pakistan, requesting her to halt his wedding. Haider and his parents arrive at Safeena’s house to take Kuki back but she relentlessly refuses. Just then, Aziz and Nargis make an appearance, confirming Kuki’s family’s suspicions about her. 

Nargis informs Kuki that Aziz made the decision to marry after seeing her happy in Turkey. However, now that she is on the verge of ruin, he is still ready to marry her. This enrages Kuki and she bursts onto everyone like a volcano, begging them to let her live life her own way. 

Haider feels guilty after seeing Safeena and Kuki living alone in an ordinary neighborhood. Kuki feels exasperated after experiencing the difficulties of living in Pakistan such as load shedding, harsh weather, and pollution. Nafeesa threatens Kuki’s mother that she will remarry Adnan once he sends Hamna to Pakistan. 

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  1. ريما August 7, 2022

    I like your writer And plz summery eps for [meray humnasheen]

    1. Zeeshan August 7, 2022

      We are summarizing Mere Humnasheen. New summaries will be added today.