Bebasi Episode 28 Story

Below is the episode 28 story of the dramaBebasi that was aired on 20 May 2022.

Ahmer is dissatisfied with Ifrah’s decision to abandon him all of a sudden. Mahrukh and Nadia spare no efforts in distracting him from the matter. Nadia’s mother is disturbed by the cruelty with which Marhukh dealt with Ifrah. Her daughter is irked by her suspicions, and demands for her mother to stay out of it.

Sahir’s parents admit their wrongdoings and agree to Sahir’s wish of marrying Ifrah. Mahrukh reveals how Ifrah’s birth-mother is Sajid herself. Ahmer is amazed at the revelation and becomes thoughtful. Sajid later pays a visit and inquires about his daughter’s whereabouts. Ahmer is left speechless whereas Mahrukh intervenes. She slanders Ifrah with her trash talk and irrational way of communication. Ahmer again becomes suspicious after Sajid mentions how Sahir is searching for his love. The step-daddy then spits on the floor and leaves.

Sahir traces Shali’s uncle back to Ifrah. His ‘Heer’ berates him for ruining her life and tells him to buzz off. The boy leaves in a dejected manner. He then returns home to his parents at last with eyes full of tears and despair.

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