Bebasi Episode 6 Story

Bebasi – Episode 6 Story

Below is the episode 6 story of the drama ‘Bebasi‘ that was aired on 17 December 2021.

Tameezuddin takes a short leave from work and comes home early, just before Neeli comes back from the neighborhood wedding. After a child comes requesting the return of the borrowed wedding dress, her father gets to know how she didn’t spend the Rs 20,000 he gave her and simply borrowed from others instead. This infuriates him and as a result, his wife gets beaten at his hands.

Mahrukh and Nadia conspire to let Ahmer marry Nadia. Ifrah arrives at her father’s house and reveals her identity. At first, Tameezuddin refuses to let her live with him but reluctantly agrees later knowing she has no way back.

Neeli and her mother remain quite unwelcoming of Ifrah while the other sister is quite friendly towards her elder step-sister. Mahrukh continues to pester Ahmer to marry Nadia.

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