Bisaat Episode 21 Story

Below is the episode 21 story of the dramaBisaat that was aired on 22 May 2022 on Hum TV.

Afreen hands over her inheritance plot to Murtaza. The couple wishes to build a separate home for themselves there. Sania discovers the document and starts pondering over her brother’s intent.

Afreen soon goes into labor and a new life is brought into this world that day. Murtaza longs to hug his child but Afshan’s menacing eyes keep him at bay. Jahanzaib flaunts ‘his’ child in front of Murtaza. One can literally see Murtaza’s ears fuming with red smoke.

Sania complains against Afreen to Afshan and Sofia. She’s of the mind to snatch the baby and let Afreen buzz off forever. However, the other two women are concerned about the infant’s well-being and refuse to follow Sania’s suggestion. Sofia sincerely advises Afreen to be grateful for the blessings she has. In turn, Afreen wishes for Sophie to never experience such ‘blessings’ her whole life. Noor transfers a large chunk of her property in Afreen’s name. Afshan is irked by her choice since Afreen is anything but reliable these days.

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