Bisaat Episode 9 Story

Bisaat – Episode 9 Story

Below is the episode 9 story of the drama ‘Bisaat‘ that was aired on 23 January 2022.

Kinza and her mother seem to be getting avaricious and planning on winning the entire property for themselves. Kinza hopes to marry Murataza for this purpose. Afreen manages to hear their evil plans. Later she warns Murtaza of Kinza and her family’s greedy nature. He leaves without replying to her at all.

Sania also advocates marrying Kinza to her brother Murtaza in front of Noor. At the dinner table, Noor investigates Murtaza’s opinion regarding Kinza. Jahanzaib is unwilling to trust Kinza’s family. Murtaza agrees to the marriage just to arouse jealousy in Afreen’s heart. The marriage ceremony is held soon enough. Murtaza responds to Sofia’s call. She declares how she still hasn’t signed the divorce papers that Jahanzaib left for her.

Murtaza confronts Jahanzaib and asks how he has mistreated both of his wives. Later, Jahanzaib demands the reason due to which Sofia hasn’t signed the divorce papers yet. She announces her plans of solving the obstacle after coming to Pakistan. Jahanzaib declares his own goal of heading abroad and tells her to wait for him.

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