Below is the story of episode 08 of the dramaKaisi Teri Khudgharzi that was aired on 29 Jun 2022.

Akram and Naheed are in agony for their daughter and can’t stop thinking of ways to evade Shamsher. A day before the wedding, Shamsher stops by Mehak’s house to drop off gifts and Mehak’s wedding dress. While he is over the moon, Mehak feels miserable and helpless. 

Dilawer secretly hatches a plan with his right hand, Sheru (Adnan Shah Tipu) to destroy Shamsher’s wedding. Later, he convinces Farwa to come to the wedding after assuring her that Mehak will never become the daughter-in-law of the house. On the wedding day, Mehak’s parents feel embarrassed for pushing their daughter into a hellhole and apologize to her. 

Upon Shamsher’s insistence, Mehak goes to a salon to get ready for her wedding. When Shamsher arrives at the venue with his family, he is furious to see that Akram has not invited anyone. On the other hand, while Mehak is on her way to the venue, Sheru crashes a truck into her car and then sets the car on fire to ensure Mehak’s death. 

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