Below is the episode 33 (Last Episode) story of the dramaAitebaar that was aired on 19 Sep 2022 on Hum TV.

Fariha realizes her mistake and sets on a path of redemption, convincing Babar that Parisa is loyal to him. Bilal loses all his money in the stock exchange and goes bankrupt. Babar overhears Parisa explaining her love and respect for him to Hamza and clarifying that Hamza no longer holds any place in her heart.

Shehryar regrets abandoning his mother and takes her and Shiza back home. Naveen apologizes to her brother for aggravating his misunderstanding and driving him away from Parisa. Guilty, Babar goes to Parisa to make amends for hurting her.

After realizing that Parisa will never let him in her life, Hamza decides to settle down and reconciles with Naveen, promising that he will eventually fall in love with her. Bilal and his mother apologize to Shiza for mistreating her and take her back home. Parisa gives birth to a baby and she and Babar lead a happy life together.

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